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  1. Hi I have just got a 2ndhand lucas wiper system and its a little grubby, the grease has gone a bit hard and sticky so whats peoes choice of degreaser?
  2. So far so good Andy, I've had it about 18mths and with the storm force+ one it is elasticated all round bottom and you pull the elastic rope tight at the front and tie it up. It survived 80mph winds last year no problem. I did have a cheaper Halfords one that lasted about 12mths and I had to see in straps with eyelets in and use tent pegs to stop it blowing off but in turn that just caused it to rip down the seams quicker. With regards rubbing paint off I've had no issues but they do say don't put that cover onto a wet car so make sure it's dried off before covering
  3. I bought one from here, very pleased with it, I went for the "storm force" one as car lives outside all year. https://www.coveryourcar.co.uk/store/home.php?cat=732
  4. I know i have a more modern Rev counter but my needle bounced all over the place above 2000 rpm and it was down to the coil, dont know what was wrong with it as it was brand new and worked fine with my Chinese rev counter but wouldn't work correctly with my new ETB one. Changed coil to a Valeo 245025 and hey presto worked a treat. I looked on google and I did try putting a resistor on the feed but that stopped the rev counter working (maybe wrong value)
  5. geordie40

    expansion bottle

    Mines is engine side of rad, I think there's pros and cons to both
  6. geordie40

    expansion bottle

    Look up SPAL cooling fans, they are very good
  7. I've bought a 2ndhand mgb setup so will see if I need to change gearing
  8. I can check on my wiring diagram to see if the TPS is connected to ECU but I think your right. On the rover MEMS you can reset the TPS so it remeasures the steps from fully open to closed, not sure if it's the same for yours but if you turn ign to position 2 and press accelerator 5 times in quick succession you should then hear a series of clicks from TPS as it resets Yeah you get quite a bit of warmth from the engine bay and you probably more as turbos don't run cool either!! On a side note you may want to join a FB group called Kit Car Blats and then request to join the South West WhatsApp Group as there are quite a few now down here in SW and it's a good place to arrange meets etc
  9. Love the gold look mmmmm.

    who did you go to for the stainless tube? Did you roll the sheet yourself for the silencer? I have an Ac Dc rig so can weld most anything. Have you any baffles or muffling? My exhaust is stock and looks naf

  10. Looks like I can get a used MG Midget or BGT setup for about £50 so you think it should work. Can't find out any info on the different numbers stamped on the motors, I assume they correspond to degrees of sweep and 1 or 2 speed
  11. Think I heard a knock but not sure as I said when I checked mine underneath I thought play was ok but while I was under I thought just check the UJ bolts and both front and rear had 2 bolts each that weren't quite done up tight enough. Thanks for the offer of the map but the Rover MEMS ecu isn't mappable . I built my new exhaust for about £150 ( all stainless) and that's with new sports cat that I can fit for MOT and remove afterwards. I also increased exhaust pipe size as the 2" was a little restricted so went up to 2.25" but as yours is a turbo either 2.5" or even 3" would be ok and probably gain a little more oomph 1st pic with cat. 2nd without.
  12. Good to hear you got through MOT, mine only just scrapes through but I've put new exhaust system & lambda on it last month do will see how it fares next time. I don't have a heater matrix as I've found heat from the engine is usually more than enough!!. I would have thought the matrix is behind the dash somewhere as not much room in engine bay. If you can take the dials out (looks like they're all on one seperate piece) that should give you more access.
  13. Hi Simon Glad your Ok I was wondering if you still had the car as I saw it up for sale on FB last year and you mentioned your ankle then. What tuning did you have done at Raw speed, I've been looking at some sort of tuning for my SuperSpec but I still have the original MEMS ecu. There should be some play or backlash as it's called but don't know what's the correct amount but mine also had a knock on acceleration & deceleration and I found a couple of the universal joint bolts weren't quite done up tight enough, it was a very small amount of tightening req but that cured it straight away. Not sure what you mean by rumble but the drive shaft and gearbox etc do make a racket as there's no sound proofing and they're about 18" from your ears!! I just used normal grease on rear, haven't done front as I've heard it's a real bitch to get at and I broke both wrists at beginning of the year so still a little painful when moving them.
  14. Yeah I've noticed the same motor on s few wipers, I was thinking that 115 degrees would be ok and as you say Andy I can swap gears out anyway
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