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  1. No one ? Great accessory for S7 owners.
  2. I bought this many years ago from a chap who had it laser cut. It is very substantial. It has brackets that fit on the back of an S7 monocoque and allow the rack to hang off the back. It has 2 x support rods that are attached to the rack and should slot into 2 x brackets that were made to fit at the bottom of the tub. Unfortunately I do NOT have the 2 x brackets that fit at the bottom of the tub as they were still attached to my car when I sold it. They were just 2 x T shaped brackets with a hole so would be easy to fabricate. Once fitted it is strong enough to sit on and bounce up and down ). I hung 4 x lengths of allthread from the rack and a couple of aluminium bars and it becomes a 2 tier rack that will take 2 x large plastic containers. It served me well travelling to Le Mans for a week with cooking equipment, clothing and "stuff". It will be too heavy to organise reasonable postage and I am not messing about. It has hung on the wall of my garage for the last 8 years or so, but i need it gone. . Pictures of the rack and when it was fitted to my car. Collection from Bingley - West Yorkshire - BD16. I am not using the forum much. PM me or try my email leeATsandground.com replace the AT with @. or comment hear as I will follow this post. Cheers Lee
  3. BigLee

    Sad News

    Ah sad news indeed.
  4. BigLee

    Smallways 2018

    Thanks to everyone for coming. Great weekend again. Maybe something a little different next year. . Good to meet up with you all and the weather was kind to us. See you again soon. Lee & Julie.
  5. BigLee

    Smallways 2018

    Sure Harry will do. See you there.
  6. Posted quickly yesterday - Now found some evidence. I changed mine and made big difference. Worth changing for the cost as they are weak point. https://talbotoc.com/change-your-rear-engine-mount-t4143.html Also you can get then from here. https://www.jktowers.co.uk/Engine_Mountings/cat1473101_1336537.aspx
  7. Engine Mounts are a particular weak point on those. Check them
  8. Apologies for the late notice this year...... Smallways weekend - Now confirmed Friday 20th JULY and Sat 21st JULY. Leaving Sunday Morning or whenever you want. Date is in the diary. So what's it all about for those who have never been. Cracking venue - Free camping - camping in PUB GROUNDS - run out on the Saturday - back to Pub - what more can you ask for. Everyone welcome..... Post below if you want to come..... Cheapest weekend on the calendar or most expensive if you drink a lot... For anyone that hasn't been, this is an event I organise. It consists of a fantastic pub in the country where we camp over Fri and Sat just behind the pub. Usually an excellent run out on Saturday before heading back to the pub. Landlord lets us tip up anytime Friday and pitch a tent in the pub grounds. Or there are some local motels if you need some slates above you head. There is no pressure to eat in the pub, no pressure to come for a run out on the Saturday or stay both nights. All welcome. If you want a run out a beer or two and pitch a tent for a free nights camping that's fine. Arriving to camp anytime PM on Friday 20th. Camping Friday and Sat nights FREE!!!! In the pub grounds. I have now confirmed date with Landlord and I will try and book the sunshine !!!! Will be a run out for the Saturday. Usual 10.15 am getaway for anyone not stopping over Friday and joining us for the day run out. Please try and be ready with a fullish tank for 10.15 am at the Smallways pub. Details: Location - Smallways Country Inn, just off the A66 at Newsham, about 7 miles from Scotch Corner. (A1) Map Cost - Nowt - Will be beer to be drunk though !!!!! Facilities - Excellent country pub serving good food. Toilet and washing facilities. Stuff to do - Your own thing, tyre kick whatever. Did I mention there is beer!!! Motel Next door for anyone wanting to stay in a brick tent but be quick rooms go quick. Motel is called Rokeby Inn. For those wanting to come please can you reply to this so I can get an idea of numbers for the Landlord. I will update the list here. Those attending: Lee & Julie (Biglee) Barry & Christine (Bazwaz) Bob (RAEAUTOS) Ivan And Andrea (Ivan the Terrible) Chris Paddon (Chris 27) - Cant make it now. Kevin and Gayle (Spannerman) Steve & Jean (Red7) Steve Adams (Grizzly) font][/color] Alan Dawson (Alantoon) Harry (Pintogogo)
  9. BigLee

    Sad Day

    Many of you wont know him, but a member of the RHOCaR West Yorkshire contingent, Barrie Jackson, lost his battle with cancer last week. A lovely chap who looked after my engine crane for about 3 years and still never fitted his replacement engine. My condolences are with the family and the monthly meetings will be a little quieter.
  10. BigLee


    Enjoy Steve.....
  11. BigLee

    Sad News

    Sad indeed. Lovely chap. Thoughts are with his family.
  12. BigLee

    Should I Buy?

    At 2k what have you got to lose. Buy it drive for this summer if you don't like it move it on. It has bottomed out price wise. I miss mine and have a 5 lite V8 merc as a toy, but also I enjoy my daily tintop, hence the Merc gets little use. In fact I used to use the kit more than the Merc as I dont want it spoiling and repair bills are astronomical. £250 alternator - £278 pair of dizzy caps and rotors ...... etc etc.
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