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  1. theduck

    Zetec Megasquirt

    Likely need the cat to pass mot emissions. Lambda sensor most likely doing nothing as most tuners don’t setup closed loop fuelling or any protections that rely on it. If you send me the msq file I will have a look and confirm for you.
  2. I was always under the impression the max mark was more to do with proximity of the oil to the crank, so a standard dipstick tube and dipstick will still show the right level, even with a modified sump.
  3. I think you misunderstand, nothing wrong with the cossie engine, fine thing it is, and I’m sure the performance is superb. There is no challenge to building a powerful and fast, kit car with one though, and that, for me, is boring. Taking a humble 1982 pinto from a cortina and having it make cossie levels of power, and as I said, with plenty of headroom left too, but for now 275+bhp (we had wheel spin on the dyno, so it’s probably nearer 300bhp) and 240lbft of torque, all in a setup where it will happily rev to 8k and is worth doing so because the torque doesn’t drop off like most turbo setups, that is far more fun than fitting something everyone expects to be fast.
  4. Because that would be boring! There’s plenty left on the table with my current setup, it is just setup to make the least it possibly can at the moment
  5. Low compression, big valves, custom cam and lots of boost
  6. theduck

    IVA spec worries

    Statutory weights are optional and just something else to fail on if you get it wrong
  7. theduck

    IVA spec worries

    For the plate, just get a trophy shop to engrave one for you. The IVA manual has the required sizing for both the stamping and plate. The plate can then be riveted to your engine bay firewall. Content for the plate just needs to be Make and Model on one line and VIN on another line, nothing else.
  8. I would expect the ecu to have some dampening/smoothing on the signal from the TPS which would prevent this kind of thing causing an issue, whether that would reflect in the log or not I dont know, one for @brumster
  9. Do live the ring. Only been once but will definitely go back one day. Actually, it was in going there that I ended up with my Robin Hood, bought it off the bloke who ran the guest house we stayed at
  10. Brand new, never fitted, weighs just 6kg and much stronger than GRP seats. Bought for my S7 but even with some generous massaging of the car it is too wide for my car. Have included diagram below with measurements. New this seat was £227, looking for £175. Collection from Bridgnorth or Birmingham.
  11. theduck


    Next thing to check would be valve clearances imo
  12. Slightly smaller than the sierra one then, so should be better, but possibly still a little on the large size. If you are only used to driving cars with servo assisted brakes it will be quite a shock to the system to drive a servo-less setup - I am assuming you dont have a servo? They will take a lot more leg effort to work, but should be able to lock the wheels.
  13. In what way are they rubbish? What is the rest of the brake setup? Does the punto master cylinder have a suitable bore size for the rest of the setup?
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