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  1. Might not be as bad as that - track day damage, I'm thinking (from the pictures) it's probably spun and slid sideways into something, possibly the suspension arms have been a sideways 'crumple zone' and taken all the brunt? Fingers crossed
  2. I think I remember it was 'premiered' at the Exeter kit car show? I'll keep my thoughts to myself seeing as someone's trying to sell one
  3. Clearing out the loft and stumbled across these "gems" If anyone wants them, they're yours if you just cover the postage...!
  4. brumster

    Exmo TCA mod

    While we're being highly scientific remember the top mounts on the Exmo are not appropriate as supplied by the factory - the bearings were completely the wrong type and unsuitable for taking any sort of momential or axial load, so if you're adjusting the camber of the wheel by pushing the strut out you're going to be increasing that angle that the strut enters into the top bearing/buttress away from the 'ideal' 90 degrees. So I guess just bear in mind the load and stresses on that will be a little worse - but to be fair the life expectancy of Exmo top mounts was never great anyway Or swap them for a proper spherical bearing of course but then you have issues with the platform height probably changing/etc. Gawd nothing is ever easy is it
  5. Good point - swapping a chassis like-for-like is not so much a problem so the chassis would be useful to an existing owner who maybe had a catastrophic failure and needed to fix it, but... the reality, to me, would be wondering if anyone is really that much in love with their Exmo that they'd rebuild it like-for-like rather than just doing what I did and swap it into a newer chassis like the Zero or 2B. Sparepart's also right, there are a few parts on the Exmo that people will definitely be interested in for maintaining their current model... front dampers/inserts being a common one that's hard to get hold of, screen supports rust, bracketry and suspension mounting plates, etc. What Sierra is it? Key bits that will shift off it IMHO are : - Front & Rear hub assemblies (inc brakes) - Rear diff & shafts - Steering column, stalks, plastic cowling - Engine (depending on type) - Gearbox The rest you can probably weigh in, unless there is some person out there looking for a Sierra to fix their aging Sierra
  6. I'm kind of with Rich on this one, and if you'll excuse me being brutally honest... I only say this as an ex-Exmo owner... but I can't see the Exmo being a very desirable project these days. The Sierra will probably shift easy. I'd put the chassis/kit up on an auction site and just see what it goes for, otherwise just go and weigh it in at the local scrappy. You might get some interest in the Exmo parts as spares on here - wings will probably sell to an existing owner for example.
  7. I'll have that as a spare, chap, please
  8. I've got a few litres in a jerry can so I'm all good, hoping the weather holds out for the last run out of the year in the car before I skip 6 months of road tax and hole it up for the winter . Forecast looks safe but think I'll be wrapping up warm!
  9. mitch, if you want to do a remote desktop style thing where we meet on google hangouts/meet I can show you. PM me if you like. edit: one thing you'll need to know is where you're applying this change. Which load sites. Did he just adjust fuelling at one cell (unlikely), one or a few speed sites (most likely, did he do 2000-3000 rpm maybe), or everything. Upping fuel 3 clicks is no problem but it's where you want to do it. If it's just for emissions at MOT then I have a good idea
  10. Cool. Damp air shouldn't be a problem in this country
  11. Interesting. Does it settle with a brush finish or does it look smooth once dried (assuming it can't be sprayed on?)
  12. Central Wheel in Coleshill do very good, reputable powder coating. I've seen their work and it's very good (it's where I'm going for my suspension arms to be redone this winter)... another option for you, maybe a bit closer. Last time I spoke to them, start of summer, they were busy so it was a bit of a lead time (4 weeks) https://www.central-wheel.co.uk/services.html
  13. I mean if, for some reason, you absolutely had to do this over just a deposit, I would at least get a signed receipt with suitable wording explaining what had been paid for, and maybe even use a mobile phone to video the transaction between yourself and the seller, just for safety. But really - why would anyone not take a deposit, just to secure the car and show your intention to buy it was genuine, and then release the car on final payment at a later date?
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