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  1. theduck


    Haha. Was something I’ve always wanted to do, and didn’t take long.
  2. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    Might take you up on that. Haven’t really had time to dive into it yet as a lot of my spare time is being spent learning c# and writing automated test software as part of my cpd for work.
  3. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    Glad you like it, reminded me I needed to update that to be the default theme today
  4. theduck


    Given we are now in December I have activated, and set to be the default, our Christmas theme for the website, I hope you like it If it is not for you, scroll to the bottom of the page, select “Theme” and you can set pack to the normal default or one of the dark themes and the forum will remember your personal setting. We will also automatically set back to the normal theme after Christmas. Oh and if you are on mobile, be sure to check it out on a computer for the full effect!
  5. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    That one is a quick fix until I can sort out the other dark theme to be all dark, rather than just a dark background. Unfortunately there isn’t a standard dark option, and a lot of themes we have to pay for, so that was the best free dark one I could find. Eventually the “dark theme” will just be a dark version of the default theme.
  6. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    Which theme? At what resolution? Send me a screenshot?
  7. theduck

    Like to buy an Exhaust box cover?

    Caterham have some more reasonably priced options https://caterhamparts.co.uk/209-other?orderby=price&orderway=desc&orderway=desc&p=3
  8. theduck

    Sigma RWD conversion

    Edited my comment to say avoid them!
  9. theduck

    Sigma RWD conversion

    I can't recommend any company form experience, but a quick search on google and I would say start with these guys - http://www.specialisedengines.co.uk/ - if they cant do it, I would say it is likely they could recommend someone who can. EDIT: See Bob Tuckers post below - Seems this company is best avoided!
  10. theduck

    Hants & Dorset Xmas Meal Sunday 2Nd December

    Not sure how but Bob was at 150% of his message limit... @fry61 I have increased the message limit for Area Secretaries a bit so you can continue to receive messages, but if you could have a clear out of some old messages that'd be helpful.
  11. theduck

    just testing

    Yep, exactly that. Have added the image size/total storage capacity for members to the list for consideration for future work.
  12. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    Can now see who reacted your posts too
  13. theduck

    Website feedback thread

    Member map address search is now fixed
  14. theduck

    just testing

    You can host here, but are limited to 1mb at a time and no more than 50mb total. The limits might be something we can look to increase for members in the future.
  15. theduck

    Robin Hood Exmo, From Barn To Iva

    I can get you some photos of S7 next time I’m over working on it if it will help, won’t be for a week or so though. what rear shocks have you got? I have 4 point harnesses and for mounting the rear mounts go through the top lip on the rear panel and through a piece of box section that is welded into the load spreading plates for the rear shocks. The lower harness mounts go through the panel at the back of the seat into the standard harness eye load spreading plates, but I was required to also add some angle iron on the inside to brace that panel so it wouldn’t deform in an accident.