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  1. Happy Birthday Alan, you dont look a day over 74 😂 

    have a great day

    see you tonight

    Harry, Mandy & Sarah

  2. Hi there one and all, Just a post to let you all know that it's time for our monthly get together. As usual it will be at the. Old Farmhouse Yarm road, Darlington DL2 1JZ. A warm welcome is extended to both old and new members as it would be nice to put faces to Web names. So looking forwards to seeing you all after 7pm Best regards Allan
  3. Hi Kelvin, Are your seats still for sale,if so could you tell me how wide are they at the widest point or what is the make?. Best regards Allan Royds
  4. Hi Alan I will see there lets hope for some response from some of the other members. Take care and lets hope for some sunshine. Allan
  5. Hi there its that time again we will be at The Old Farmhouse Pub, Yarm road DL12 1JZ. I will be there from 7 pm ish. All are welcome and I hope to see both old and new members. See you there Allan
  6. Hi All, Arrived home safely good run. I think that all the people who were blocking the roads on Friday must have emigrated. I had a great time meeting old faces and seeing new ones. I would like to thank all the members who gave up their time to make this weekend happen, Lets hope that the amount of people who turned up given the amount of other attractions going on this weekend was enough to convince the organiser's that this is still a viable exercise. I hope that you all have a good tme at the ESOB and that the weather treats you all a bit better. So until we meet again Stay safe and well Best regards Allan
  7. Andi can you tell me where we are camping at can't see the ROCAR banner Cheers Allan
  8. Hi all, Food sounds good ,what time are people getting there on friday? I hope to arrive about 3pm traffic permitting. Looking forward to a good weekend hope you all travel safely. Regards Allan
  9. Hi Alan, I will be there on Wednesday hopefully the weather will be better by then, Let's hope that a few of the newer members can make it. I'll give Norman a ring so see you there. Regards Allan
  10. Hi campers, has anybody got any idea about where we are camping this year, As I cannot seem to find a map showing the revised site boundary's and camping areas Will any one be camping on friday night? I intend to travel down on Friday afternoon and arriving at about 3pm so if the commitee need a hand with the stand just shout out also if there is any info can you please let me know. Looking forward to my first trip in nearly 2 years. Best regards Allan Royds
  11. Sorry for the late notice for the above meeting, I wll be there at The Old Farmhouse Pub,Yarm road Darlington DL12 1JZ On Thursday night from 1700 all are welcome and it would be nice to meet some of the new North Eastern members. Best regards Allan
  12. Hi Alan, Ill be there and it looks like sunshine fingers crossed. And have a Happy Birthday today. Best regards Allan
  13. Hi to all North Eastern members our extra meeting will be starting again on Thursday 10th June 2021. At the Old Farmhouse, Yarm Road,Darlington. DL12 1JZ. This is the Airport road from the Morrison's roundabout. Hope to see you all there 19 00 onwards. Best regards Allan
  14. Great night lovely to see you all after such a long time, And great to meet some new people. Welcome to the Club. Best regards and stay safe. Allan.
  15. Hi Alan, Yes I will be there as I have had plenty of notice, I hope that we get to see some of the newest members there too. Just remember that we have been through all this covid thing so make sure that you don't get run over by a Bus before the meet. Looking forward to seeing you all Regards. Allan
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