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  1. https://www.kitspares.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=_21&product_id=793&car= One tip the factory gave me was not to cut the strip until the windscreen is fitted. It’s easy to cut it too short and the ends then flap up/don’t sit flat (Will make sense when you do it).
  2. danielbrookes

    Zetec turbo

    Absolutely brilliant, thanks for the reply (Most importantly I must remember to stop for a biscuit ).
  3. danielbrookes

    Zetec turbo

    Matt - do you have a blog at all the documents the process? I would be keen to tackle this over the winter months. Blacktop 2.0, I did a little research just need to get a parts list together and got stuck with turbo model and exhaust.
  4. Frustratingly I had to stay in at work, just finished - sorry but I’m not going to be able to make it
  5. Brill, I’ll definitely be there for 7:30
  6. Hi Alan, what time is it please on Wednesday? I am working till 5 in Stockton but I can come straight from work.
  7. I’m not 100% sure but I can’t imagine it being an issue. If you think about it the cap will be sealed upto a certain psi, as long as the pressure stays below that it makes no difference. It may also help with bleeding actually. Might be worth opening it up and topping up at the radiator. If there is an air lock at least your bleeding it at both ends. Not sure if it is safe to do so but if you could run the car with both open it may also help “burp” any airlocks out.
  8. Cheers - drive home absolutely fine. I’ll likely replace the coil pack anyway as they are not expensive.
  9. Thanks both, sounds like nothing will be logged by default. I’ve had a quick look under the bonnet and nothing obviously lose. Will check spark plugs as well as leads, I hope it’s just a one off.
  10. Morning, On the way to work today doing 50mph the car started to lose power with noticeable change to engine noise - louder. Pulled over immediately and let the engine idle and it seemed OK. I was around a mile from work, oil pressure and temperature was fine; after a quick Rev I risked it to work and the remaining mile was uneventful It sounded to me like it was missing one cylinder, but that’s based on little experience. The whole episode lasted around 60 seconds and car is fine now. Any words of wisdom? I’m going to give the electrical side a look over the weekend specifically the injectors and coil pack connection. Any other areas of interest you think are worth investigating? Will the emerald k6 have logged any data of use? The car has done 1,500 fault free miles and it’s a Zetec Blacktop; it’s also been on the rollers and properly mapped around 1,000 miles ago. thanks! Dan
  11. Brilliant thanks both. I was in two minds, cutting it is the way to go
  12. Morning, I was wondering what people’s thoughts are on trimming the bellhousing at the bottom of my gearbox. The bellhousing is the lowest point on the car and there’s about 4cm below the chassis. It’s easy to catch over speed bumps and its a big flat chunk of metal, have other people trimmed it down so it’s flush? Im worried that I will keep catching it over speed bumps - which I have done a couple of times now, slow speed. But I am thinking is it better to catch that than potentially my lowered sump? What have other people done? I can get a pic later today if it helps. thanks Dan
  13. Think I’ll take the coweling off and have a look. It was working perfectly and I recently fitted an immobiliser so guessing I have knocked something. The connector from GBS loom to the motor has always been very lose but I would thing if it was that end then the motor simply wouldn’t work. Same for a bad earth. Easy enough to inspect connectors and clean the switch contacts.
  14. Oh and it’s the standard Sierra stalks from GBS that I have if that helps.
  15. Afternoon, Horrible weather at the moment but I decided to take the car out with my new weather gear. Ive noticed the first wiper speed selection isn’t working, the other speeds are fine. Before I take the coweling off to take a look does it sound like a lose wire? I’ve read it could be a faulty relay but those symptoms seem to be only one speed setting so I guess not that. Hoping it’s an easy fix. thanks, Dan
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