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  1. Hi David, yep still avialable, send me a message and will sort out with you bit later. Diff sold pending collection Chassis sold
  2. First page updated with parts sold and new parts added, including the quaife diff Not sure there will be anyone that will want it, but if anyone wants a registered chassis send me a message and we can discuss a deal for the chassis and any other bits you want with it.
  3. Thanks, wanderer. I am definitely going to try and keep to the KISS philosophy on this one and intend to be back on the road in time for stoneleigh!
  4. Sending you a message now
  5. As per phone conversation, sent you an email with payment details. Camber wedges sold to Mr Gandy First post updated with more items
  6. Great idea. Welcome to take a run over and pick it up
  7. £50 collected or if you are happy for me to sandwich them in some cardboard I can look to post.
  8. Total is £12 via PayPal, posted second class recorded. Message me for payment details.
  9. Did reply on Facebook but not seen a reply, which wheel were you interested in?
  10. Your messages are full, Total is £18 via PayPal posted 2nd class signed for. Send me a message once you have deleted some and I will send you payment details.
  11. I’m out in the garage again today but will come back to everyone who is after bits later today with totals including postage and or photos as requested this evening.
  12. Yep, that will be £13 plus postage (I assume you want them posting as you are in doncaster?) which I’ll work out tomorrow for you and send you a message with payment details I honestly can’t remember, bought them for my s7 so likely from another monocoque or a 2b. I imagine they would work with either.
  13. Other items I havent got photos of yet (will add further details and prices once I have photos) but will be for sale soon include: Full roof to suit monocoque cars and possibly others SOLD Screen to suit monocoques/2b Pair of red 4 point harnesses Pair of recaro seats as included with many 2b kits Inboard front suspension setup with shocks but no uprights Sierra rear beam, no diff, can include drum brakes, shocks and springs Sierra mastercylinder, good condition, no leaks, with reservoir and level sender. Sierra pedal box with bracing to prevent flex. Plus much more!
  14. Front motorsport wing in poor condition - £30 Rear wing - £50
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