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  1. If the face & underside of the dash/glovebox floor is at approximately 90 degrees then the radius of 19 mm flowing from one face to the other should comply ? Florin's dash is indeed 38 mm thick at the base, the dash face flows into this wooden 1/2 round profile; covered in 10mm dense foam mat & vinyl. Examiner at IVA commented on how well this construction complied with the IVA manual. You appear to have a brilliant method of forming your dash profile, so fit 38 mm wood/MDF/ply & shape all contactable edges to a 19 mm radius.
  2. Water ingress has probably rusted the through pin -- creating a lovely abrasive. If that bearing was not well greased on assembly it will be near impossible to drift out. Can you see the "top hat" of the bush on the insides of the fixed mounting point ? that will prbably be the best place to cut through the pin at both ends -- otherwise you risk damaging the fixed mount. When sorted with new pin & poly-bushes , fit a grease nipple; grease in water kept out.
  3. 6 mm oil tempered hardboard has worked on Florin for the last 10 years, & still O.K. The slight flexibility allows the board to pull down a little onto the top/side chassis rails, & the base line is re-enforced with 38 mm radius softwood; which then holds the base of the glove box. Glove box ----- our is probably larger than some boots --- the smallish door surround holds the edge of an industrial hoover bag, which allows Kit to fit in right up to the fire-wall/wiper motor/ instruments/scuttle.
  4. No servo & Ford Ka master cylinder fitted to Florin, good feel & pedal travel is still short if the rear adjusters are working correctly/
  5. Second that, first time pass back in February 2011.
  6. You're still allowed to burn yourself, passengers & members of the general public on your exhaust so no heat shield is required by IVA. What you must not do ,under any conditions is cut yourself or them on sharp edges, all must be 5mm diameter or greater.
  7. Make your own gaiter & fix with 4 perforated Meccano strips --- will enhance the " I built this -- not bought " look.
  8. Is there a place called "New York" in England? There's a Palestine in Hampshire!!! otherwise the shipping will be a tad expensive & your need for the product long gone.
  9. As the Sierra column switch in Florin is difficult to obtain now ( maybe impossible ) I fitted relays to the headlights, both dip & main; in the belief that the massive reduction in load would assist the life of the contacts. Does your motor use relays or is the Fiesta switch carrying the full load of around 10amps?
  10. Still a very poor reduction given that for instance, Florin has only done 4% of her usual mileage in the last year & a big lump of that was to & from the MOT test. Have just checked with my social secretary & A-Plan charged the same amount as year before.
  11. sylvia.fry2


    A scale of 12 inches to the foot makes my toys so much easier to control. No flying chickens in my trees!!!
  12. sylvia.fry2


    Is it left & right or port & starboard with aircraft Bob? My aircraft was very round & front was always the direction the balloon was headed, turning vents allowed any point to be port or starboard. When sailing, port & starboard ruled, you would be asked " Which side? " if we uttered " on the left or right; seems universal enough & pre-dates these new contraptions called motor cars.
  13. sylvia.fry2


    and in countries driving on the right???
  14. sylvia.fry2


    Starboard side does it , whether facing towards or back.
  15. Just to add --- 400 mm is max in from the widest part of your car -- so if the rear track/wheel arches are wider than the front then this is the relevant measurement.
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