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  1. probably just a bot, we've had a few recently. They're trying to get a bit clever, vaguely referencing things in other posts then finally including a reply with a dodgy link.
  2. The date is printed on the V5, but the chances are the tester will test it as per its number plate age. The mot system should tell the tester the correct information. All 205 blocks are 1993cc unless over bored at some point in their life.
  3. if you're on an age related plate, it will go off the date of first use (the age of the engine), not the registration age. Typically 3.5% CO, 1200 HC. If Q plated many places will do visual only.
  4. How hard it is to fit is going to depend on how the boot is currently panelled out, you may have to remove much of it and modify. You'll also need to modify the fuel lines/sender/filler neck. There's a 30 litre tank available here: https://kitspares.co.uk/products/fuel-tank-robin-hood-2b
  5. Where did you get the valve from?
  6. I could be tempted, are you planning on getting there a bit earlier?
  7. As there was some interest in my last topic, lets have a meet at 7:30pm Wednesday the 1st of June at: Monk's Bridge Farm Nobel Way, Dinnington, S25 3QB  Coming eastbound from the M1 J31, take a left at the roundabout by the red lion and proceed for nearly 2 miles, and Monk's bridge is the 4th exit off the next roundabout. https://goo.gl/maps/TcekDG8AHPQ2 Please post here if you can make it. Andy
  8. I've not heard of any particular issues, probably because most people tend to use their cars on nice days and the cars stay garaged for the remainder of the time. I'm sure it would be an issue if used as a daily driver / parked outside.
  9. Is there any interest in starting a monthly South Yorkshire meet again? Pre-covid we used to meet the first Wednesday of the month at Monk's Bridge Farm in Dinnington. Does that date/location still suit? Andy
  10. it can and has been done before. You might find this build on the westfield forum interesting: https://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/topic/121032-the-fastest-accelerating-westfield-in-the-world-the-megawatt/
  11. if you're going for a full refresh (I did the same this year), get the nuts on the end of the axles loose before you undo brakes and remove the subframe from the car. They are tightened to ~300Nm, so you'll need to stop the subframe and axles rotating as you undo them.
  12. I checked my sensors recently after an unrelated fault in the injection manifold loom. I got ~4.4v cold and it turned out it was completely disconnected. You ought to rule out a wiring fault before replacing the sensor. Disconnect the multi plug on the sensor (on the inlet manifold between cyl 2 & 3) and measure the continuity/resistance of the wires to the ecu.
  13. a buzzing indicator relay is usually a short to earth in the wiring.
  14. Small changes to camber don't cause significant tyre wear. Unless there's excessive play in your bushes or other mechanical damage etc, the toe out is the only possible cause. I'm slightly concerned you get such large deviations in your measurement of toe - this suggests something is bent. Could it be run-out of the wheel? Can you swap it to another to get more repeatable readings? I have a track-ace and I have not found any noticeable deviation in measurements depending on wheel position.
  15. 20' toe out is enough to get uneven wear, and toe out would cause outside edge wear. Try setting them parallel and see how you go. Threads are right handed usually.
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