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  1. Worth checking inner lower seatbelt mount too as there wasn’t a factory point for them.
  2. @phaeton thanks for the heads up - I don’t drink so not an issue for me, but good to know all the same! i actually have the red kite centre down as a possible last stop on the journey down there on the Saturday.
  3. theduck

    Parts clearout

    £8, though can’t post now until next week.
  4. theduck

    Parts clearout

    Yes, although the tip wont fit the silencer.
  5. Ah in that case than man you are looking for is @alanrichey
  6. Thougt GBS was all mild steel and ali? Older Robin Hood cars though you are absolutely right as they were mostly stainless.
  7. I was half joking. The arc welder they sell also says it should be witted with a 32a commercial plug etc, but I wired it to a 13a plug got away with it. Realistically I wont be buying one of these though.
  8. Its 7pm (ish) on a Wednesday, so it's new video time! In this weeks video we finish making the 100e a roller again! We make a custom panhard bar, make brackets for the front suspension components, and finalise the steering setup. For such a mix match of components it has all gone together surprisingly well and even the ride heights are close enough to make it work so this is the first big milestone ticked off. Next week we'll be ticking off another milestone, getting the engine and gearbox properly mounted in the car.
  9. You'll need to give us some more details in order to help. What is the engine setup? What ecu is it running?
  10. neither does their welder, until you fit a 13a plug
  11. I'm not sure what I am ever going to use it for, but I need it
  12. theduck

    GBS Plenum

    It's also not an ideal place for it, so personally would just block it up.
  13. It was recently highlighted that there was no sensible way for you to remove files and photos you have previously uploaded. This has now been resolved and you can manage your attachments by: Clicking on your username in the top right Selecting My Attachments Then ticking the box on the line of the item you wish to delete, followed by clicking the bin icon that appears at the bottom If anyone has any issues, please send me a PM
  14. Just having a look into a better solution as it looks like you are way over your storage limit - Club members have much higher limits than community users, so I assume you were previously a club member? Will make a new post with details of the solution as this affects all members.
  15. About time we started work on this thing really...
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