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  1. you can still buy new sierra master cylinders... got one from my motorfactors last week
  2. if it is sierra, like longboarders picture and it needs extending, then look at granada.... the rods are a bit longer
  3. as said before, last year was the last one for me to organise... i have just been sent an invite for this years who wants to take it on ?? dave
  4. think i have wing mirrors
  5. Massive difference, and yes they do toe and camber
  6. easiest way would be to find someone with an earlier monocoque arch to weigh.
  7. google megafuse, and put it either on the battery terminal or as close as you can get
  8. Koso, with its sensor being driven by a magnet mounted on the type 9 Speedo hole. Made the bracket
  9. intending to make mine from a roll of welding curtain i have well its green was intending to put a bend in the edges
  10. Anyone fitted front mud flaps to a 7? Do they make much difference in the wet? After Friday seriously considering fitting wipers on the inside of the screen
  11. Got a picture of the connection end??
  12. thats a lot of sand :rofl: :rofl:
  13. Bump as a reminder.... You need to be on site before 10am See you there.....
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