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  1. Will be there, I the kit weather permitting!! Just looked at the forecast, it'll be the tin top then
  2. Hi Alan, Is this still going ahead? Or has it been cancelled because of the weather, doesn't look too bad at the moment.
  3. AHHH Richie, thank you, I'm all embarrassed now!
  4. Apologies from me as well, I am not able to make this one.
  5. Well that beats the lot..... Hong Kong demonstrations Global warming demonstrations Brexit demonstrations Now to top it all off Sheep demonstrations
  6. If you have put your usual request to the weather gods we will be there.
  7. We cannot join you either, at a wedding this weekend.
  8. Mo and I are up for this please. Perhaps without the rush into hospital the following day
  9. Tiger Racing have an open day this weekend, Kerry has added to Andi's post giving a meet up time and place you might like to join us and perhaps pick up some info there.
  10. I have put together a different run out route.... https://goo.gl/maps/3s7bSjyq4RCM5bHM7 This route includes a stop at The Great Central Railway in Quorn. There is a very exciting reason for this stop. We are trying to put together a kit car event at the GCR, it will be open to all who bring a kit car to the show. At the moment we are in the early stages of planning but the outline is for a weekend to include camping or nearby hotel, beer shed, favourable rates for train rides, maybe entertainment. I stress we are very early in the planning so some of the above may not be included but if we can get enough numbers, and a few clubs have shown an interest, we should be on. Also if you are not attending Hoodstock why not join us for the run out. Its not too far from most midlanders and we wont be leaving early.
  11. Best way to get at the prop shaft is from underneath. If its the Ford type 9, the gearbox mount is at the rear of the box really only accessible from underneath. To replace the gearbox mount the prop shaft does not have to be removed. To remove the prop shaft, the floor at the front of the diff has to be cut away. It is this part of the floor that is in the way to allow the prop shaft to be lowered sufficiently to clear the front of the diff once it has been unbolted. The gearbox end slides out on a splined shaft at the back of the gearbox.
  12. Should be there. Busy day tomorrow tho.
  13. Derek

    Hoodstock Run Out

    Thanks for sorting that out Stuart.
  14. Great weekend, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thanks to all involved especially Craig and his family for being such excellent hosts.
  15. Derek

    Hoodstock Run Out

    I have been asked by Andi to pull together a run out for Hoodstock. We will leave at around 10:30am on Saturday to be in time for lunch at the Plough Inn at 1pm, a bit earlier than last year, this will allow enough time for lunch to go down before the evening BBQ and the usual delays, fill ups, catch ups and empty outs! The route is similar to last year as everyone seemed to enjoy it. I have attached the menu for lunch, if you could choose your fayre and reply to this post with those choices. A £5 deposit will be required which I will collect and pass on, please let me know your preference for transferring money, PayPal or BACS are fine, I will then PM you my details. MENU.pdf Route.... https://tinyurl.com/y34rrjnz - same link as before just made prettier by theduck I can convert this to a GPX file for sat navs if required
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