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  1. For info, I spoke to a glass specialist and Rich Hall at GBS, in the end. The glass guy said he could cut, but there was a 50/50 chance of cracking it. Richard said it shouldn't be too hard to bend the ali frame, then if I made a wooden template for the glass and sent it to GBS, they'd send me a new pane to match. So my approach is to bend the frame and take the existing pane to the glass cutter. If he can cut without cracking it, result! If it does crack, I will have to go the wooden template route. For those who say "just fill the gap", "it's a lot of hassle to do that" etc, I'm afraid I'm a perfectionist!! It's taken me ages to build this car, but it's going to be spot on, as I like it Pete
  2. There's no "edit" option, I'm afraid! Some of my posts are over 10 years old, I think maybe with age I can no longer edit??
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I did have various ideas about "filling the gap". But my first preference is to adjust the frame and the glass - Anyone on here (Zero builders) got some ideas on that? Pete
  4. Hi, my windscreeen is quite old and was supplied by Robin Hood complete - You may not be surprised to learn that it doesn't quite fit! The curve of the scuttle and the curve of the windscreen bottom ali bracket are just a bit too different to cover with trim, so I think I need an adjustment! I would post a picture, but I seem to have used all my Rhocar attachment space and can't see how to remove anything.. Anyway, for those who have adjusted theirs, how did you bend the bottom bracket? It looks quite sturdy and I would be worried about cracking the ali if I need to apply serious force. Also, I don't think the glass will fit after I've bent the bracket up, so has anyone cut the glass down and how?? Thanks, Pete
  5. Great, thanks, Nicko and Nelmo. If I understand correctly, you cut the sides of the countersunk screws otherwise they wouldn't fit into the frame? And why use a hardboard screen? If you can take the glass out, can't you just drill into a bare frame? Cheers, Pete
  6. Hi Ian, thanks for your reply. Was there any particular aesthetically-pleasing head on the screw, do you have a picture? Are others using the self-tapping screw method on the Zero, for example?
  7. Hi. I don't have instructions for windscreen fitting with my kit, only for a flyscreen which I won't be using. My question is on the recommended method to attach the windscreen frame to the 2 supporting brackets. Have people used screws, set screws, rivets? What type of head? Did you use a tap if you put screws in? Did you use something different for the fitting process and the final attachment? Cheers, Pete
  8. Hi Chaps, thanks for the replies! In the meantime I'd figured out what Longboarder has posted, I need to get a small loom with sidelight bulb holder, as I do indeed have windows below the main bulbs, you learn something new every day Cheers, Pete
  9. Hi, haven't been on here in a long time! Just a quick question on lights for IVA. If you don't have separate side and head lights on your car, is it okay to wire up the headlights to the sidelight switch - That is, they are the same! Nothing in the IVA manual suggests that the side and head lights have to be physically separate... It's just that my lamp units are only headlight (dipped beam) and main beam, with no separate sidelight. I don't think it matters if you push your column stalk to the sidelight setting and the dipped headlights come on, does it? Cheers, Pete
  10. you still building??

  11. Still in original wrapping from Intatrim
  12. As new, unused pair of seats Cost £282 from Intatrim. Looking for £240 + postage. Cheers, Pete Link: Intatrim Voyager spec
  13. Ok, ta. Did you get the replacement from a Ford dealer, or is it aftermarket?? Pete
  14. Thanks for all the replies, guys The bracket has now been chopped I'm nosey, though, I'm afraid, Chris! Just out of interest, what did the kickdown cable do?? Did it blip the throttle somehow when you change the autobox down? Also, I see that your quadrant is silver - Is there a metal one on some models, or did you paint it? It's just that my plastic one is cracked and a metal one would make a smart replacement... Pete
  15. Hi, I'm in the process of sorting a bonnet bulge at the moment, as my EFi engine is a little too tall. It would be useful to cut down the bracket which holds the throttle cable (see pic), but there is a slot and hole on the right hand side which is clearly there for a reason, but I don't know what! I don't think it was used on the donor Sierra, but can't remember for definite. So can I hack the right-hand side of that bracket off, so that the bonnet bulge fits more elegantly? Cheers, Pete
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