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  1. hi i dont seem to be able to download the form? is it a problem at my end? the website says the file has been removed.
  2. thats great thanks. I might bring some cash with me then!
  3. I'd love to come. do you know when the event will be opened to community members?
  4. as soon as i saw you'd replied i had a feeling that was coming Mitch!
  5. Hello all, i was clearing out a cupboard at the weekend and came across a CD full of build pics for my old 2b from the builder Pete Cherry. If possible i'd like to hand this over to the current owner if he is on here. The car was red and stainless and the reg plate was F971OWL I did spot it at a show a few years ago but havent seen it for ages. paul
  6. a friend of mine from school runs this place: http://www.theostrichderbyshire.co.uk/index.htm they do quite a lot of car rallies, and even run their own music festival
  7. Hello all, A friend of mine runs a pub in Longford near Ashbourne called the Ostrich http://www.theostrichderbyshire.co.uk They have a large field, where they have held car rallies for single owners clubs in the past and they were wondering about starting a regular car meet on a week night in summer. They seem to do good food and beer have a play area and stuff for kids to do and a nice location so I thought I’d ask on here to see what sort of interest there might be from those people that are local enough to try it out. Thanks Paul
  8. Swan Jnr

    New Toy

    Lovely looking beastie. Does it sound good?
  9. Well after twelve years of ownership the Robin Hood has finally gone, on a big boat to Holland. Sold to the dealer that GBSC use. Hassle free deal all very smoothly done. It was the first kit car my dad and me ever owned and after all that time he sold it for just 500 less than we paid for it. in that time its had one oil change and service and one new ignition module. other than that its been faultless. The trouble was it wasnt doing any miles really, it had done just 700 in the last four years! It is set to be replaced in dads garage by my gtm spyder when i've found something else to be my everyday car. http://s696.photobuc...ia/001.jpg.html
  10. Swan Jnr

    Rover Engine

    just heard back from the guy in the rover club. Unquestionably the man to speak to is Trevor Baxter of BXR cars, www.bxrcars.co.uk, and tell him colin robson recemmended him and he will be kind on the price, they just moved to Bangor so tell him to ring for a chat and to get the enw address. hope that helps. he's a rover nut so may just be worth having a chat to on the phone. they tend to be quite generous with advice in my experience. this thread may also be handy in future http://www.the75andztclub.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=70360&highlight=bxr paul
  11. Swan Jnr

    Rover Engine

    have just sent a message to the NI area sec of the Rover club i'm a member of. will let you know when i get a reply. paul
  12. Swan Jnr

    V8 Radiator

    i went the same route and got a custom made job. could have sourced an actual SD1 rad (but that wont fit in your 2b) but would rather have a new one. I think mine was done at Grantham rads (but this may now be the same firm as Jase had his made at) £120 quid all in i think. I found them after asking Gardener Douglas who made their rads on the basis that if they are good enough for wealthy cobra owners, cooling massive v8's they'll be good enough for me with a piddling 3.5! some of the guys on the locost forum suggest polo rads as they are pretty efficient and small i think. a search on there might turn something up paul
  13. Swan Jnr

    Le Man Classic 2010

    Thanks to all for organising. as ever with le mans we came back with a list of things we need to get for next time. top of the list is certainly a gas powered camping fridge. ebay here we come! Paul
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