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  1. Ok. Looks like confirmed as: Steve (me) Richy Stu (duck) Gaz Dan Steve T & Geoff Looking forward to seeing you all
  2. Would have to be Tuesday next week for me this week is not good. Long term weather report looks ok for 15th?
  3. Yeah. It’s about 45 minute for me too but be nice for a catch up with everyone. No need to pre book on a Tuesday as it is a ‘normal’ evening.
  4. Hi all. Weather is looking reasonable for Tuesday. Who is up for a trip to Caffeine and Machine? Be nice to catch up with you all. I am planning on getting there for 6:30-7pm. An yes the Zero is still off the road so will be in the tintop!
  5. Wow. Now you have had a practise mine is going to be amazing!!
  6. Hi Thrashed. 
    sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to you.  
    id be very interested in what you had to do to fit the Duratec and Mazda box. 
    just a question do you just sell a engine ??

  7. Driving lessons so I can drive like Colin McRea.
  8. Yes, the 6 speed will fit the Duratec, based on my research, but fitting it into the chassis is a whole different issue! The casing for a 6 speed box is much bigger than a 5 speed. The 5 speed bellhousing catches the tunnel uprights and the reverse detent house clashes with an upright rail. The gearbox mounts are all in the wrong place. The type 9 mount it too high and too far forward and you then have to chop of some of the gearbox webbing to fit in the tunnel. In short I moved 2 uprights, added an extra upright and remade the gearbox mounting plate. The MX5 NC bellhousing is ju
  9. Agree, I tried that originally. I tried both the NA and a NB gearbox. They do not fit, and would need an adapter plate and large amount of work. I have a 5 speed NB gearbox in the shed if anyone wants a cheap gearbox!! I took all my original advise from GBS, but it really didn't pan out as they explained it might.
  10. Ok. I am using a st150 engine and used a mk3 mx5 NC gearbox. I also do have a very early zero chassis (3rd chassis they ever made). Might be differences in newer chassis but I am not aware of a ns 5 speed. I have pictures to prove it didn’t originally fit in my chassis. Does now .
  11. Not tried the 6 speed as the measurements said it is bigger than a 5 speed but the 5 speed box needs modifications ( webbing chopped off) and so does a couple of chassis support bars.
  12. My experience with Danst has always been very positive. He is always happy to help. Might be worth a post on his Facebook page.
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