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  1. I sold my SuperSpec at beginning of the year (during lockdown) to someone from Weston Super Mare and he saw it on line via video etc and paid a deposit then saw the car a few weeks later and paid the full amount via bank transfer at which point i handed all documentation over to him and then he arranged for a vehicle courier to collect a week or so later. At the end of the day Its all down to if you feel the seller is trustworthy & honest and Ive found most people are. I know I was the seller so a little different to your position.
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    The photo was taken july 2020. I think he had a "friendly" MOT station that overlooked the lack of wipers & washers
  3. geordie40

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    I think I recognize the car, belonged to a friend near Liskeard in Cornwall, we did a couple of Autosolos (if its the same car). It was very quick!! Mine was the gold one (now sold)
  4. Usually gauges & senders are matched hence your problem with Capri clocks & sierra sender, you need to find out what the resistance value is of the gauge and find a sender with a similar range. There is an electronic box that would do it for you, cant offer any review of it but maybe someone on here has used one. https://spiyda.com/fuel-gauge-wizard-mk3.html
  5. I upgraded my wiper mechanism to the Lucas one as so much easier (as nelmo suggested). I managed to pick up a 2nd hand setup for about £50, they were fitted into loads of cars Mini,MG and many other classics and the good thing is you can change the sweep by replacing the gear on the motor. I think i went for a 110 degree sweep
  6. 1heres mine that were already fitted when i got the car, the smaller set were some i bought to make wind deflectors but were to small
  7. I know someone down in Devon with a bonnet for sale if your interested (£75), I think he said its for a lightweight but may be of use
  8. Rather than paying for full 12 months why not SORN it over winter, that's what I do and if you know it's going to be off the road for a few months ( repairs or upgrades) then SORN it then. That way you only pay tax for the months your using it
  9. Well just sold my Super Spec so it's on to something new. A Quantum Xtreme, needs some tlc as it's been a race car most of its life I think but boy is it quick!!
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    Selling a set gauges oil pressure, water temp, fuel, voltage and rev counter. They were in my car but upgraded and worked fine except the rev counter which for some reason I couldn't make work so this is just thrown in as someone might be able to get it going. Comes with sender's for oil and water. I will print off the fine chinglish instructions but there's only 4 wire each I think +be, -ve, backlight and signal. Looking for £50 posted but will take offers.
  11. Anyone else having difficulties accessing the locostbuilders website?
  12. Saw this up for sale last week, definitely looked interesting
  13. What Dan said, had mine for 3 years and my car lives outside all year round with no problems. I have the Stormforce plus one as it has extra elastic around the bottom so you can pull it tight to the car
  14. you want to make sure you search for "Locost" not "LOCUST" as i think the locust is a wooden frame but stand to be corrected
  15. Facebook groups and their marketplace, Gumtree, various owners clubs
  16. Fingers crossed it's not the HG but my oil was clear and no real coolant loss for about 20-30 miles. The chap who did all mine said the water pumps are usually ok but seeing as he had whole thing apart it got changed. However he did point out that despite the milage being low it was still a 24 year old engine so anything is possible
  17. I had the water pump changed when the Head gasket blew on my Superspec and the chap said it's not to difficult in our cars as you can get to it easier than when fitted to the Rover, it's only 5 or 6 bolts and the pump itself isn't expensive. Your sudden temp rise sounds exactly like my HG failure except mine eventually started blowing white smoke but not for sometime after the HG went
  18. Halfords and such places will do free battery checks, as mentioned before a fully charged battery should read about 12.6-12.8V but even then it can be the battery is just knackered something to do with the lead plates and acid loose their electrical properties
  19. Thisn is pic I posted earlier in the year. As you can see the kitspares ones are alot smaller
  20. I originally bought from there but they were alot smaller than I needed. I think I put a post up showing size difference
  21. Actually I think it was from these people. https://metalhardware.co.uk/lift-off-hinge-right-hand-jspb23r
  22. You need to Google "lift off" hinges. Can't remember where I got mine from for my wind deflectors but they're like these.
  23. Don't think it matters, mine is on negative side as well
  24. I just picked one of these up from Lidl (about £15) after good recommendations on another group. Haven't used it but for the price got to be worth a shot
  25. Looks very nice and well done Nick & Neil
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