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  1. Allan Royds

    The North East Adhoc Extra Meeting

    Hi to all northeast Rocar members. The next Northeast "South Adhoc Meeting" will take place on Thursday 8th November at the usual venue. The Old Farmhouse, Yarm Road A67 Darlington DL12 1JZ. This is the airport road from the Morrison's roundabout near the "Brick Train" 7.00-7.30 Hope to see both old and new members just post to say if you will be there. Regards Allan
  2. Allan Royds

    North East Area Meeting Wed 31St Oct ., From 7-30Pm

    Hi Alan. I'm back from my travel's and looking forward to meeting you all. Norman is away on the high seas. Hope lots of you Hoodies out there can also make it. See you wednesday. ALLAN
  3. Allan Royds

    North East Area Meeting Wed.26Th Sept., From 7-30Pm

    Hi Steve. You 100% correct we are on our hols in sunny Baslow near Bakewell and are having a great time. Harry hope you make it in the Kit as may be last chance this year as I expect snow by the next meeting so just remember photographic evidence please. Only kidding have a great night and will see you in October. Regards to you all Allan
  4. Allan Royds

    North East Area Meeting Wed.26Th Sept., From 7-30Pm

    Ok so I'm the one on holiday, The weather is quite nice sunny with a cool breeze we are all enjoying ourselves but miss you all so much, I hope you get a good turnout and the weather is kind to you all. Best regards Allan
  5. Allan Royds

    Gbs Cars & Coffee Event - Saturday 22Nd September

    Hi all I am on holiday in Baslow near Bakewell and fancy a ride over to GBS on Saturday, Is anybody else going? I am normally not this close so it seems to good to miss. Best regards. Allan
  6. Allan Royds

    North East Area Meeting Wed.29Th Aug, From 7-30Pm

    Hi Alan I will be there hope we get as good a show as last month, I hope that you have not worn yourself out doing that Sun/Rain barring dance. See you then Regards Allan
  7. Allan Royds

    North East Area Meeting Wed. 25Tn July

    Hi Alan. I will be there Wednesday hope the weather holds. Thanks for the post. regards Allan
  8. Allan Royds

    Smallways 2018

    Hi Lee. Big thank you to you and all the gang, great time, weather spot on I hope that you all arrived home safe and sound and look forward to the next time. Best regards Allan and Pebbles
  9. Allan Royds

    North East Area Meeting Wed. 27Th June

    Hi Alan. I will be delighted to join you and the rest of the throng for a small libation, Given the splendid weather that you have arranged, I hope that the turnout will be of epic proportions, And that a good time will be had by all. Will all the questions be answered that is the question?. Best regards. The old addhock'er himself, Allan
  10. Allan Royds

    The North East Area Meeting, Wed 30Th May From 7-30Pm

    ​I will take great pleasure in seeing you there,and it better be sunny and warm. ​Be good drive safely "If you can " Best regards Allan
  11. Allan Royds

    Stoneleigh ... After The Event

    Hi All, A great big thank you to the team who organised and brought all the gear to the site putting up the flags and banners so that the old people could find their way to the beddy-bye area. Seriously though a lot of precious time has gone into making the event possible and I think I can safely say that most people enjoyed the weekend. A special thank you whoever ordered the sunshine I think that they should be put on a retainer for next year. Hade a good ride home nice cuppa walk the dog shower bed in that order. Nice to see old friends and new ones. Till we meet happy hoodin or ROCAR safely. Great time Allan
  12. I know its a bit late but has anybody got one of the above which is taking up space could you bring to Stoneleigh. just needed to set injector angles on Aluminium inlet manifold, beer tokens available. I will be in the pink Astra van yes it's still going. Regards Allan
  13. Allan Royds

    This Weekend

    It was a site to behold that was my second year, The look on your face was unforgettable, Then the Celtic contingent arrived, I can still remember grown men crying with laughter as you emerged from your tent. Days of great fun and constant entertainment. As the weather looks to be good lets hope for a good turnout to keep this last show alive. See you all from Saturday drive safe Allan
  14. Allan Royds

    Official Stoneleigh National Kit Car Show Information

    Thanks, Kieth, The map of the site shows 3 plot as 62 shall we aim for the largest one, I will there about 2 PM depending on traffic at Scotch corner. The weather report is looking good so hope for a good turnout. So travel safe everyone and see you there. Thanks again to Kieth and the rest of the committee for sorting it out so quickly. Regards Allan.
  15. Allan Royds

    Official Stoneleigh National Kit Car Show Information