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  1. Bet you haven't stopped smiling yet, well done on a first time pass, there are a few of us in that club.
  2. It's the difference between assembling a car ( not a lot more taxing than "paint by numbers ") & building a car. ( which involves lots of metal bashing, skinned knuckles & swearing)
  3. Have many sizes of hexagon headed / mushroom head stainless set screws which would give a more pleasing look --- what size set screw is required?
  4. ---------------From the electronic scrap-book ---------- start planning for an Aussie Xmas -------- 25th June 2021 ----- Turkey on the Barby
  5. No need to carry spare fuel, just carry a passenger who can/will push.
  6. A30 for me -- if unable to get it to fire on handle 2nd choice was the slight hill (slope) I lived on --- only trouble was pushing the car away from the kerb & trapping left foot under rear wheel.
  7. Could always retro-fit a starting handle --- hands up those that know of & used one.
  8. Try a heavy boost charger if possible --- it will (should ) dislodge the sulphate on the plates & allow (hopefully ) a higher amount of charge & then able to start the car. But it's probably a warning that a new battery is required, even if the above gives an engine start.
  9. Thin metals of what-ever alloy mostly need TIG welding by an expert --- if you wish to avoid pin-holes all around the joint. Been there-- done it -- FAILED
  10. You're doing a great job, considering you are working in the drive. Only managed a few hours outside to-day due to low temperature.
  11. How very true --- was using Calculus in 5th form --- could never understand the principle of there being two possible answers --- never needed to remember/use since. And there is always an electric calculator somewhere --- if you know which buttons to press. All present retirement calcs just need me to know the trig laws.
  12. Hi Alan, price & availability would be good-- do the bits you use fit the Eclipse tool & were you setting S/Steel nuts? Regards & thanks Bob.
  13. Hi all, I'm looking for the setting mandrel to fit an Eclipse Nut-sert Tool (also marketed by Spear & Jackson or Spiralux) to set 4mm nuts into my chassis (for removable panels) Would prefer to buy rather than borrow in case I manage to break it!! Regards Bob
  14. The biggest problem with an electric car (besides weight & cost of battery pack) is the number of times the energy is converted to another form---oil (or nunk or wind) to 400K transmission lines to sub-station to home to battery charger to chemical store in battery to electricity to torque at motor to road wheels. If all conversions were 60% efficient (which most aren't) 100% oil energy would become around 10% motive power. But then we are all going to hell on a hand-cart (if you believe the greenies) so enjoy the ride while you can. Regards Bob
  15. Some may remember, I have in the past year had cause to complain about service & kit parts from GBS, well,on a brighter note, to-day by return post I recieved my invoice for the 2B+ purchased last April-- thanks Ian, great improvement in customer service.
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