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  1. Can someone please measure the distance between the rear bulkhead and the top of the roll at behind the seats.I have a shower cover that does not fit we’ll wondered if it was because I have cobra anti roll bars.Stewart
  2. Stewart

    spark plugs

    whats the best recomended spark plug for a non modified 2ltr pinto
  3. What do you guys out there consider to be the best smart charger that can be left all winter to maintain a battery
  4. Stewart


    jasonj1970 has carbon wrapped his zero himself and made a crackin job of it,try contacting him I am certain he would give some advice
  5. A neighbour has given me some diodes he says are suitable they have markings of SKE 1/12.I cannot find the suggested maplins ones on their website
  6. I know side lights do not go through a relay, the feed I picked up to put the side lights on permanently I picked up from the relay
  7. I have LED lights around the front grill this is fed from the relay for the radiator fan,just fitted the new GBS head lights with led side lights.I initially wired the new side lights to come on with the front led`s and then thought this would be illegal as side lights are obligatory lights and should work without the ignition on I then wired it with the sidelight switch as well but this caused feedback and when the sidelights were switched on the ignition came on.how do I stop the power feedback to the ignition
  8. My son-in-law has a aluminium land rover and he allways uses the old fashioned brasso
  9. If I change the rear indicators to led and leave the front with bulbs will an led flasher unit still work all lights correctly or should I just fit resistors.
  10. Surely that is why the original idea was for a rotating area venue
  11. I have the choice of two area meetings both about the same distance away a round trip of aprox eighty miles,not I have an hour to spare or a last minute pop out trip especially when you do not have any wet weather gear.Perhaps if members went to a meeting on their doorstep and liked it they would be more inclined to attend meetings further afield.
  12. Why doesn't the monthly meeting move around the area giving all members a chance to attend a meeting fairly close to them
  13. Stewart

    Bump Steering

    Wanted was for the solution not the problem
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