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  1. Sorry guys I've been away for a week in the caravan! Back to work now! i really appreciate the input it's for the 2b im converting not the GBS I think im going to get the engine in and mounted then work over problems like this as I go! I have alot to think of and it's a rolling project for funds .... I will deffiently look into the 1.6 pump although im thinking If I mount the alternator on the o/s then I would have to purchase a ribbed pulley
  2. It's a blacktop I have 2l did you find anything ? Much appreciated!
  3. That would be brilliant if you do I would be keen to purchase anything surplus
  4. Thanks for replies guys, I don't mind fabricating where required GBS kit looks great but it takes a chunk of my budget! Other than that I think im fairly set for the challenge!
  5. Hi all, I know this has been done before many of times but has anybody found the best option for fitting a alternator and turning the water pump the correct rotation? Im looking into buying the GBS kit but are there any other brainwaves for a tighter budget!? Cheers all!
  6. Has this been posted on eBay had a quick look but couldn't find it! Thanks
  7. I will come to this hope to meet a few new people with my first kit car! Weather dependent what car I bring of course!
  8. Martyn_d


    Thanks Andi! Vxr sounds awesome! But scary, I just want a fast road car so im weighing up zetec or redtop options.... Zetecs seem quite difficult to find now though! Look forward to hearing from others experiences
  9. Martyn_d


    Hi all, just thought I would say hi. Im a newbie to the robin hood scene having recently purchased a lovely 2b, I am based in the north east! I hope I can share knowledge as I am a fully qualified mechanic although im here now to hopefully hear advice from all you experienced people!! Im looking to swap my 1600 pinto for something with abit more grunt, now I have a Vauxhall redtop engine in my garage how many have done this conversation Vs a ford engine conversation? Any advice would be awesome! Thanks!!
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