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  1. brumster

    Website feedback thread

    Hmmm, doesn't work for me. It just asks for my browser to allow location searching, and wants to add my current location (which is too spot on for me, security-wise). There doesn't seem a way to drop a pin or reference a place name or postcode. Maybe it's me/my browser though, I dunno. Never mind, not critical, just a bit of feedback that's all
  2. brumster

    Website feedback thread

    Minor point - the address search in the member map doesn't seem to work/offer up any results so I can't place a marker down where I want it...
  3. brumster

    Website feedback thread

    Looks great!
  4. brumster

    Zetec Swirl Pot

    Swirl pot has it's place in motorsport but for a road car is overkill, BUT for many kit builders it's a hack to get over a badly designed solution by the manufacturer in the first place. If you're building the car from the ground up, just do it right the first time and get an in-tank swirl pot. If you have to retro-fit afterwards, an external swirl pot might be your only practical answer if you can't get one that fits your tank... Yes, I reluctantly have a swirl pot, don't get me started on it
  5. brumster

    Land Owner Register

    Haha, that made me genuinely LOL
  6. brumster

    Land Owner Register

    You can pull up the land registry records for a small fee online. Search "land registry". Planning applications are probably available on the relevant council website - depends where it's covered. Normally you can do a postcode search then wade through it all to see what's on the horizon. It's worth finding out what zoning the surrounding land is in, this will dictate what can be done with it - that's not to say it can't change in the future but it should give you some guidance on what's *likely* (or not) to happen with the land. Again, the local council will have a policy and guidelines for planning permission - it will set out their rules/precedents for different zones of land.
  7. brumster

    Windscreen Marking

    I believe some members will attest to that. That's why I bought some marked, laminated screens. I've had one go already (my fault) and it was at least an excuse to verify the behaviour... which was as expected ie. no face full of glass....
  8. brumster

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 28Th October

    I did actually chat with him nice chap. In all fairness, the fit and finish between a Caterham and a kit is night and day, but - well - you'd expect it paying that wouldn't you ! I suspect it handles better too...
  9. brumster

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 28Th October

    It was indeed a most nice day. I learnt : - never to expect the proprietor of a classic car museum to know the difference between a Triumph TR6 and a Robin Hood. I now question his validity to own said establishment and suspect he is in fact an alien that has adopted human form and is slowly infiltrating mankind, starting at Bourton-on-the-Water, the epicentre of european tourism. - diesel, roundabout exits and cold, wet tyres are there to remind me why we should learn to instinctively react to oversteer - Caffeine and Machine is a pretty solid business idea and I too must make a front door handle out of a 911 GT3RS camshaft and conrods I found something appropriate to park next to...
  10. brumster

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 28Th October

    See you at the Stonebridge in a bit - we'll skip breakfast but be with you before 10
  11. brumster

    Brake And Clutch Cylinders

    Measure the lengths on the pedal between : - pivot point to centre of the clevis pin operating on the brake cylinder rod - pivot point to centre of pedal Divide the big by the small, you've got your current pedal ratio Piston diameter on the caliper end - I think standard Ford Girling single-pot sliding caliper might be 54mm? Piston diameter on your new calipers, and how many actuating pistons there are, if it's more than 1. Might be 57mm for Mondeo? Master cylinder diameter (bore) current... wassat on a Sierra?
  12. brumster

    Brake And Clutch Cylinders

    ...and you're happy with pedal effort/travel right now yes, so just happy to keep it roughly the same...?
  13. brumster

    Brake And Clutch Cylinders

    I calculated all of these when swapping the brakes on the rally car, right down to piston sizes in the caliper. It's pretty simple really, just a swept volume calculation based on the diameter of the pistons at each end. If you know what the previous ratio was on the standard brakes (ie. you know the piston diameter on the calipers, and the diameter at the master cylinder end), then you can calculate a ratio. From there, we can work out that if you change the diameter at one end but want to maintain the ratio, you can work out what you need to change the other end to. Or if you're not happy with the ratio, and want more braking power for less effort (but more pedal travel) then you can tweak the ratio up or down to suit. Do it at club night if you like?
  14. brumster

    Throttle Cable Routing

    Agreed, nothing wrong with the red part. Looping the cable round on itself and presumably leaving the cable interfacing directly on the clevis (ie. rubbing in the loop) sounds like the cause of the problem to me.
  15. brumster

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 28Th October

    Aye might do... weather dependent/etc...