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  1. Re-adding photo as it got lost.... anyone interested in this otherwise it's going down the tip, which seems an utter waste as it's really quite useful for anyone after a bit of rolling storage in the garage...
  2. As per pics, plasma cutter. Cuts up to 6mm steel. Very little use over the years, has done less than 10 hours of work - an extravagant purchase many moons ago but I don't use it, so it might as well go. No goggles but then the goggles that came with it were never great anyway... VERY heavy, so collection only or can arrange to meet somewhere convenient depending on distance/etc. Item located near Kenilworth. £175 ovno
  3. Is my memory failing me or weren't they Ford P100 (Cortina-based) damper inserts into a modified upright or something?
  4. As an ex-batch 2 buyer, gets my thumbs up too! Not a criticism, but there's plenty to add/flesh out, and I'm happy to contribute if necessary...
  5. I did this in an Exmo but in order to get it into the nosecone it had to be angled/tilted back and this affects airflow through it; I'm not saying it doesn't work, but just try and keep it to a minimum (the angle I mean). I used a 90's VW Polo diesel radiator from memory - they are quite compact. My memory is hazey but it might have also been fitted to some other models like a Seat Cordoba or somesuch....!
  6. Cool, ta. Leave it with me. We have a committee meeting tomorrow night so I'll mention it then. Any sides to them? What are they made of, steel (the frames I mean)?
  7. 4x Jenvey 45mm throttle body trumpets, 40mm length, with bolts. Some slight cuts as can be seen from the pictures. £50 12x 80mm fuel tank foam blocks, as sold by Merlin Motorsport. For use in tanks to stop fuel surge (make sure they don't interrupt with your fuel gauge sender though! Not suitable for pendulum-style senders in unbaffled tanks). Cover the postage and buy me a beer or two (so say £10 posted?)
  8. Hi Kerry - any pics/detail of sizes? Another motor club I'm in might be interested so I'll pass the details on. Everything ok on them - no rips/tears/bends/etc?
  9. Inside the CV you have your tripode joint and normally there's a spring and a little cup in there that just push the joint back out - the danger is that (while driving) you compress the joint to the point you use up all the travel and smash the tripode into the end of the CV cup; this would end up damaging something (probably wrecking the tripode bearings or even smashing/splitting the CV cup I guess, in extreme circumstances). They should compress by hand relatively easily but build up resistance due to the spring - there will be a natural point where you can't compress them any more. "More force" sounds like you're just pushing against the spring - you won't damage anything here, that's fine. You'll get to a point where you've used up that spring travel and your tripode is hitting the end of the CV channels they run in - you don't want to be hitting this when the driveshaft is level (ie. when the wheel is level and the shaft is at it's shortest point). You want a bit of leeway... likewise at full bump/droop, you don't want the tripode pulling all the way out of the CV!
  10. As per title, MIG welder for sale. Some minor scratches but only to be expected for fair wear and tear; otherwise in great condition and works perfectly. Good solid little welder, 150A, takes 0.6 or 0.8 wire (currently set up for 0.8mm) on a 5Kg spool, has the little regulator and space at the back for those "hobby" cylinders (although my recommendation would be to get a proper regulator and 10 or 20L bottle if you're planning on using it a lot!). Have a few spares for it (nozzles, tips) which I'll throw in. Say £125 ovno?
  11. Going to sell my plate-type LSD if anyone is interested. It's absolutely brand new and unused. It's a 3J Driveline unit, set up for fast road use (I can't recall the ramp angles but they will be relatively soft/progressive). Comes with the snap rings for push-fit driveshafts (you don't need the bolt-on types). This is for the common 7" diff (not the Cosworth 7.5"). Brand new these are a smidge over a grand but I got this a while back when they were cheaper, so I'm not going to be greedy, just after my money back or otherwise I'll keep it absolute bargain for someone after one of these... £800
  12. Yeah I was away on hols otherwise I'd have gone; good drive out to Newark!
  13. Figured this might be of use to someone before I advertise it 'wider'... this is an old Sun DGA2500 gas analyser cabinet (note - the gas analyser part is gone now!) but it's really handy as a portable/moveable garage trolley, particularly if you use a computer in the garage or workshop (diagnostics, mapping, for reference, etc). It has a 240v power distribution plug inside to take power to a computer, printer, the screen, etc. then an LCD screen on the support, a USB keyboard and mouse. There's a closed-off cabinet bit in the bottom where the PC can go. The wheels are on castors (lockable). Please note the PC is *not* included (but you get the screen, keyboard and mouse). You wouldn't want the PC anyway, it was some old Windows XP thing £50
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