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  1. Thanks Gary, looks like I will have to find some "nicer mirrors"
  2. Do you have to have wing mirrors for an MOT, I've read the MOT doc and the way I understand it is that a rear view mirror is ok. I really don't like mine and can't adjust them with the doors on so pretty useless. What's people's views or maybe I've just got crap mirrors
  3. geordie40

    Zimmeride Size

    Hi Can anyone tell me what size the "old" Zimmeride shocks are. Looking to change mine out, is there any difference in fitting 1.9 or 2.25 and can I fit either to my Super Spec. There seems to be more springs available on Fleabay in the 2,25 size. Also a little confused as to what length I would need, I was told that the shocks I need are 13"open 10"closed
  4. geordie40

    Car wash

    Looks a tad damp!!!
  5. Any particular engine, I have a Rover T series in mine
  6. Thanks all, will look at a better cover, I've seen a couple for about £150 so maybe one of those and a few de humidifier packs will help. Looked at a outdoor "Carcoon" but they're a bit pricey (£500+). It cleaned off ok with a bit of anti mold spray. Loving the weather atm
  7. Hmm, this is my cover https://www.halfords.com/motoring/car-accessories/car-covers-tarpaulins/halfords-all-seasons-car-cover-extra-small So maybe a better one? Or what about putting a small electric greenhouse heater in it. Ideas and suggestions welcome
  8. Hi I have to store my car outside and I have it under a 4 season car cover but when I took the cover off today the inside of the roof was covered in mold, does anyone have any suggestions. The cover had been on for about 1 month, weather has been rubbish so unable to get the cover off. Does anyone store car with roof off but under a car cover?
  9. geordie40

    Quantum kit car

    Friend of mine down here in Devon now owns Quantum sports cars, there seems to be a thriving owners club and if I remember they had a good stand/ turn out at stoneligh
  10. Thanks for info Ian, the adjuster seemed to operate as when i put drums back on and pressed the brake pedal I heard the ratchet movement work. Im getting a local garage to look over it as now weather has turned I dont have anywhere undercover to work on it and im fed up working in the rain!! Im going to give them the shoes and new cylinders and let them thoroughly check everything
  11. Thanks Alan I was thinking something similar so will get a couple of brake cylinders, the only thing is that the cylinders do seem to move in and out. The pads were Mintex ones , number MFR163 but I think any 2.0L Sierra would do
  12. Anyone know what sort of handbrake cable fits a super spec, standard Sierra? It seems that one side of the rear brakes don't work. The handbrake cable works, I can see the cable pulling the lever on the affected side but doesn't stop the wheel turning and neither does the footbrake yet it passed MOT and the car will hold on a hill. I was changing wheel bearing and noticed the wear on the shoes looked "wrong" see photos 1st pic new shoes 2nd old shoes, so I fitted new ones but still not holding, the brake cylinder looks fine and the auto adjuster is free moving. Only checked one side as no garage and it started peeing down!!
  13. Hi Dean I have a spare wheel, it's an array but powder coated black and has a unused but old Yokohama tyre on it, yours for postage
  14. That's exactly what I said
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