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  1. Not sure if I will be able to make it.
  2. Derek

    Christmas Meal

    If its 11th we can make it, 2 places please
  3. Big thank you to all who made this a great day out. We had a cracking time meeting new people and old friends.
  4. I found this article very useful when I had a Pinto running EFI. Ian's suggestion solved the cold idle problem I had too.
  5. To make you aware of two seperate sets of delays. A46 and Coventry bypass road works. We went this way yesterday and there were major delays. Travelling from the North using Coventry Eastern Bypass, there are major road works at Binley Island. We queued from just after M6 Junction. Travelling from the south A46 Warwick bypass, single lane from M40 junction to A425 Junction which is just before Stonleigh. We were going south but hit traffic at this junction.
  6. Us too, sat only tho. Stamford on Sunday
  7. Lets hope the good weather Al has ordered turns up! See you there.
  8. We will be going but not sure of which day yet. Most lightly Sat. Not camping though.
  9. Cannot make this one, hope the weather stays good for you.
  10. I think this is the same system as the pinto EFI. If you search EFI on this forum you will find how I solved issues.
  11. Just a reminder of the event at the GCR. Please let me know if you intend to go, good weather dependent, as the organiser needs to know possible numbers.
  12. P. S. Cheaper alternative to the headphones is to use the helmet version and install in ear defenders. Just the mike support to engineer, you could use the bent coat hanger that replaced the radio aerial that's not needed anymore.
  13. We use a Terratrip Professional intercom with clubman practice headsets. The intercom is in the boot with the coil cables coming out by the rollover hoop. I have an extension lead so I can plug in a mini DAB radio that plays through the headsets. A mobile phone can also be connected or a 2way radio. We use them all the time, saves a row when mis-understood commands are issued from the passenger seat. Its not cheap but the service from them has been great. Go direct to Terratrip http://terratrip.com/pro.html
  14. I have a C20XE in my 2B. Home made engine mounts but I cannot remember what flexibles I used. I have uprated the gearbox with a longer 1st which suits the engine much better, details are in the Winter 2017 mag page 12 here..... https://www.rhocar.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=25652 Kerry's instillation is top notch. I'm sure he is using a different gearbox after breaking a couple, along with several clutches.
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