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    The very last Robin Hood 2b produced by the factory!! Passed IVA 7th October 2013. Ford 2.9 v6
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  1. I'd report him to ebay for his abusive language.
  2. So according to the seller you could get any car older than 10 years old and put it in some home made death trap of a chassis, send the dvla the details and they'll give me a number plate - no questions (or tests asked) ? Yeah right.
  3. Chrisruck


    As much as I can fit in the boot. Pretty much everything including jump leads and a power pack. Of course gaffer tape fixes most things so I have a roll of that too.
  4. Chrisruck


    I treated myself to a secondhand one similar to this - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MID-RISE-SCISSOR-LIFT-MOBILE-2-7T-PROBABLY-BEST-OF-KIND-IN-EUROPE-CE-949-VAT/112914359908?hash=item1a4a386664:g:u44AAOSw7OVajSyq Got it for about half the price of new. Can really recommend it. Makes lifting so easy. Worth a thought if you ever fancy something else. I know its not what your after but thought I'd throw it out there as an idea.
  5. Electric fan for me. But I'm running a v6 so no room for a viscous. Also I doubt the original fan would make any difference to cooling given the civic radiator is much further away from the engine.
  6. I've just installed an aluminium civic radiator on an angle in mine. Not tested yet though
  7. I also got my material from bags2cover. You can see the cover I made in my profile picture.
  8. Another reason why i made the tunnel side hinged! I can remove and re-install the prop on my own
  9. I made an angle iron frame to strengthen the floor and bolt the seats to so the tunnel sides are just covers for the side of the tunnel now. I've never had any oil leak out once I removed the prop from the gearbox.
  10. I fitted hinged side tunnel panels to my 2b. Lets me access the inside of the tunnel from the drivers side. I can also remove my prop shaft with the engine, gearbox and diff all in place.
  11. I think If I was forced to meet the current emissions standard's then I would want a brand new current registration number rather than an age related plate. I can understand what they are trying to do but it just seems like a silly idea that won't work and just crush the kit car industry. Sending my response today.
  12. Id go for squared off arches at the rear too. Keep the same style as the front.
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