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  1. To take advantage of the cheaper 12month price, I tax mine in installments then sorn when I'm done for the year after 6 or 7 months. You need to sorn before the month starts then payments stop and if you've paid for the month you sorn you get a refund. Its not saving much money but does make taxing more flexible.
  2. I've cancelled at Horseshoe, as we're not allowed in to wales yet.
  3. Halfords aerosol brake cleaner worked great for me.
  4. Jez Morton

    prop shaft

    No it doesn't, had to change mine when I swapped to 5 speed in old kit.
  5. The readings are in the attached (thanks Stu). Mine was okay until it got hot, then the resistance would jump to 400k plus
  6. It's in the middle of the inlet manifold you'll need to remove the strengthening plate first, its got two wires coming off it which are part of the injection loom.
  7. I had a issue on my pinto efi, kept getting high tick over changed everything checked everything. It was the coolant temp sensor. Probably the cheapest part to change, but I had to buy long 25mm socket to get it out.
  8. Jez Morton


    I had similar popping with twin 40's, would pop every time I turned it off. Was impressive at night could see a blue flame shoot out the exhaust. Turns out it was over rich and a tune up sorted it. Sounds like something might be sticking in your carb.
  9. Me and Andy are booked into the Horseshoe.
  10. I've used Tayna to replace my old sierra battery, the square terminals are getting scarce and they had them on Ebay at a good price with decent warranty. Best bit, there was an additional discount code to use in the Ebay advert. Came within a day or two for less than 40quid.
  11. They are something odd, 1.95 or 2inch. If you replace go for 1.9 it's a closer size if space is tight. 13open 10 closed is what most replace with as it's a standard length, the zimmers I had were 12.5 open which matches caterham shock lengths?
  12. I'd try swapping blue and black if its backwards the voltage could be dropping when it should rise which may confuse the ECU.
  13. I followed this to shorten my sump, it takes 3.5litres to fill up to max mark. Standard capacity is 3.6 I believe. 12 years on the road and no probs.
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