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  1. Hi Harry sorry to hear that you have all been stricken but glad that you all got to the other side. I hope that it will all be sorted by next month or I'll have forgotten where to go. I expect that Alan will still be racking up the miles safely I hope. Lookin forwards to seeing you all soon so stay warm and safe. Allan
  2. Hi there fellow Hoodies, I hope that you have all recovered from the excesses of last year and are looking forward to this New Year. Unfortunately we have decided to postpone our first meeting of 2022, due to the uncertainty regarding the new rise in covid cases and whether the venue will still be availible next week, I know that you will all be heart broken not to see my smiling face but I am afaid that you will just have to wait. Joking aside I hope that you all stay well and we can resume our meetings in the none too distant future. Best wishes to one and all and look forward to meeting members both Old and New in the year to come. Regards Allan
  3. Good evening my fellow Northeastern Hoodies, My sincere apologies for not having replied to your post. I went to see my sister in Baildon on tuesday and when I got home was just a little knackered longish journey in the dark out of practice now, Woke up yesterday found I had the Mother and Father of a cold cough etc, Dosed myself up with all the usual suspects including Liberal doses of single malt, as it is urgently required that I am fit for the weekend. I just hope that you all manage to get through the festive season without falling down with any unnecessary ailments and enjoy the festivities. So its just time to say thanks for all the crac over the past year and to vish you all the very best Christmas know to man,and a Healthy and prosperous New Year to you and all your family's. So health wealth and happiness to all you Hoodies out there and remember, Not long till Stoneleigh 2022. finger crossed! Best wishes. Allan
  4. Meeting on Thuday 9th of December at the Old Farmhouse Yarm road, Darlington DL12 1JZ. I will be there from 19 15. All are welcome to our last meeting of the year. Please can you PM me if you can make it or not, Hope to see as many as possible. Stay safe and hope to see you there if not Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas and New Year Best Wishes to you all Allan
  5. Hi Alan, I'll be there do we have to bring snow shovels or have you ordered the sunshine for us. Take care Allan.
  6. Well good evening to One and all, Its that time again for the Darlington meet, In all the time that I have been posting for our extra meeting I don't think that we have ever had such a response 225 views and 7 replies, I hope that as many as posible can attend on Thursday evening. I will be looking forward to seeing both Old and New members for a drink and a chat. Till then stay safe and warm and see you at our usual watering hole. The old Farmhouse,Yarm road,Darlington DL12 1JZ from 7pm til 10 pm. Best regards Allan
  7. Hi Alan, Can't believe that a month has passed, Time flies when your living so high on the hog. Ha Ha if only, i'll be there if I can afford the fuel. I can't believe that with the amount of views your post has so few can make it out. Take care and hope for good weather. Cheers Allan
  8. Happy Birthday Alan, you dont look a day over 74 😂 

    have a great day

    see you tonight

    Harry, Mandy & Sarah

  9. Hi there one and all, Just a post to let you all know that it's time for our monthly get together. As usual it will be at the. Old Farmhouse Yarm road, Darlington DL2 1JZ. A warm welcome is extended to both old and new members as it would be nice to put faces to Web names. So looking forwards to seeing you all after 7pm Best regards Allan
  10. Hi Kelvin, Are your seats still for sale,if so could you tell me how wide are they at the widest point or what is the make?. Best regards Allan Royds
  11. Hi Alan I will see there lets hope for some response from some of the other members. Take care and lets hope for some sunshine. Allan
  12. Hi there its that time again we will be at The Old Farmhouse Pub, Yarm road DL12 1JZ. I will be there from 7 pm ish. All are welcome and I hope to see both old and new members. See you there Allan
  13. Hi All, Arrived home safely good run. I think that all the people who were blocking the roads on Friday must have emigrated. I had a great time meeting old faces and seeing new ones. I would like to thank all the members who gave up their time to make this weekend happen, Lets hope that the amount of people who turned up given the amount of other attractions going on this weekend was enough to convince the organiser's that this is still a viable exercise. I hope that you all have a good tme at the ESOB and that the weather treats you all a bit better. So until we meet again Stay safe and well Best regards Allan
  14. Andi can you tell me where we are camping at can't see the ROCAR banner Cheers Allan
  15. Hi all, Food sounds good ,what time are people getting there on friday? I hope to arrive about 3pm traffic permitting. Looking forward to a good weekend hope you all travel safely. Regards Allan
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