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  1. It's more likely the chassis isn't quite true, mine needs more camber adjustment on one side. When l looked into my geometry the top wishbone mounts to are a little offset to the lower.
  2. You need to make sure which alternator diagram is correct. The 6mm should be ring terminal to battery, it may need to bigger wire depending on alternator output. IG should connect to a switched live. L wire to warning lamp and other side of lamp to IG. S depends on alternator but would be 2mm to battery. If you have a small Denso type alternator (40amp) it may not give enough juice if you're fuel injected.
  3. I've seen a couple on fleabay recently.
  4. Thought they maybe too big but looks ok to post here.
  5. I've sent you some photos.
  6. My old S7 monocoque was converted to wishbone a long time ago, someone in the club made a kit but I doubt it's available now. It looked like the front two feet of the Ron Champion chassis adapted to fix to the monocoque
  7. Jez Morton

    EOSB 2022

    Careful when you get on the field, there was a lot of holes dug for the Harborough at War show. And our patch was the tank demo area.
  8. Usually in the dish with a bracket bolted through either side of the hole, put some washers under the bracket so you don't block the hole and water can get out.
  9. Two things I might suggest based on mine own mistakes. 1 Is the CAM 180deg out? Crank turns 2x CAM. 2 Timing marks are before TDC, maybe you need to go 108degs the other way
  10. The tank on my early S7 did the same studs snapped off. I also found the tank too thin to support a gasket under the sender so it would leak between studs. I made a ring of stainless with studs attached to go inside the tank (needed a slot in ring to get it in). Fitted that with a gasket and a rubber gasket under sender, sealed it OK.
  11. Make sure the chokes are off, their next to useless on DCOEs. All they did was flood my old car, I was advised don't use it and just press throttle 3 times then crank.
  12. What does Roadside mean, are we on 6th Street in one row? I've seen that set up before.
  13. Hi Rich is it meal and meet postponed or just meal. Ta.
  14. Without specialist training don't, its dangerous. Most EV batteries are around 400vdc, make a mistake and it will kill you. Even flat batteries aren't safe, I've seen a battery from car that was scrapped 2 years ago and it was still at 100volts.
  15. Hazards and indicators are fed from different fuses, hazards are live all the time and indicators from ignition. I think sometimes the hazard switches gets a bit sticky and need a bit of persuading to work, mine stopped and cycling the switch brought it back.
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