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  1. Sounds interesting It's on our calendar fingers crossed for good weather.
  2. Count us in Danielle. Let me know how to pay.
  3. Peterborough... https://www.facebook.com/PFoW2021/ Melton Mowbray https://www.facebook.com/groups/546965142089670/permalink/3855222904597194/
  4. Perhaps check all the earths. I had a similar problem that baffled a number of people. I decided to replace the EFI loom, its separate to the car loom. When I was removing the old one I noticed one of the earth connections was a bit strange. Closer inspection revealed the inner wire had rotted away but the connector had been crimped onto the insulator so it looked good from the outside. Replaced the loom and all was well, I could have just repaired the old one but it was out of the car, hit the wall then fell onto the floor followed by a number of bad words.
  5. I will not be running a dedicated kit car event at the GCR this year. HOWEVER the Ford Club are having an event there over the weekend of 10th and 11th July which we can join in. There will be trains running, the café will be open and I think there may be beer in the Tin Shed. No commitment, but if you could let me know if you are interested please I can pass numbers onto the organiser. The address is Woodhouse Road, Quon, Loughborough LE12 8AG. I believe the weather forecast is for endless sunshine all over the weekend (Somewhere!)
  6. When I burgered my type 9 box I bought one of these, and it works a treat, you can hold 1st much longer.... ( I now run a Vauxhall red top mated to this gearbox) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Type-9-Gearbox-Uprated-2-98-1-Ratio-Long-first-gear-conversion-kit-/191975767217?epid=539762608&hash=item2cb2a5bcb1:g:E8cAAOSwsW9YyBPp A very good friend fitted it BUT you will need to follow this advice... (from old school ford ) If your going to put a long 1st into a standard type9 casing you have to grind a recess in to the casing ( to allow for the larger 1st gear) Also if you
  7. I diagnosed a number of faults with my EFI Pinto using an electric drill to turn the dizzy. You can hear the injectors clicking without the noise of the starter motor. I had a spare dizzy which made it easy. I have also attached some information regarding the system which may help.
  8. I have received the following email from the organiser of the Stilton Run...... The board has decided that it will not be possible to run the event on the usual date this year (last Sunday in April) due to Covid-19 restrictions and will therefore offer the event at the usual time in 2022. However, if there is sufficient interest, it is proposed to offer an extra event in September this year, on a Sunday morning, which will involve a navigation around the villages of Rutland, returning to Uppingham for a choice of lunch/afternoon tea venues and music in the market square. We would ap
  9. Hi 

    How do you find out the model of my robin hood using this site please

  10. Any good? The throttle cut and shut is behind the steering column, mine is cut by the slight kink in the original pedal making it a bit more kinky .
  11. Sorry I don't have any pictures, the pedal box is covered inside a footwell box. I will try to get in the garage in the next couple of days and take some.
  12. I have one fitted to my 2B, when I changed to a Vauxhall Red Top . I don't have a servo but used the original master cylinder. Only mod was to the throttle pedal which was rewelded to move away from the brake pedal. Firewall needed mods for the new cable runs though.
  13. Sounds like a good trip out Very interested.
  14. Everything was very well organised to work in a safe manner, but didn't stop us enjoying ourselves. Cracking day out, thanks to all who made this work in these very difficult times. Marilyn & Derek
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