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  1. Thrashed

    Zero Windscreen

    Thanks, Will name drop you and see if they can find the template.
  2. Thrashed

    Zero Windscreen

    Thanks for the offer, my folks live in Kent, so will be travelling down over Xmas. If it is still available i will give you a shout and can collect on the way through. Appreciate the offer. Steve
  3. Thrashed

    Zero Windscreen

    Yes it does! Well volunteered.
  4. Thrashed

    Zero Windscreen

    Will that mean no demister? If so, that might be the winner. That plus wipers and a little bit of Richy and i have a solution.
  5. Thrashed

    Zero Windscreen

    Hi all I am after a GBS Zero windscreen and wipers. One that fits the standard size is what i am after. If anyone has a screen and frame sat around that they are willing to sell please get in touch. Many Thanks Steve
  6. See you there. Anyone doing Carvery? Me and Paige will be... yum yum
  7. Is the gearbox still holding on?
  8. Thanks Jez. Will give that a go
  9. I had a few hours spare at the weekend so thought I would take a look at the Zero. I thought an easy item to tick off the list would be to sync the TPS. The ECU (Micro Squirt) wiring is simple as it is 3 wires and the instructions say that the blue wire is the sense, grey is the 5v and black/ white is sensor ground. That all makes sense and is pretty idiot proof. The TPS has 3 wires, which is handy! Blue, Yellow & Black. I have `ohmed' the sensor and this is what i get. I connected the multi meter leads and got the following readings: Black & Yellow, reading starts high and drops when tps is swept. Yellow & Blue reading starts low and rises when tps swept Black & blue, no change to the reading. Some instructions say that it is common that the Black is ground, Yellow is signal and blue is 5v. This is how i have it wired and when i do the sync in tuner studio it does not recognise anything and the reading remains at 0 as closed and fully open. I need to know which TPS wire is which to ensure I have to wired correctly as at the moment the TPS will not sync with the ECU, so need to rule out the wiring before looking into other things! Thanks in advance Steve
  10. No going to make it again this month. Will make it in October.
  11. Cheers guys. I have done a whole blog of the process which has mainly been for my own memories. Neil did do the first bit in the mag but that was just the thought process. It has turned into a 70+ page word document with probably another 2-3 pages to bring up to date. Happy to share my mistakes to make it smoother for you.
  12. Made some really good progress but didn’t get it finished. It will now be locked away until at least July 2020. Doing a level 4 diploma in 1 year so all my spare time will be on that now and working full time. I get to do an exam every 6 weeks for the next year. If I manage to get any spare time I will do some work on it but it will not be much and will not be regular! cheers to the motivation and catch up soon Steve
  13. It’s worth speaking the Matt the procomp motorsport. Based in Erdington
  14. Making progress. Few hours work this weekend and more ticks on the board! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zrb1wHqUKnv7gxXa7lrtS3eTU2I8J1G8/view?usp=sharing
  15. Not too bad. Got a few hours on the car over the weekend. Small set back as one of the fluid reservoir levels is faulty and i didnt have enough connectors for the wiring. All ordered up , but the to do list is looking like this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14mVhnOm936r2Zb-E5lbdvrVQJW7Z6dCZ/view?usp=sharing See ya Wednesday for the next update.
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