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  1. Going from an S7 to a 2B myself I can tell you it is bigger and stronger, noticeably stiffer chassis. I have Corbeau seats in the the 2B which fit but they cannot go very far forward due to the tunnel shape and the front of the seat being 52cm wide. I have the driver's seat as far forward as I can get it and its just right for me , but I am 6'. My S7 had mini cub seats from MWS which fitted fine 40cm? wide, but they didn't have head rests which I would want now for safety.
  2. Like this? I don't think there was much scope to adjust ride height if yours is sitting high it might have another spring or estate springs.
  3. What's the setup on the car, Sierra springs and dampers or coil covers? The ride height on my old S7 was fine with std Sierra springs. It might be set up to give correct camber, this changes with ride height I had to use camber wedges on mine to correct too much camber.
  4. When I had my S7 with standard Sierra springs and shocks I added towing/caravan spring assisters in the the rear springs and this stopped it grounding. This would be a quick cheap fix but I doubt you'll get them nowadays.
  5. When you say hot, do you mean overheating? When first set mine up I used standard thermostat 92degrees and an 96degree fan switch in top hose which kicked in at 100degrees (there's small a difference between block and hose?). In 30 degree weather the car was boiling hot but not overheating, but I would get nervous stuck in queues. I changed to an 82 degree thermostat and an 88 degree fan switch this keeps the under bonnet temps down, it runs at 80deg when cruising and rarely gets above 95degs if stuck in traffic.
  6. I did similar but welded in a curved section of steel pipe, went from having to dribble fuel in to full speed fill. I also found the flange was to close the the end of the pipe so it leaked, fixed it by adding 1mm washer of nitrile rubber to the cap seal.
  7. Jez Morton

    expansion bottle

    Found a pic of my setup.
  8. Jez Morton

    expansion bottle

    I'm using standard rad cap expansion tank isn't pressurised. It's the same way capris and Cortinas where plumbed.
  9. Jez Morton

    expansion bottle

    I use a Capri expansion tank connected to the overflow under the radiator cap. You need it to catch the water wet as it expands due to heat, when it cools the coolant gets drawn back into the rad.
  10. I managed to move std alt down with some 6 or 8mm plate, i used the original bracket bolt holes to mount plate and drilled for standard alt bracket further down. I also had to add a new adjuster fixing point off the plate. Alternater does get closer to steering rack but mine never touches it.
  11. To take advantage of the cheaper 12month price, I tax mine in installments then sorn when I'm done for the year after 6 or 7 months. You need to sorn before the month starts then payments stop and if you've paid for the month you sorn you get a refund. Its not saving much money but does make taxing more flexible.
  12. I've cancelled at Horseshoe, as we're not allowed in to wales yet.
  13. Halfords aerosol brake cleaner worked great for me.
  14. Jez Morton

    prop shaft

    No it doesn't, had to change mine when I swapped to 5 speed in old kit.
  15. The readings are in the attached (thanks Stu). Mine was okay until it got hot, then the resistance would jump to 400k plus
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