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  1. Derek

    Stilton Run 2019 Lunch

    Updated list here. I hope there will be a few more joining us for lunch as I have told the Bell there will be 20 - 25 of us. Marilyn & Derek Sharon & Kerry Carol & Chris Richard and Jackie
  2. Derek

    Leicester area meeting February 20th

    I should be there. Perhaps in the kit, now I have many layers of thermals!!!
  3. Derek

    front indicator problems

    I had a similar problem with my Mazda 6. Made a new earth from the light cluster and I was flashing again!!!
  4. Derek

    Premier wiring fuse ratings

    I had a similar problem, press the horn button and a fuse went pop. Turned out it was one of the live contacts on the back of the horn making contact with the steering column in the centre of the steering wheel causing a short. Remedy was to put a plastic cap over the back of the horn switch and grind 2mm from the end of the column. Hope this helps.
  5. Derek

    Stilton Run 2019 Lunch

    Please find the menu for Sunday Lunch attached. If you could let me know your choices I will pass onto the Bell. Classic Car Run 28.04.19a.pdf
  6. Derek

    Leicestershire Area Meeting 16/1/2019

    I will be there.
  7. Derek

    RHOCaR Treasure Hunt 2019

    Great idea, especially for us retirees, who are looking for things to do. BUT do we get penalised for having too much time!!! You have a PM Neil. Thanks for organising
  8. Derek

    Stilton Run 2019 Lunch

    Please let me know when you have booked and paid a deposit so I can keep an updated list here. Marilyn & Derek Sharon & Kerry
  9. Derek

    Stilton Run 2019 Lunch

    I have spoken to the Bell Inn at Stilton (http://www.thebellstilton.co.uk/ )and they are prepared to cater for us again this year. Please can we pay the deposit individually as we did last year as this worked well? If you call 01733 241066 to reserve a place or a table please mention my name, Derek Overfield, and you are with the RHOCaR group for lunch on April 28th at 2pm. A deposit of £5 per person will be payable by card when you book. I will post the April menu once it is released and if you pre order with me I will pass it onto the The Bell in Stilton, as we did last year. You will need to book and pay a deposit yourself please. Please let me know you have booked and how many you have paid a deposit for, that way I can organise the pre order. The Stilton Run entry form is below. You don't have to enter but the entry fee goes to the Air Ambulance charity. Entry Form 2019.pdf.
  10. Derek

    Website feedback thread

    I like the Christmas theme, its snowing and the lights are on!!!!
  11. Derek

    Website feedback thread

    Getting to grips with the new format now. Thanks for a great job to all concerned.
  12. Derek

    Stilton Run 2019

    Arrived this morning No 17
  13. Derek

    Stilton Run 2019

    I have received an email from the organiser stating my entry has been processed and the card is on its way to me. He has also added that it may be a while before my cheque is cashed.
  14. Derek

    Stilton Run 2019

    I have emailed the new organiser to ask if the entry forms have been passed on, I will let you know as soon as I receive a reply. I will start a separate thread in the New Year for the lunch at the Bell Inn, it will have details of how to join inn!!!! P.S. Will do Kerry
  15. Derek

    Leicester Area Meet 21/11/2018

    Well done Kerry for taking up the baton from Andi. See you there.