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  1. theduck

    GBS Silencer

    Depending on how the mot tester interprets the rules, a Q plate is visible smoke only for emissions at mot.
  2. theduck

    GBS Silencer

    Ah in that car you will what this type with plates in rather than just the perforated tube type
  3. theduck

    GBS Silencer

    When @WallerZ has one his with the mx5 engine it sounded quiet as a mouse until he went full throttle.
  4. theduck

    Pre IVA MOT

    Pretty sure it’s illegal to drive the car on the road to anything other than the Iva appointment prior to first Iva test. After the first test you can drive it to a garage for work required to pass the Iva though. As for dyno costing more, it does, but then you have a properly tuned car and that is worth every penny.
  5. theduck

    Pre IVA MOT

    Personally I’d be trying to find a rolling road that can do your tuning and check/set emissions for IVA. The rolling road will stress the car to find issues an mot won’t, and generally speaking they’ll be able to give the car a once over too.
  6. theduck

    Strange problem

    Sounds like your ignition barrel/starter button stuck on, either that or a short that caused it to stay on
  7. @Vaughan details of the meet I mentioned. will be there, and most likely having a carvery before hand.
  8. theduck

    ECU IVA Setup

    Still worth a dyno session tbh.
  9. So insurance is due on this Stoneleigh weekend, getting prices sorted now. Place your bets now as to best and worst prices I get! Oh, and I might do an update video soon...
  10. theduck

    Required...Thighs and Calves like Usane Bolt

    There are a few recommended replacements, I seem to recall one from a ford ka and another from a fiat 121
  11. theduck

    Advice needed please!

    Sure. Will send you a pm with my number.
  12. theduck

    Advice needed please!

    Just replied to your other post, I’m not far from you, only live in highley. I’ve built and IVA’d a monocoque Robin Hood, would be happy to pop round and see you.
  13. theduck

    Please identify

    Likes like a custom setup, it’s a monocoque Robin Hood and not aware of any that came from factory like that.
  14. theduck

    How do I attach a photo

    Click choose files at the bottom of the post box and select the picture to upload Once uploaded click the preview of the photo to add to your post
  15. theduck

    Stoneleigh Kit car show

    Above map is from this years show guide which is now on their website - https://www.nationalkitcarshow.co.uk/online_showguide.php - have updated above map with better version from the online guide