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  1. brumster

    Motec PDM15

    Not sure if there will be any interest but just on the off-chance anyone is interested in doing a high-end electrical build... I'm contemplating sale of my MoTeC PDM15 power delivery module. 8x 20A outputs and 7x 8A outputs (continuous), 16 digital/analogue inputs, CAN bus, only 260 grams. All outputs have over-current, short circuit and thermal overload protection on them. A wealth of completely customised functions and logic operations, you can program this thing to do pretty much anything you want - simple stuff like switching your cooling fan on/off under certain conditions such as engine temperature, road speed, engine speed, etc. or intermittent wiper speeds based on road speed, fog light logic, run-on water coolant pumps, immobiliser-style functions... the limit is your imagination really! No more fuses and relays - all solid state, resets any circuits automatically if you want it to, or can re-try circuits a number of times before giving up. Now I appreciate it's a bit high-end for the average kit car build so sit down before I tell you the price but... well, these are £1400 new and I can tell you thanks to international chip shortages you'll be waiting a very considerable time to get one... otherwise I'll keep it and might put it in the Zero one day! Happy to help with configuration/explanation if anyone is interested but scared on how to do it . £900 ono
  2. Thanks to everyone in the club, particularly the committee/organising team and all those responsible for the club facilities this weekend... and the hog roast of course Was a bit of a flying visit for me this year, late getting there and needing to leave early today, but it was great to catch up with some of you... I know Stoneleigh has been shrinking year on year but I thought it was a good turnout weather considered, and also the "bringing together" of all the club pitches a bit more central seemed to work, if only that I didn't seem to be walking so bloody far to get round everything
  3. Be there in an hour-ish. Got a mate coming in his Ford Model A pickup replica so we're having to do ferry-runs due to lack of seats
  4. I'll be there, should be camping overnight I think, might need to leave early Monday as it's SWMBO's birthday....
  5. I suppose one slightly justifying argument for buying a 'ringer' would be if you were going to strip it of it's identity to turn it into a race car, or some sort of track car where the rules didn't require it to be road legal. That doesn't necessarily negate the arguments about it being built shoddily, or illegally from stolen parts/etc, but is one path that might make sense to someone looking to have a track-day toy that's trailered to events. A rather niche case though, I think. Great write-up.
  6. These have been filed under "B" so a mod can close/delete this thread
  7. Might not be as bad as that - track day damage, I'm thinking (from the pictures) it's probably spun and slid sideways into something, possibly the suspension arms have been a sideways 'crumple zone' and taken all the brunt? Fingers crossed
  8. I think I remember it was 'premiered' at the Exeter kit car show? I'll keep my thoughts to myself seeing as someone's trying to sell one
  9. Clearing out the loft and stumbled across these "gems" If anyone wants them, they're yours if you just cover the postage...!
  10. brumster

    Exmo TCA mod

    While we're being highly scientific remember the top mounts on the Exmo are not appropriate as supplied by the factory - the bearings were completely the wrong type and unsuitable for taking any sort of momential or axial load, so if you're adjusting the camber of the wheel by pushing the strut out you're going to be increasing that angle that the strut enters into the top bearing/buttress away from the 'ideal' 90 degrees. So I guess just bear in mind the load and stresses on that will be a little worse - but to be fair the life expectancy of Exmo top mounts was never great anyway Or swap them for a proper spherical bearing of course but then you have issues with the platform height probably changing/etc. Gawd nothing is ever easy is it
  11. Good point - swapping a chassis like-for-like is not so much a problem so the chassis would be useful to an existing owner who maybe had a catastrophic failure and needed to fix it, but... the reality, to me, would be wondering if anyone is really that much in love with their Exmo that they'd rebuild it like-for-like rather than just doing what I did and swap it into a newer chassis like the Zero or 2B. Sparepart's also right, there are a few parts on the Exmo that people will definitely be interested in for maintaining their current model... front dampers/inserts being a common one that's hard to get hold of, screen supports rust, bracketry and suspension mounting plates, etc. What Sierra is it? Key bits that will shift off it IMHO are : - Front & Rear hub assemblies (inc brakes) - Rear diff & shafts - Steering column, stalks, plastic cowling - Engine (depending on type) - Gearbox The rest you can probably weigh in, unless there is some person out there looking for a Sierra to fix their aging Sierra
  12. I'm kind of with Rich on this one, and if you'll excuse me being brutally honest... I only say this as an ex-Exmo owner... but I can't see the Exmo being a very desirable project these days. The Sierra will probably shift easy. I'd put the chassis/kit up on an auction site and just see what it goes for, otherwise just go and weigh it in at the local scrappy. You might get some interest in the Exmo parts as spares on here - wings will probably sell to an existing owner for example.
  13. I'll have that as a spare, chap, please
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