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  1. Thrashed

    Steve is it done yet

    Not too bad. Got a few hours on the car over the weekend. Small set back as one of the fluid reservoir levels is faulty and i didnt have enough connectors for the wiring. All ordered up , but the to do list is looking like this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14mVhnOm936r2Zb-E5lbdvrVQJW7Z6dCZ/view?usp=sharing See ya Wednesday for the next update.
  2. Thrashed

    Steve is it done yet

    Not yet, but the DHL man has been busy this week!
  3. Thrashed

    Steve is it done yet

    Will give you a call Saturday and let you know how its all going! Got a bit of spare time this evening so going to assess the final to do list and order all the little bits I have forgotten about!
  4. Thrashed

    Steve is it done yet

    It is very close! Got next weekend free, girls away and all the garage time I need. Just a bit of wiring and with a bit of luck and no further issues it will be tuning time!
  5. Thrashed

    GAZ Shock Adjustment

    My Gaz shocks have a small grub screw that holds the ring in place
  6. Thrashed

    Staffordshire Area Meet Monday 3rd June 2019

    See ya there
  7. Thrashed

    Curborough Sprint Circuit Day Thursday 30th May 2019

    Great day at Curborough even though i didn't have my car ready. Link to some pictures of the day. Its all raw and unedited! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1J9Bamuyr1NSpQvrshkTKf1SWOb4hGvVi Definitely got my mojo back to get mine finished now!
  8. Thrashed

    Warks / Worcs / West Mids Monthly Meet Wed 29th May 2019

    Yes to all the above please
  9. Thrashed

    Warks / Worcs / West Mids Monthly Meet Wed 29th May 2019

    See ya there
  10. Thrashed

    ME100 users

    Mark. When I was researching for the duratec the me221 was the version that did the usual Ecu stuff with a built in vvt controller and lambda control too. It also did some other stuff too That I didn’t need. I went down the the route of microsquirt but might be worth speaking to Stu (the duck). Mega squirt might be a route to consider and he knows his stuff on them.
  11. Thrashed

    Zetec Overheating

    Is it possible your water pump has failed if everything has been working up to now?
  12. Thrashed

    Staffordshire Area Meet Monday 6th May 2019

    Definitely see you for the next one, very much hoping to be in the kit!!
  13. Thrashed

    Midlands convoy to Stoneleigh Sunday 05/05/2019

    I will be there for breakfast
  14. Thrashed

    Questions about Robin Hood 2b

    You can buy adapter plates to make the type 9 fit the duratec. Might be cheaper and easier depending on what the overall plan it. I went the mx5 route but it is not 100% straight forward as you need to change starters clutches and flywheel to all match and does and Mazda parts not work together.