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  1. geordie40


    Yeah they are, I got fed up of people saying " nice caterham" or " is that a caterham" or "Ive got a caterham just like that"
  2. geordie40


    Front page !!
  3. geordie40

    Bouncing rev counter

    Thanks Nigel, wire from coil to rev counter isn't shielded and rev counter housing is plastic. Will try some shielded wire 1st
  4. geordie40

    Bouncing rev counter

    Any idea why my new etb rev counter needle bounces around when I accelerate hard, its fine when driving normally.
  5. geordie40

    Another Super Spec cooling question

    Mine is about 1/2 way between rad and pump
  6. geordie40

    Stoneleigh Kit car show

    Any update on this? In the new edition of complete kit car it has Rhocar in block 73J, i can only find a plot 73 so i assume they break it up into smaller lots. Looks to be opposite the "Grand ring"
  7. geordie40

    Another Super Spec cooling question

    Yeah it just hold dipstick but it does pass close to the manifold so heat may be an issue with rubber/silicone hose. I left mine in place. And as I said in other reply I have a t under bottle, 1 to thermostat, 1 to bottle and 1 to other t peice in my bottom hose of rad
  8. geordie40

    Another Super Spec cooling question

    Hi Dean I used a 32mm-22mm t piece in bottom hose the a short 22mm-16mm to join to 16mm hose and then another 16mm t to join into bottom of expansion tank. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aluminium-T-Piece-Pipe-Connector-3-Way-Alloy-Joiner-for-Silicone-Rubber-Hose-/190895799380 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Silicone-Hose-Straight-Reducer-Coupler-Turbo-Intercooler-Heater-Coolant-Pipe-/112248769861 I can get photos if you need
  9. geordie40

    Best Laid Plans!!!

    So I was due to take the car out on its first outing of the year across to the Haynes Motor Museum for their Sunday car meet but I awoke to puddles of coolant underneath the car. As I have just re done the coolant system I thought it must just be a slightly loose jubilee clip or something which turned out to be correct, HOWEVER the "simpleton" that is me had put pipework back together with the jubilee clips facing wrong way so it was IMPOSSIBLE to get anything onto them to tighten. Hence the below picture , so as you can imaging I missed the breakfast meet So this time i took off all the jubilee clips and made sure they are easily accessible
  10. geordie40

    Dashboard cutting

    Yeah sure do, not to bad though, someone local to me who bought a turbo superspec sent a video of his rattle and it sounded much worse. From reading your posts Alan its nothing to much to worry about an I right?
  11. geordie40

    Dashboard cutting

    Well I've finally finished my "Winter" projects, dash and centre console finished in leather, new dash layout, replaced the old SD1 rad with a nice alloy one from "coolexperts", leather armrests on doors, leather door caps, windscreen surround painted black and a nice new "Genuine Momo" steering wheel from wife for birthday. But I now have a slight knock from propshaft when pulling away, Im hoping a good grease up will help as its been sat stationary for 5 months, oh and fuel gauge doesnt read properly (last time I buy cheap Chinese crap!!) so new etb gauges are being discussed, I managed to get a brand new etb rev counter for £80 off ebay!!
  12. geordie40

    It could be this, It might be that

    +1 for removing the ptfe tape from sender and adaptor, most senders earth through the body of the sender
  13. geordie40

    Steering wheel wanted 15" (or 14")

    Hi Phil I have a 13" Mountany, I live about 10 miles from Exeter so can drop it round for you to try. You may find a 14" or 15" will be to big and the wheel will be to close to your legs I have the boss for it as well somewhere. Other pic shows it on the car before I changed Wife just bought me a brand new Momo for my birthday!!
  14. geordie40

    3a radiator

    Just got mine from coolex, very well made and good service. http://www.coolexperts.co.uk/product/vw-polo-derived-westfield-aluminium-race-radiator/ They can tailor them to your need as well
  15. geordie40

    Supercharged GBS Zero for sale

    Ive passed info on Andy