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  1. It takes some cutting up and fabrication to make it fit a 2b, I had a look at fitting one to an s7 and you could make it work but decided against it as was too much work for me.
  2. Well, that was an unintended long break but I'm back, with not one but TWO new videos from DuckSport? Thats right! The main video is a more typical DuckSport video and gives updates on what I have been doing more recently. The second video is a video I was working on before I ended up in hospital, and I felt wasn't going to work properly as a normal DuckSport video now but figured some of you might still want to see what I had been up to, so here it is. As always, thank you for watching and all of y
  3. Will be based in engine size like the good old days using this table https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-rate-tables/rates-for-cars-and-light-goods-vehicles-registered-before-1-march-2001
  4. Despite being badged duratec, the st170 engine is actually a Zetec and is not the same as the later duratec engines that the above thread is about.
  5. Bike carbs can be great on a zetec, I would agree with you that he just doesn’t like it doesn’t get that setup.
  6. I have, although it’s yet to be tested and will probably be tweaking the bracket. I used an mx5 slave cylinder. Can see how I did it below:
  7. Unfortunately the Christmas Theme we've used previously was something I built and I found when I did the test enable of it for this year that it requires some updating to work properly with the latest version of the forum software. This can/will be done, but due to health issues over the last month or so it was not going to be done in time for this year.
  8. Not sure on the followers. Other cam manufacturers recommend different followers for cams of that kind of spec but I couldn’t see any such recommendation on pipers website.
  9. theduck

    Coil pack plug

    Doh, have checked the voltage across the battery terminals? If that’s 11v then it’s a battery issue. If it’s significantly more than the voltage at the coil plug it’s a loom issue.
  10. You should use a vernier pulley and time it using a dial gauge. Ignition and fueling will need setting up to suit, ideally on a dyno.
  11. theduck

    Coil pack plug

    11v is low, and will be less under cranking and will cause all kinds of issues. Have you tried charging/changing the battery?
  12. Seems there have been changes at our suppliers end. Will raise with committee.
  13. theduck

    Battery power

    Personally, unless I was confident in the installation being suitable for lithium, I wouldn’t use one in a kit.
  14. theduck

    Battery power

    10.5v might be low enough that the ecu powers down.
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