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  1. Thats not the price We had to put in a high price to stop just anybody booking on as a trader without prior approval. If you email the events email address on the advert then they will provide a discount code EDIT: Added an extra 9 to try and make that more obvious.
  2. Are we talking fr32 and fr30, or rl32 and rl30? There is a significant difference in the advice that will follow depending in which it is. what is the rest of the spec of the engine? Or is standard other than cam and carbs?
  3. That location sounds about right, mine ended up roughly in line with the engine mounts too and meant some careful shaping of the reinforcement.
  4. Can’t help with details but I believe the answer is yes and the public “advert” is here
  5. Absolutely zero, completely unnecessary and I think wouldnt actually work with it wired in with the accuspark.
  6. Agree, the kit cars might be the show, but the kit car owners are the ones who want to attend the show. I love the free entry, but I don’t know if any other car niche where the vehicle owners get into shows free.
  7. Its "probably going to be the last ever show" ever since I started going
  8. No need for ESC2 with that setup. Should just be able to wire it like this Set the ignition timing and away you go.
  9. theduck

    Parts clearout

    Shocks and springs now sold as are the hubs
  10. Does look that way at the moment. I have tested it on my iphone and correctly appears in my subscribed calendars. The calendar format used is the standard for calendars so should be compatible with all.
  11. You can subscribe to the calendar already, which adds it your your preferred electronic calendar - outlook, iphone, android, google, etc. To do so, on the device you want to subscribe to the calendar on, go to the calendar, click the cog icon, and click subscribe to icalendar feed.
  12. theduck

    Fuel economy

    Fuel injection makes a huge difference! Definitely the way to go for economy.
  13. I would be but between doing the discs and pads on the Scooby and seeing the mother in law for her birthday I don’t think I’ll have the time
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