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  1. Another option is MK1 Focus, I've got 3 spares if they are any use to you as I'm not far from you (Kettering side of Northampton)
  2. Unfortunately this happens a lot & will require an IVA test to make it legal
  3. Seems to be a bit of an issue on monocoque chassis vehicles, mine has had similar cracks in a couple of places adjacent to the welds which I have ground back & re-welded (& it's never even been on the road yet)
  4. Also a 202 block (again 2l)
  5. I found it was actually cheaper (& an easier job) to replace the whole arm (paid about £35 for a pair of Borg & Beck ones on ebay last year)
  6. There is a couple on evilbay which don't appear to have the usual Cosworth tax added.
  7. K32230 A.B.S. Accelerator Cable for FORD SIERRA (autodoc.co.uk)
  8. rthomas69


    I've fitted a Focus master cylinder without the servo. One of the reasons I went with this one is because I've fitted Focus rear brakes (discs) so the theory was the brake balance from this servo should be right.
  9. I've finally found a solution to the Capri fuel level without spending the £200 that people want on eBay for an Escort estate sender. I've grafted an early Beetle sender onto the Sierra unit & it seems to work ok, so for just over £20 I'm happy
  10. Jamsport in Northampton specialise duratec engines
  11. I'm finally getting somewhere with my build (had the car over 6 years, but other projects have always got in the way). I have loads of questions but addressing one at a time. I am fitting a windscreen (I know people will say it's easier to fit post IVA) but I already have the heater, wipers & screen washers fitted (I've also got a correctly marked screen) so there is nothing stopping me fitting the screen but when it comes to the support brackets they are just 3mm steel, so what have people done regarding the edges as at 3mm thick it doesn't allow a 2.5 mm rad on each side & it's not really possible to fit edging trim? Bit of a long winded way of saying 'what have people done with the windscreen bracket to pass the IVA test'
  12. Been reading through loads of posts on here & it seems the only way to get it right is to use a mk2 escort estate sender - found a nos one in Australia for about £230 on ebay so that's not an option. I guess it works within reason as it is so will worry about it at a later date.
  13. rthomas69

    Fuel gauge

    I’m sure this must have been covered at some point. I’m fitting Capri clocks & I’m struggling with the fuel gauge (Sierra sender) as in it only goes half way when it should show full has anyone done the same or know how to address the issue?
  14. I changed my starter motor for a high torque one (less than 70 quid on evilbay) because of sluggish starting & it was a game changer
  15. I was told 120's on the front, original were something like 170/180 which was far too stiff, but not sure about the rear.
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