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  1. I've got around to fitting the alternator - it seemed like an almost direct swap for my old alternator, but I wanted to drop it a bit lower to move it away from the exhaust, so I made some new brackets to utilise the bottom alternator mounting holes on the block rather than the top ones. Pulley was a direct swap from my old alternator. rose jointed bottom bracket bakewell aided design top bracket progress top bracket finished fitted. I've ordered a shorter belt to give a bit more clearance to the steering column
  2. David I'm in chesterfield if that's not too far?
  3. I still have these wheels, free for any member who wants them
  4. Any takers for a September meet at monks bridge farm on Wednesday the 2nd? The weather still looks ok for an outside meet. Andy
  5. I can't really resist at that price, will have to see if i can make it work with the single V pulley and my mounts. I'll have to get some time in the garage to work on the car as i've not touched it in 3 years!
  6. If anyone is planning to go, discuss it here. I'm going on holiday and I'm unlikely to have phone signal so won't check in here again. Andy
  7. Now the pubs are back open (including monk's bridge farm), do we want to resume meets? The august meet would be due on Wednesday the 5th. Unfortunately I'm not able to make this as i'm on holiday that week. Weather permitting, it might be advisable to meet up outside. What are people's thoughts? Andy
  8. Grim


    choice in 14" is limited. I have vredestein sportrac5 which are better than anything else i've run.
  9. Grim

    1st time turn over

    The spark plug fires with the piston on the compression stroke, slightly before top dead centre. This is to account for how long the fuel mixture takes to burn, so that the cylinder pressure increases at TDC in time for the downstroke. If the mixture is ignited too early, cylinder pressure increases on the compression stroke, and the starter has to fight it.
  10. Grim

    1st time turn over

    this is my guess, try retarding the timing a little. Could also be corroded earth strap / starter cable/battery terminals
  11. Functionally, i'd still need access to the rear of the house, so i'd need to leave an unused corridor inside the shed and end up with the same usable space as the above shed. Also I'd have to lock and unlock both ends each time i go through. Build-wise, I'd have to build up to the boundary, either leaving a small gap to the fence (damp/rot issues?) or remove the fence (hassle) and use much more material for the roof/ends. Not with that attitude! The main upside is i'll get rid of all the crap out of the garage so i can have space to work on the kit again.
  12. I'm making progress with the shed
  13. Clare came around the corner and tripped on the raised flags a couple of times, so I put the blocks there for my safety (because it was obviously my fault). Another project I've been working on is a nixie tube clock kit from PV electronics. Finished the PCB assembly last night and everything seems to work, just have to built it into its case now.
  14. My work has gone to reduced hours on 12 hour shifts, meaning i work 2 or 3 days a week. I've decided to build a shed so that i can clear stuff out the garage to actually allow me to work on the kit car, and hopefully get it back on the road. Having laid a patio and enjoying the extra space in the back garden area after demolishing the old shed, I've decided to put its replacement in the 6 foot wide gap down the side of the house, whilst retaining access to the front. The result will hopefully be a 16' x 3' shed. Monday was design, Tuesday was excavation and backfill with old rubble i hadn
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