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  1. Jez Morton

    Wishbone poly bushes

    Finally finished sorting the bushes and finally had a quick run out tonight. Turned out to be a full restoration job both lower wishbones off, stripped, repainted, new bushes (lots of grease) and new balljoint boots fitted. For info I got Boot 2 from balljoints.co.uk and they are a much better fit than Boot 3 which was recommended for the Peugeot balljoint. Also I would recommend re using the top metal seal retaining ring as there isnt room for the tiewrap supplied when its bolted up.
  2. Jez Morton

    Engine oil

    I've been using 15w40 for years in my pinto, its easier to get and most good brands do it. The mineral 20w50 needs changing every 3000 miles which seems quite low to me.
  3. Jez Morton

    Wishbone poly bushes

    Bob, because they've worn and have play. New boots arrived today type 3 from balljoint supplies, but they seem too loose to give a good seal. I know a few people have fitted them, how did you find them? I've ordered the next size down to try. Thanks
  4. Jez Morton

    Wishbone poly bushes

    I need to replace the wishbone bushes on the 2B, the question is should they be greased when fitted or left dry.?? They are the normal black bushes suppied by GBS? I have the bushes ready to go just waiting on new ball joint boots, typically one had split so I cant finish the job yet. Thanks
  5. Jez Morton

    Wales Weekend Fri 10Th To Sun 12Th August 2018

    Is anyone booked into Fairway Country Hotel? tried contacting them a few times but no reply to email and no answer on their phone. I've booked into Llys Olwen, might be worth confirming your booking if your booked into Fairway.
  6. Jez Morton

    pinto with twin 40s ! Standard fuel pump!

    I had the same setup running with the mech pump and even kept the fuel vapour seperater, no probs with fuel. Rolling roaded at around 130bhp.
  7. Jez Morton

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    Is it a type 9? I had one where the gear lever rattled about. It turned out the spring that holds the gear lever to one side pushes against a pin, and the pin had worked loose and fell into the box. Wasn't a big deal until it found fifth gear and left through side of gearbox?
  8. Jez Morton

    5Th Gear - New Series

    Got to admit its good and needs to be back on mainstream tele.
  9. Jez Morton

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 28Th October

    See you there Steve, who else is going? Should be a good run.
  10. Jez Morton

    Interesting Things Needed

    Zach, maybe fit a bumper.
  11. Jez Morton

    Interesting Things Needed

    Zach, maybe fit a bumper.
  12. Jez Morton

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 28Th October

    If we get the weather and this will be a good end to the season.
  13. Jez Morton

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 14Th October

    Seeing as I fogot to SORN, I'd best get some use out of it.
  14. Jez Morton

    Guidance On Changing Steering Rack - 2B

    I'm pretty sure but not 100% that the rack on my 2B plus is an escort rack but fitted with longer arms to reach the standard Sierra track food ends.
  15. Jez Morton

    Nothing To Do This Weekend? Eosb 2018

    Any idea on times for run out etc.