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  1. Hi Dean I have a spare wheel, it's an array but powder coated black and has a unused but old Yokohama tyre on it, yours for postage
  2. That's exactly what I said
  3. Try and replace all coilovers but my sister in law decided to convert her garage (which I did all my dash work last year in) into a work studio. So will have to do any work outside on driveway but not sure how easy it will be, is it a job that can be done outside? Oh and try and learn to weld!!
  4. Hi Ivan My +ve coil connections has 3 wires!!, I know that 1 is ignition and another 1 goes to a fuse and if I take the fuse out car turns but wont start, and the other +ve wire disappears in to the snakes nest!! So maybe look for a fuse with a wire missing Im sure someone else may have a more definitive answer
  5. Standard noise on Superspec, If you do a search on here or look at Alans blog its well documented. Mine is fairly quiet when engine is cold but gets a little worse when hot
  6. My superspec has a bag with a pump in it And it's fitted underneath the battery tray or around that area, the tray has a little hole cut out so you can fill it. I think it only gets used when they check it at MOT On a separate note I see you still have the metal cooling pipe going across the top of the engine, most of us superspec owners have "re jigged" the cooling system to do away with that pipe, AndyW is your man as I have changed the whole rad as well to something a little smaller but more efficient.
  7. Heres the pic of the heat shield bolted together underneath
  8. Heres my exhaust and cycle wing stay. The exhaust heat shield is just a piece of stainless steel wrapped around the cat and silencer and bolted together underneath. I think you can get combined stainless exhausts with a built in cat (which is what I may do to mine when it fails). The cycle wing stays are as Alan said just a piece of metal tube bent at an angle with the wings screwed/bolted/glued to them. Anymore photos just ask
  9. geordie40


    Ive just changed my 20 year old Yokohama A539's for some of the new Toyo TR1's (tread pattern is nearly identical to the Rainsport 3's). Got set off ebay for about £120 delivered. Made so much difference to the ride and handling https://www.toyo.co.uk/tire/pattern/new-proxes-tr1
  10. Very nice, looked quick
  11. Hi Took car to a show at Mount Edgecombe Country Park in Torpoint Cornwall and I was very surprised when a judge walked upto me and gave me a winners certificate, I didn't realize it was that sort of show as car wasn't polished or anything!!
  12. Well hopefully sorted it but it took a complete breakdown on way to local car show ( which I won 1st in class, photos to follow!!) When it broke it wouldnt start or if it did it wouldnt idle at all and I eventually noticed I couldnt hear the fuel pump prime so wiggled some wires under bonnet and heard relays clicking, 30 mins later traced to a loose earth lead on the chassis (and it had been touching manifold so was a little melted), tightened up and started 1st turn. Idle problem was down to accelerater cable not fitted into the throttle assy correctly.
  13. geordie40

    Fuel sender

    I think most fords are 10ohms empty 180 full or thats what gauge I have for my escort mk5 tank https://www.etbinstruments.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_69_76&product_id=97
  14. Yeh photos would be great

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