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  1. That's great, I will put in the calendar and hopefully I can make it over!
  2. Hi, when is the next meeting at darlington? I drifted away and locked myself in the garage for 18months! The car is now running but it would be good to join the club.
  3. Hi chaps, I really should of started a build thread as I'm well on the way through my zetec 2b now! Engine mounts are made and sat in position massive corner feels like it has been turned! While pondering I think a new rad with in and out both on the n/s would be neat and easy, question being has anybody found one that fits? I've looked at VW Polo but too wide! Cheers
  4. Martyn_d

    2b Gearbox

    I know mating it to a zetec isn't too much of a issue it was more so a standard 2b transmission tunnel would it fit in there obviously new mount and prop required but I was hoping somebody had tried before for physical size! Hmmm it may be a suck it and see
  5. Martyn_d

    2b Gearbox

    Hi guys, im in the middle of converting my 1600 pinto 2b to 2l zetec.... The project has grown some since starting! As normal you get carried away trying to make things better! A friend of mine has informed me he is breaking a rx8 6 speed where I thought that's a good gearbox to use... Now I know this is fairly common in escorts but has anybody made this fit a 2b with too much difficulty??? Cheers
  6. How regular is this meeting? Im local but not sure I can make tommorow
  7. Sorry guys I've been away for a week in the caravan! Back to work now! i really appreciate the input it's for the 2b im converting not the GBS I think im going to get the engine in and mounted then work over problems like this as I go! I have alot to think of and it's a rolling project for funds .... I will deffiently look into the 1.6 pump although im thinking If I mount the alternator on the o/s then I would have to purchase a ribbed pulley
  8. It's a blacktop I have 2l did you find anything ? Much appreciated!
  9. That would be brilliant if you do I would be keen to purchase anything surplus
  10. Thanks for replies guys, I don't mind fabricating where required GBS kit looks great but it takes a chunk of my budget! Other than that I think im fairly set for the challenge!
  11. Hi all, I know this has been done before many of times but has anybody found the best option for fitting a alternator and turning the water pump the correct rotation? Im looking into buying the GBS kit but are there any other brainwaves for a tighter budget!? Cheers all!
  12. Has this been posted on eBay had a quick look but couldn't find it! Thanks
  13. I will come to this hope to meet a few new people with my first kit car! Weather dependent what car I bring of course!
  14. Thanks Andi! Vxr sounds awesome! But scary, I just want a fast road car so im weighing up zetec or redtop options.... Zetecs seem quite difficult to find now though! Look forward to hearing from others experiences
  15. Hi all, just thought I would say hi. Im a newbie to the robin hood scene having recently purchased a lovely 2b, I am based in the north east! I hope I can share knowledge as I am a fully qualified mechanic although im here now to hopefully hear advice from all you experienced people!! Im looking to swap my 1600 pinto for something with abit more grunt, now I have a Vauxhall redtop engine in my garage how many have done this conversation Vs a ford engine conversation? Any advice would be awesome! Thanks!!
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