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    2b passed sva may 05.pillars removed june 10. duratec power june 2012
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  1. gonna miss this one.... i am on standby
  2. Dave R

    Engine mounts

    mine sits on rover v8 rubbers. but i made the arms myself was a case of engine in/out several times
  3. Standby permitting i am up for it
  4. good day out enjoyed it roll on next year
  5. sorry you have to sell nigel well sorted car
  6. Only thing that i cant see in the instructions is what time the gates open?
  7. Looking on fb, we aint the only club still waiting for wrist bands
  8. Used to be pay on gate, as long as you had a wristband to get i to the site
  9. My mate with the ace ace would also like to tag along
  10. as title anyone got a sierra steering rack laying about ?
  11. you can still buy new sierra master cylinders... got one from my motorfactors last week
  12. if it is sierra, like longboarders picture and it needs extending, then look at granada.... the rods are a bit longer
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