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  1. Thanks for organising last night Richy. Another great turn out with over 30 people.
  2. Screen is now sold.
  3. Thrashed

    Fuel economy

    Not 100% sure bike carbs will help with fuel economy. My old pinto with the ZX6R carbs would average about 23mpg on a steady run, but had it as low as 17 on a push! I am hoping fuel injection helps going forward.
  4. You two are either very brave or very crazy? Hope you had fun!
  5. Happy New year to everyone. I hope 2020 bring many dry driving days. I bought this complete screen which was taken off a 2b. It is the complete screen with side supports. The side supports are already bent to the scuttle shape so should be a drop on item. I bought it as I was hoping it would fit a standard zero scuttle but is doesn’t. The screen looks as new and the fit and finish is very good. The side supports will need painting as this is bare steel at present. Looking to get £100 for it which is what I paid for it. Postage will be an issue due to size, shape and fragile glass. I do travel a fair bit with my job and am regularly in Telford/ Shropshire, Swindon and towards the East Midlands I am happy to meet up within reason. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1j8BX7dnSMddlugWU7HnSj0R454q4LtUm any question please ask.
  6. Yeah. Food service was poor but you are more than welcome. I will definitely get you back. I got a screen, roof and doors that need doing!! Catch up soon
  7. Far too much. Tidy up the wiring. Fit the windscreen and wipers plus wire them in. Then bolt all the panels on, refit the seats and interior then hand it over to Richy for doors and Surrey top.
  8. The engine runs, but car is far from finished!!
  9. I am happy happy to go with the majority but earlier is better, as it gets proper busy late morning onwards and parking gets tricky. I would suggest 10:30am?
  10. Hoping everyone had a great Christmas. I am planning a visit to Caffeine and Machine (https://caffeineandmachine.com) on Saturday to blow away the cobwebs. Whos up for it?
  11. Thrashed

    Zero Windscreen

    Thanks, Will name drop you and see if they can find the template.
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