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  1. Dave R

    kimbolton sporting bears

    as said before, last year was the last one for me to organise... i have just been sent an invite for this years who wants to take it on ?? dave
  2. Dave R

    After A Few Bits

    think i have wing mirrors
  3. Dave R

    Camber Wedges

    Massive difference, and yes they do toe and camber
  4. Dave R

    History Of A751 Mwd ?

    Topic edited and moved
  5. Dave R

    How Much Resin To Make Grp Rear Arches?

    easiest way would be to find someone with an earlier monocoque arch to weigh.
  6. Dave R

    Fusible Link Alternative

    google megafuse, and put it either on the battery terminal or as close as you can get
  7. Dave R

    Digital Speedo Who's Got One

    Koso, with its sensor being driven by a magnet mounted on the type 9 Speedo hole. Made the bracket
  8. Dave R

    Mud Flaps

    intending to make mine from a roll of welding curtain i have well its green was intending to put a bend in the edges
  9. Dave R

    Mud Flaps

    Anyone fitted front mud flaps to a 7? Do they make much difference in the wet? After Friday seriously considering fitting wipers on the inside of the screen
  10. Dave R

    Alternator Woes..

    Got a picture of the connection end??
  11. Dave R

    Corner Weighting Today

    thats a lot of sand :rofl: :rofl:
  12. Dave R

    Kimbolton Car Show July 8Th

    Bump as a reminder.... You need to be on site before 10am See you there.....
  13. Dave R

    Kimbolton Car Show July 8Th

    Kev booth wants one ... not sent him one yet
  14. Dave R

    Kimbolton Car Show July 8Th

    if you sent me an address its in the post, if you didnt, and i didnt see you at stoneleigh, then no worries!
  15. Dave R

    Kimbolton Car Show July 8Th

    posted today