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  1. Hi Nick Thanks for the offer but Im after all 4, I think I may be able to "modify" one of the set I ordered, I think its to to with the length of the clip that holds the caps in place. Nothing ventured nothing gained!!
  2. Does anyone know where I can get some replacement centre caps for the array alloys, I have tried 2 different ones from ebay but they just dont fit, I have measured the old one and between the clip is 58.5mm at narrowest point and I ordered some that should fit but dont and Im fed up wasting money on the wrong bits of plastic
  3. Saw video on Youtube about using thick bleach and wire wool , so this is the result and with a final polish of autosol, It looks better, I think maybe a heavier grade wool to start with or maybe some compound on a wheel mop thingy.
  4. Hi Just a quick one, does anyone know if the Superspec exhaust headers (the 4 into 1 bit) and twin tailpipes were stainless or mild steel, seeing as Im sat at home I thought i would try and give them a bit of a spruce up as they gone all discolored, the bit after the 4-1 is stainless as that polishes up nicely. If its not stainless any ideas how to "buff" them up. Photo shows it a little bit
  5. Before and after, I have changed the dials for ETB (black bezel, white face, red pointer) as these were some cheap chinese ones
  6. Hi John Thought you had given up as you went really quiet!! Glad your still working on it, look forward to seeing how your getting on some day when this all blows over
  7. Hadn't seen those Derek, always forget about svc, more choices!!
  8. Dont have a garage or man cave , all work done on the drive. May get a man cave as daughter is moving out so theres a spare bedroom up for grabs, missus wants it as a "dressing room" but im wanting to move my Xbox etc in and build a gaming setup. I will probably loose out but I can dream
  9. Good point. I was going to mount them a little lower on the wing and see what they look like, Im sure the "old bill" or MOT station wont be out with their tape measure and plumb bob to see if there correct as long as they "look" correct I think I should be fine (fingers crossed)
  10. Thats my original post and I can say the plans supplied are very good, just cut mine out from a sheet of polycarbonate so next step is to try and shape them
  11. Caterham ones are 190 X 70 X 40 LEDs 190 X 50x 28 So should be a good fit
  12. Hi Alan, I have looked at something similar but they do tend to look like lorry lights. I was also going to remove all the light fitting including the black "wedge". These lights are a close fit size wise to cover where the old lights were
  13. Haha, I am still undecided, I do like the round ones on Westfields but the black carbon pod looks a little to big to fit on the rear arch's. Anyone else have any suggestions or pics of lights other than the standard caterham ones?
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