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  1. Personally I wouldn't use preinsultated terminals, they are not as strong or reliable as a professional F crimp.
  2. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123840262160 Talking of crimp tools these are identical to a pair of MacTools crimpers I have, not sure why they show insulated terminals with them, they are for F crimps. At £5 might be worth a punt.
  3. Free to good home, unused/never fitted 2B stainless dash panel. If you need it, you'll need to collect from Coventry.
  4. Good luck with the diploma Steve, got to do the important stuff first. I'm finishing my degree course in May 2020 so I'll have some free time to work on my car. I'll be expecting a detailed write up in the club mag that I can follow to convert mine.
  5. Steve it must be done by now, hows it coming on.
  6. Finally got to the bottom of tne issue. Annoyingly I've lived with it for many years but having to use the car for work for a week as my daily is in the garage (another long story of dpfs etc) really brought the issue to a head. So got home yesterday and had some time to fettle so measured the temp sensor resistance while car was hot, initially got 400k and a bit later 120k so well stuffed should be 3k ohm. Swapped with the spare and tick over is great stays at around 900 rpm from cold. Bench tested the old sensor with a cup of boiling water started ok at 35k then dropped to 3.5k worryingly ok, then after a short time it went haywire jumped to 35k, 120k dropped to 25k so in the bin it went. Next job is to switch back to the 82deg thermostat so I dont cook on a hot day.
  7. Hi Stu thanks for that, google let me down trying to find any info.The sensor on the car was 55k when cold but not had chance to test hot. I have another one that read 35k at room temp and drops to 3.5k in hot water from kettle so looks like thats a good one. I'm thinking both sensors should read the same as car was stood for few days.
  8. Looking for a bit of info on the old pinto ESCIV injection system, not sure if I have a prob or not. When starting cold what is the RPM, mine tends to be around 1500. What temperature does the cold running setting switch to warm, my revs drop to normal at around 90 degrees. 90 seems high for the cold setting to still be on, its the same temp the thermostat opens or its switching off due to thermostat opening.So could temp sensor be stuffed? Thanks
  9. Good progess, keep pushing forward.
  10. Jez Morton


    Started off this year and battery seemed a bit weak, started car okay but not spinning as fast as i remember. Anyhow was okay for stoneleigh but decided to have look, found most cells were low so topped up and charged and it perked up a bit.. Did curborough lots of stop starts and santa pod, but on getting home from club meet Wednesday it wouldnt start and barely turned over, luckily parked in front of garage so pushed in. I did by a cheap battery tester, one that does the CCA and amp hour, which showed the old battery was low. I didnt have a good battery to try so didnt completely trust the tester. I was bit reluctant to bin the old battery it came with the donor car in 2004 dated 2003 so has done a good 16 years.The battery is a Ford square post 085, which seem to be getting rare. One company I found selling them is Tayna batteries, they sell direct and on ebay. On ebay they sell a powerline version guaranteed for 4years at £44, and it had a discount code worth £8.80 so a bargain £35 and free next day delivery. Fitted it today works great and the battery tester showed 359CCA and its a 360CCA battery, so tester looks good as well. Cant vouch for longevity yet but price and delivery will be hard to beat if your looking for an old school Ford battery.
  11. How's it coming along Steve, must be getting close?
  12. Quoted out of context? It's like being an MP.
  13. If you need help with anything electrickery give us a shout.
  14. If anyone is in two minds wether to attend tomorrow, go! its worth it just for the drag racing some of the cars going down the strip today where amazing. Take your ear defenders you'll need them.
  15. Yes you know who you are. Have you got it finished yet. Come on get in the garage and knock one of the jobs off the list. You know your going to love it when you've finished.
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