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  1. Wow. Now you have had a practise mine is going to be amazing!!
  2. Hi Thrashed. 
    sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to you.  
    id be very interested in what you had to do to fit the Duratec and Mazda box. 
    just a question do you just sell a engine ??

  3. Driving lessons so I can drive like Colin McRea.
  4. Yes, the 6 speed will fit the Duratec, based on my research, but fitting it into the chassis is a whole different issue! The casing for a 6 speed box is much bigger than a 5 speed. The 5 speed bellhousing catches the tunnel uprights and the reverse detent house clashes with an upright rail. The gearbox mounts are all in the wrong place. The type 9 mount it too high and too far forward and you then have to chop of some of the gearbox webbing to fit in the tunnel. In short I moved 2 uprights, added an extra upright and remade the gearbox mounting plate. The MX5 NC bellhousing is just too big for the original tunnel. Feel free to PM me and I will happy give my phone number to chat it though, I have a `diary' I have been keeping which is kind of a build blog, I would be happy to share.
  5. Agree, I tried that originally. I tried both the NA and a NB gearbox. They do not fit, and would need an adapter plate and large amount of work. I have a 5 speed NB gearbox in the shed if anyone wants a cheap gearbox!! I took all my original advise from GBS, but it really didn't pan out as they explained it might.
  6. Ok. I am using a st150 engine and used a mk3 mx5 NC gearbox. I also do have a very early zero chassis (3rd chassis they ever made). Might be differences in newer chassis but I am not aware of a ns 5 speed. I have pictures to prove it didn’t originally fit in my chassis. Does now .
  7. Not tried the 6 speed as the measurements said it is bigger than a 5 speed but the 5 speed box needs modifications ( webbing chopped off) and so does a couple of chassis support bars.
  8. My experience with Danst has always been very positive. He is always happy to help. Might be worth a post on his Facebook page.
  9. Probably means your car is already awesome!! One of the few times ever i tried to order online today and got a no delivery option available message so couldn’t order!
  10. Thanks all. I am luck enough that i dont have an holes pre drilled. This means i get a choice. Having done some mock up i think i will be copying Dan and go with the passenger side park. It seems to sweep a bigger area of the drivers side and higher on the screen too. Having a blank canvass means i can fit the screen and then tweek the wipers to fit. What could possibly go wrong!!
  11. Cheers Dan. Gives me something to think about! Will have a play around this weekend. Always good to get another perspective. Thanks
  12. Thanks Dan. Confirms a lot of the measurements. Just out of curiousity, why park on the passenger side? Most I have seen park on the driver's side? Cheers Steve
  13. Thanks KT, already been given the 1st picture with the measurements. Good and useful info. Must admit I have been looking at the Car Builder kit which looks the same and has options of sweep available, plus is about £50 cheaper! Thanks again
  14. Hi all. Hope everyone is safe and well. I need some help from Zero owners. I have the zero standard chassis, so if anyone can help, that would be great, to make sure I get the correct parts and mount them roughly in the right area. I have finally given in and am moving from the aero screen to a full windscreen. I am measuring up for wipers and need some measurements as follows: 1 - Distance from screen to wiper spindle hole (gap between screen and wiper spindles) 2 - Wiper spindle hole centre to car centre line 3 - Wiper arm length 4 - Wiper blade length Many Thanks Steve
  15. Thanks for organising last night Richy. Another great turn out with over 30 people.
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