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  1. brumster

    Robin Hood Exmo, From Barn To Iva

    Robin Hood did a coilover kit/upgrade for the Exmo that put it all where your current damper is, and the existing spring just went bye-bye (the space left empty). You could make up something similar although obviously you would need to make your own mounting plate for the top - I wouldn't re-use the RHE one you have for the damper. You want something with some strength in it, maybe pick up/extend the red bracket you have there that mounts the rear section to the tub. *If* you decide to go that route it won't make the thing magically handle any better though so I wouldn't get too tied up about it.
  2. brumster

    zetec 2B/4 install

    I did the tie-bar conversion on my monocoque Exmo; as has been said, it was a very common conversion and it made a wealth of difference (coupled with softer springs). Lots of details on this forum and other sites - I won't regurgitate what it involves.
  3. brumster

    Dashboard cutting

    Aluminium will need lots of polishing to look nice, unless you fancied anodising it. Would be a bit reflective if not. Stainless would be *very* reflective. I'd think more an opaque plastic myself, or otherwise trim/aquadip whatever you choose. The plastic would be easier to work with, you could pretty much cut it at home if you wanted to, but if you have access to someone with a water cutter then that's a winner, whatever material you chose. If you needed it translating into a CAD design I could happily knock that up for you in a few minutes if you told me the essential dimensions - just let me know via PM if need be
  4. brumster

    Website feedback thread

    No worries. I dunno if you know how to trace through something like Firefox's Inspector tool to track CSS down to the appropriate part, but if I can help just ask. The CSS responsible for the white background seems to be in a dynamically-generated (?) CSS because the path is rather obtuse-looking : https://www.rhocar.org/uploads/css_built_2/341e4a57816af3ba440d891ca87450ff_framework.css.c8c4ca0417630096d2d5d6a821a7336f.css?v=de279c56da So might not be an easy edit : .ipsBox:not(.ipsBox_transparent):not(.ipsModerated) { background-color: #fff; }
  5. brumster

    Website feedback thread

    Ah good point, it's just on the Surface Dark theme - the others are OK (but the white background is too harsh for my knackered old eyes ;] )...
  6. brumster

    Website feedback thread

    I presume you might be trying things out, but just for reference, the logo in the top left corner of the website/forum is unintelligible with the text on it like it is. It scales down so much I can't make out anything on it. You might be better off just having the picture logo only rather than trying to cram all the text in there (or else increase the top left container size but then that'll up the whole search/title bar height which I wouldn't say was ideal)... Not complaining, just feeding back
  7. brumster

    Good quality tool chests

    I've got a Halford Industrial from years ago, it's very good and still in original working order as the day I bought it. It *looks* like they now sell it as the "Advanced" range - they models look largely identical; they've changed the top cabinet design slightly. On that basis it would get my recommendation, but only at the deal price, certainly not at full RRP !
  8. brumster

    Like to buy an Exhaust box cover?

    Do you mean these? https://www.cherrybomb.co.uk/epages/wduqaub4xva7.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/wduqaub4xva7/Categories/Side_pipes
  9. brumster

    Sigma RWD conversion

    Assuming you're happy to remove the input shaft yourself, it should be fairly easy to find an engineering firm who would turn down the input shaft end for you... a fairly routine job for anyone with a suitable lathe/workholding (assuming the input shaft isn't anything too weird and wonderful). I can think of loads in the Midlands area, plus one in Derbyshire, that I am on talking terms with but you really want someone local you can just pop in to. I would start looking on google maps/business directories for engineering firms local to you - target the typical light-industrial business parks of which I'm sure you have loads. With a bit of ringing-around and some friendly visits-in-person by yourself, I suspect you'll find some machine shop that'll do it out-of-hours for you, for £20 in the hand of the operator who does it A lot of kit building and jobs like this rely on you building up a reparté with small businesses. Never underestimate the power of walking into a place unannounced and having a polite, friendly chat with the guy on the front desk. "Alright mate? Listen, I dunno whether you can help me with this little problem, I'm trying to find somewhere that would do..." ...and away you go ;). Rememeber the phrase "No I don't need a VAT receipt"
  10. brumster

    Rear Diff Nuts and bolts

    The long bolts are probably Ford (if they still even do them) but for the cover plate bolts, are they some weird and wonderful thread? If not, I'd just buy some suitable length flange-head bolts (or cap-heads with suitably-sized washers) from one of umpteen online suppliers and use something more readily available and also easier to undo in the future!! But I assume they're not a common thread because otherwise everyone would be doing it...?
  11. brumster

    Website feedback thread

    Also (and apologies if I've missed an announcement on this) is the "garage" feature dropped, or just not re-implemented yet? Not that I'm fussed about it in the slightest, but just mentioning it in case...
  12. brumster

    Robin Hood Exmo, From Barn To Iva

    Yes, echo that, if you leave that as-is you will find your cooling is even worse than before. Now the radiator fins are at such an angle and you've not blocked off around the radiator to actually force air *through* it, the air will find it far easier to blow "up" the slope/ramp of the radiator face and over the top into the engine bay. This is a very common problem on kits, angled radiator or not. There's some in-depth F1 article about radiator angles that I read once, probably show up on an internet search if you're interested :D....
  13. brumster

    Website feedback thread

    Hmmm, doesn't work for me. It just asks for my browser to allow location searching, and wants to add my current location (which is too spot on for me, security-wise). There doesn't seem a way to drop a pin or reference a place name or postcode. Maybe it's me/my browser though, I dunno. Never mind, not critical, just a bit of feedback that's all
  14. brumster

    Website feedback thread

    Minor point - the address search in the member map doesn't seem to work/offer up any results so I can't place a marker down where I want it...
  15. brumster

    Website feedback thread

    Looks great!