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  1. Thx Duck will check them out
  2. As title says anyone have or used a lithium race battery like the odessey ones if so how has it been.
  3. Look on YouTube for robin hood Super Spec there's 3 in total, they're not great mind
  4. Hi My father has just got a newer car and it doesn't really go anywhere so has asked my opinion on what battery conditioner to get so I'm asking a wider audience for their views and experience of using them. He wants to leave it connected all the time I think, is there one that has a fly lead of sorts that he can disconnect easily when taking the car out . I've looked at the ctek mxs 5 but any others?
  5. Ask Rob Hancock, I think hes back from holiday
  6. Hi Looking to fit some MX5 "tombstone" seats in to my RH and was wondering if anyone has done this and fitted some seat belt grommets so the harness can pass through the back of the seat I have seen it done on an MX5 but I'm struggling to find the grommets that aren't a stupid price. Any ideas as the ones I can find on fleabay come from USA as can't find them in UK.
  7. Yeah they surprised me compared with the other ones I was given to try out
  8. Im thinking of changing mine as well, I have managed to borrow from a friend a few options but im yet to get around to trying for fit yet, they are Mazda RX8 , MX5, Smart Fortwo and a computer race style gaming chair!!!. I like the RX8 but ive a feeling they're to big (wide). The Smart seats look as they will fit and MX5 are popular in many kits, not sure about the gaming chair, its very comfortable and well supported it would be just how to fix runners to it Will be watching this thread for more ideas. I also wondered about the airbags in the side of the seats
  9. geordie40


    Your right Al mine doesn't have a "t" piece in the neck it's just a 3 or 4 inch piece of tube welded to the aero filler cap, I have now got rid of the CV boots that were used as a hose and fitted a proper fuel hose which is much better for filling up. P.S you were right about it being a real PIA!!
  10. geordie40


    You must have a different setup Al, mine has the wider pipe but doesn't attach to the filler neck it just disappears downwards in the boot and I think it emerges on N/S rear
  11. Just measured my Superspec and its 42" from back side of rollbar to top of windscreen
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