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  1. Stoneleigh Park Hotel contacted me to rearrange the dates of our booking to Saturday 27th June because the Kit Car Show dates had been changed.
  2. Derek

    Leicester Area Meeting

    Good decision, goes along with the advice and guidelines.
  3. Derek

    Leicester Area Meeting

    I'll be there too
  4. Derek

    Leicester Area Meeting

    I still have my butchers knives and my chopper is really sharp. I was awake while they did my knee so I know what they said and I might be able to remember a bit of it; does that count?
  5. Derek

    membership cards

    To get the discount from my insurance company I have to provide a scanned copy of my membership card with the year of issue shown on it. I guess that's the same for most company's. I'm not bothered by my membership number changing, whats really important to me is that I keep my membership going (nearly forgot this year, thanks to the committee for reminding me)
  6. Derek


    I used this one from the One Stop Gearbox Shop on ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Type-9-Gearbox-Uprated-2-98-1-Ratio-Long-first-gear-conversion-kit-/191975767217?epid=539762608&hash=item2cb2a5bcb1:g:E8cAAOSwsW9YyBPp I got all the other parts I needed from them, baring set, gasket set and a replacement lay shaft. All very good and prompt service.
  7. Derek


    I run a C20XE mated to a type 9 box,but after a major issue with the box it was rebuilt with modified internals and case. The 1st gear is now much longer so you don't have to change up as soon as the wheels are going round. I am very pleased with it. If you are interested I will look up the suppliers of the bits. Kerry did the mods to the casing so I don't know how much and from where he took the Metal.
  8. Derek

    Stilton Run Lunch

    All those who have shown an interest should have received a PM from me.
  9. Derek


    And all the very best from us too. Marilyn & Derek
  10. Ok jumped the gun a bit but the first hotel I found with extra large beds was The Swan Country House B&B in Rhayader, Saint Harmon, LD6 5NG 3.5 miles away. So we are booked in there for 2 nights. We will stay over locally on the Friday night and meet up where ever on the Sat Morning.
  11. We are up for this, keep us posted.
  12. I have renewed now, please can I have a magazine please?
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