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  1. theduck

    Website downtime

    Tomorrow (Tuesday 11th January) the site will be offline for a period of the afternoon while we undergo transfer to a new server.
  2. Spoken to Brian and can confirm this is SOLD
  3. Critical forum software updates are running this morning to be followed by some performance tuning (no, really!). The site should remain fully available but while tuning is on going performance may be negatively affected and warnings may appear on some pages.
  4. Working tonight so wont make it, have a good evening all
  5. Been working on this one a while - Building a custom airbox from scrap. The
  6. I have a set of 4 in red if they are of interest?
  7. theduck

    Megajolt Cable

    If you want to buy a cable the best thing would be getting the proper rj11 serial cable https://efi-parts.co.uk/product/megajolt-rj11-serial-cable-lead/ and then buying a serial to usb cable with the FTDI chipset like this one https://amzn.to/3gWh9tI
  8. Had some spacers from these guys and they also make pcd adapters https://www.superforma.co.uk
  9. Quaife atb type is ideal for road in my opinion and very well priced via Burton power.
  10. Some heads don’t have the raised section of the seat which makes them a straight fit. A suitable size holesaw will remove the raised section of the seat and allow them to fit and work.
  11. Yep https://shop.quaife.co.uk/qbe6z
  12. I'd probably skip that 90.0 cell though
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