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  1. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    @WallerZ locked to full members only @brumster same as the members map, the old plugin no longer exists, currently reviewing options for a replacement.
  2. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    I’d noticed that, not sure if it can be changed. Will have a look to see if I can see a setting relating to that.
  3. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    Have moved it to plymouth for you. I am speaking with the developer of the map plugin to try and get this resolved.
  4. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    the site will log you out after a period of inactivity as well
  5. theduck

    Kit spares chassis wiring look

    Why would they need to join a different forum for you to help them?
  6. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    Weird. Worked for me - had same concerns.
  7. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    Quick update on Themes. I really dont have time to get into creating a completely custom "Dark Theme" at the moment, and that is what is require to get that working completely correctly, so for now there wont be any updates to that theme, however, to make sure there is a darker styled option available, you will see now there is a theme called "Surface Dark". This is an off the shelf option, and isnt completely ideal, but it gets a properly functioning dark theme available now rather than making you all wait. In the long term when i have had time to finish the Dark Theme properly I will remove surface dark so that the site maintains a consistent style and feel, regardless of if you prefer the light or the dark.
  8. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    I spotted that and have raised with the developer. If you type in the address search and then press use my current location, it will actually use the address search field.
  9. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    Will have a look at that one in the morning, should be minor fix. Fixed.
  10. Is it an efi pinto? If so the normal pinto sumps fit. If it is the dohc engine, I might have something spare, will have to check
  11. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    One of the things that has changed in the new version is that user names and display names are now one and the same thing. Previously you might have logged in using one name but another name would displayed on the forum. We made the decision to stick with user names during the upgrade, as going with display names would have meant you wouldn't have been able to use your old login details! If you would like for your username to be changed, please pm me and I will make the necessary changes.
  12. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    Pressing it will do a refresh, if there is nothing more to display it will then say so
  13. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    Thanks Rob, I know. I am just confused as to why, at the same resolution I am getting different results. Something for me to ponder, may just need to rejig the banner, needs redoing anyway to correct the typo. EDIT: Actually, rejig of the banner is the right thing to do, so have done it.
  14. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    Thanks Rob, is it possible for you to send me a screenshot of what you are seeing on your ipad? I would have expected you to get the mobile site
  15. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    hmm, that is odd. I have tried dropping my resolution to that and the site does as it is meant to and makes things fit. Will have a think on it...