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  1. geordie40

    MOT time again

    Mines Monday, fingers crossed, only thing I can find is a little play in a rear wheel bearing (been an advisory on last 2 MOT's). Will try and get round to it this weekend but if not then just chance it for another year
  2. geordie40

    Build plans / advice

    There's some videos on YouTube, just search "robin hood build" (I think!!)
  3. geordie40

    Superspec springs upgrade

    Was going to double check with Dampertech and see what spring rates dave recommends
  4. geordie40

    Superspec springs upgrade

    Ive been quoted from kit spares that the kit that supply are the shocks are 13" open &10" closed with spring rates of 350lb front and 200/250lb rear. I'm looking to do mine as well!! They have quoted about £450incl vat but I would need the bracket for front suspension and need to make something for rears. I was quoted a similar price from Dave @ dampertech last year
  5. geordie40

    Super Spec rear bearings

    Thanks Jim
  6. geordie40

    Super Spec rear bearings

    Hi Does anyone know what type of Sierra rear hubs the super spec used or are they all the same? I think my "wobbly loose wheel" incident on the drive up to stoneleigh has caused it to wear prematurely and MOT is about 3wks away
  7. geordie40

    Looking for door hinges for Robin hood

    Try car builder solutions or these on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/316-Stainless-Steel-Boat-Hatch-Door-Right-Lift-off-Take-Apart-Hinge-90x-38mm-/122690524362
  8. geordie40

    Noise cameras

    Can't see how they can tell which car is making a noise if your with lots of other cars
  9. geordie40

    Engine issues finally overcome

    Any info would be greatly appreciated
  10. geordie40

    Engine issues finally overcome

    Can I ask what emerald ecu you used and how easy was it to setup. I have a non turbo super spec with the old MEMS ecu which seems you can't map it so it's very limited.
  11. geordie40

    Noise cameras

    What are the noise limits or is it different for every area? And how do you test your car
  12. geordie40

    Pinto immobilizer

    Ive just got a battery isolation switch but been thinking of putting a hidden switch for the fuel pump, mines a rover engine not pinto but don't suppose it makes much difference Oh and a removable steering wheel!!
  13. geordie40

    Fame at last!

    Ive seen them for sale on CBS and Kit spares, I was possibly looking to change mine to clear so I assume they are ok
  14. geordie40

    Fame at last!

    I'm in the photo to talking to Andy and Alan, my car is hidden in the background though
  15. geordie40

    Another Super Spec cooling question

    Hi Jez Theres a member called red robin (joined last year) who has a Superspec turbo so maybe worth trying to contact him, he didnt build his but I think it runs ok