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  1. Thisn is pic I posted earlier in the year. As you can see the kitspares ones are alot smaller
  2. I originally bought from there but they were alot smaller than I needed. I think I put a post up showing size difference
  3. Actually I think it was from these people. https://metalhardware.co.uk/lift-off-hinge-right-hand-jspb23r
  4. You need to Google "lift off" hinges. Can't remember where I got mine from for my wind deflectors but they're like these.
  5. Don't think it matters, mine is on negative side as well
  6. I just picked one of these up from Lidl (about £15) after good recommendations on another group. Haven't used it but for the price got to be worth a shot
  7. Looks very nice and well done Nick & Neil
  8. Not sure, my gearbox has one that looks the same but I don't have the connector to plug in to it ( unless it's tucked away) but I have put a meter onto the pins and I get a circuit when reverse is engaged so I would assume it will be ok
  9. Is this what yr after https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233365298908
  10. Yeah I think they are just rolled stainless with louvres in
  11. I think you will find the Super Spec is bigger so the bonnet probably wont fit
  12. I have a set from a Vauxhall Vectra but if your looking for something a little smaller look at MX5 seats as thats what I swapped mine for
  13. Mine is mounted on front frame rail.
  14. i got mine from coolex https://www.coolexperts.co.uk/shop/
  15. Yeah love the whine of a super charger but that engine bay looks cramped and not easy to work on but does sound good
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