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  1. I'd probably skip that 90.0 cell though
  2. Hi Trev, really good to hear from you and that you are keeping well. The S7 went through a few iterations with me and I’ll share some photos and details below: when I picked it up from you: Then in November 2015 it went through the IVA and registration with a 1.6 pinto and 4 speed box and looked like this: Then it almost immediately came back off the road for winter and had a 2.0 pinto and 5 speed fitted, but in the process of doing so decided that wasn’t going to be enough and so using a pinto efi setup from a late model Sierra I conv
  3. Got a little job done today I have been meaning to look at for a while, after doing the first one thought it was interesting enough and potentially useful enough to put together a little video on, so here it is. Have made some more progress on the car and will share a full normal video soon.
  4. Looks like a cortina based s7. Not aware of any off the shelf upgrades.
  5. I thought pinto heads had the valve guides cast in place? So if they become worn its a job of drill out and insert bronze guides?
  6. That will work, yep. My understanding with that setup is you want the high pressure pump near the swirl pot and should work fine. I use an intank pump and swirlpot assembly but that involves modifying your tank.
  7. Everything at Burton is pricey An original sierra efi manifold, fuel rail, injectors etc etc is good quality and what I used (but with larger injectors) to make 300bhp. In fact the next iteration of the engine is still using the same manifold, throttle body and idle control and is aiming for even more! If doing it in two stages, the original engine loom, ecu and efi dizzy is a good option and can normally be found for a reasonable price. If you decide to go straight to a mappable ECU there are many many options, personally I used megasquirt because it was relatively cheap but pow
  8. Very popular conversion elsewhere in the world and starting to become more popular here. Not aware of any pinto specific guides, not ones in english anyway, but it is much like turboing any engine, so any generic guide will steer you in the right direction. Happy to answer any questions you'd have too. Basic requirements are: Turbo Manifold (None off the shelf, but cheap to get made) Turbo (I like TD04-13t and TF035 from Subaru imprezas and legacys etc) Downpipe (exhaust) Some kind of chargecooling, either air to air intercooler (ideal for low budget) or a water to air chargecool
  9. Best bang for your buck on a pinto is boost. Supercharger or turbocharger running 10-12psi, and a suitable carb (renault 5gtt) or efi setup and you will have a really nice streetable setup producing in the region of 200bhp and similar lbft of torque. And if you are careful, its possible to do the whole turbo and efi conversion for less than the cost of a decent carb and cam kit.
  10. Personally, I doubt that will be something many people would want to take on. The lightweight needs not insignificant modification to make it pass an IVA, the end result is not very light weight, and ultimately a car that was designed to last one or two race seasons rather than be a road car. I would suggest listing it on ebay and seeing what bids you get.
  11. Interestingly enough this just popped up on Facebook. A real world example of what can happen when you buy a ringer https://www.facebook.com/groups/390896610925969/permalink/4288270724521852/
  12. Possibly, I did send an enquiry back when I was on the committee to find out what was required but never got a reply.
  13. Clubs officially recognised by the DVLA - which the Dutton owners club are - do have an official line of communication with the DVLA for reporting things like this and action is taken to take the vehicles off the road, and has been mentioned, it is something the Dutton club are very hot on.
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