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  1. Very nice, looked quick
  2. Hi Took car to a show at Mount Edgecombe Country Park in Torpoint Cornwall and I was very surprised when a judge walked upto me and gave me a winners certificate, I didn't realize it was that sort of show as car wasn't polished or anything!!
  3. Well hopefully sorted it but it took a complete breakdown on way to local car show ( which I won 1st in class, photos to follow!!) When it broke it wouldnt start or if it did it wouldnt idle at all and I eventually noticed I couldnt hear the fuel pump prime so wiggled some wires under bonnet and heard relays clicking, 30 mins later traced to a loose earth lead on the chassis (and it had been touching manifold so was a little melted), tightened up and started 1st turn. Idle problem was down to accelerater cable not fitted into the throttle assy correctly.
  4. geordie40

    Fuel sender

    I think most fords are 10ohms empty 180 full or thats what gauge I have for my escort mk5 tank https://www.etbinstruments.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_69_76&product_id=97
  5. Yeh photos would be great

  6. I have one, well its what I cut off mine so you may need to put a couple of tubular sleeves over it to join on to your car. I can send some pics if you want
  7. Do you know what it looks like, can't see anything that resembles a fuel filter as I know them (clear plastic with filter inside). Will go on a decent run with memslogger running when weathers a bit better and send you the results Alan
  8. Thx steve someone mentioned maybe dirty fuel filter not sure where it is on a superspec. I think the fuel pump is part of the whole fuel level sensor assembly in the tank (mk 5/6 escort I think)
  9. Good idea about dipping clutch and revving engine to mark the spot. I reset the TPS but it comes back, will try cleaning contacts Regarding the mems memory I can't be certain I hear it when I turn ignition off but don't normally isolate the battery straight away as fan is still running so I try and let it run for a while before turning the big "red" key. I do usually hear a series of clicks when I turn ignition on though
  10. Cheers Andy will look at that as well
  11. Will do alan, looked at it the other day but dont know what im looking for. I still get a TPS error on the mems but its been changed. Do you know if disconnecting the battery has an effect on the ecu memory as my battery isolation switch is on the -ve so when i remove the key everything is dead
  12. Thats what i was thinking but it doesnt have carbs its a 2L fuel injected rover engine (T series), I have re checked everything I took off which was only the cold air induction intake but i suppose the tube may have split, will take another look
  13. Hi all My superspec has developed a very intermittent misfire (I think) and the idle speed has risen from 900rpm to around 1100. The misfire or whatever it is has always lurked about, it can happen when just tootling along and then all of a sudden theres a slight hiccup as if my foot slid off the accelerator or it will happen when I'm giving it some beans overtaking something which is a little scary especially when something is coming the other way !! So I decided to clean the throttle assy with some carb cleaner ( gave it a good few squirts) and now my idle speed has increased and changing the idle value in the ecu doesn't seem to make a difference, ohh and a little more difficult to start from cold. The car has had new coil, leads and plugs (fancy platinum ones, may put Billy basic back in to see). All ideas welcome On the plus side ive fixed the clonk on pulling away (2 loose bolts on propshaft) and the play in wheel bearing (centre but not tightened sufficiently) 1 step forward and 2 back
  14. Try running a new wire from ignition to pump? , sticky pump? Does sound a weird one though
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