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  1. brumster

    Westfield Sports seats (pair)

    These are now out of the car
  2. brumster

    Robin Hood Exmo, From Barn To Iva

    Oh blimey yeah, that's daft. I think I paid a tenner at Stoneleigh for it, it was on their stand they were just shifting excess stock I think.
  3. brumster

    Robin Hood Exmo, From Barn To Iva

    See this link : https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/steering?product_id=538 Obviously you don't want the whole thing, you just want the rubber cover. Maybe if you ring them they can sell you one. It fits over Mountney steering wheel bosses.
  4. brumster

    Robin Hood Exmo, From Barn To Iva

    Good news - I had the Mountney wheel and Westfield's (old) solution uses the same - a Mountney wheel with a rubber pad over the centre. I was at Stoneleigh and they had the pad for sale, snapped it up, fitted over my Mountney wheel centre, passed IVA. So I can recommend that route for you - just get the pad, pop it on your existing wheel, job's a good'un
  5. brumster

    Noise cameras

    Oh FFS, I'll be rallying in a pedal-powered sofa wrapped in blacmange-filled bubble wrap at this rate
  6. brumster

    13" wheels on the GBS Zero??

    I can confirm, I tried my old 13" Weller rims on the Zero when we got the chassis and exactly as David S says above, they won't go over the rear wishbones shame as I quite liked them!
  7. brumster

    SVA V5C MOT emissions

    Even on my kit, IVAd and on the road last year, it is the same - it is the special notes that state the emissions requirements. So I don't think you have any issues with VOSA, your V5 is consistent and correct. The problem you have is your MOT tester is an arsehole who can't read the rules for testing. My advice - find somewhere else if he keeps pushing the issue.
  8. brumster

    Westfield Sports seats (pair)

    I hadn't really thought about it - these harness would probably be no good for an S7 anyway, to be honest, they'd be too short in the should straps. I did have a thought about replacing them for ones with better adjustment buckles so, yeah, they could be for the right price. Probably best if you're interested in the seats, you take a look at the harnesses at the same time and if you think they'd suit your S7 then no worries, we can sort something out.
  9. brumster

    Westfield Sports seats (pair)

    hi Vaughan - Balsall Common way (near Kenilworth)
  10. brumster


    I have seats (see For Sale section)... they are IVA-friendly
  11. brumster

    Curborough Sprint Circuit Day Thursday 30th May 2019

    They tend to be absolutely fine with you entering/leaving via the paddock gate, just avoid the start area and the run up to the curve - as you say, speeds, but also they like to keep the start straight in good surface condition for the competitors (ie. keep it free of oil spills/etc)... So enter onto track via paddock gate and immediate right.
  12. brumster

    Warks / Worcs / West Mids Monthly Meet Wed 29th May 2019

    Must.... resist... must.... resist...
  13. brumster


    Which boot? Das boot?
  14. brumster

    Under powered. Any ideas

    On the power thing, let's be honest, it could be an utter plethora of things and an internet forum is just going to throw you all sorts of potential problems and things to investigate the devil will be in the detail, particularly how you describe the issue and whether you miss minor details (not intentionally) or include stuff that's unrelated. There's nothing quite like having the car in front of you; everyone will have different approaches. Systematic investigation/diagnosis, step by step, rule stuff out rather than trying to hit the nail on the head first time... If it just flats off at 2500rpm under load with no pull, the carb thing does sound a good first bet (my knowledge on Pintos is minimal to be fair). Maybe start there, fair does, but it could be so many other things around ignition/cam timing, fueling, electrical breakdown in the ignition, yada yada
  15. brumster

    IVA requirements

    Good luck! You'll be fine, looks well put together. Treat the first IVA visit as an "OK, it's going to fail, let's get a list of what needs doing" and then plan for the quick re-test shortly after. If it passes first time, double bonus