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  1. Pintogogo

    NORTH EAST AREA Meeting Feb 27th . 7-30pm

    Hi Alan I’ll be there if Sarah will bring me again as my eyes are now that bad I’ve had to stop driving till I get sorted so no kit out this month regards harry
  2. Pintogogo

    Car meets north east

    Hi Dan, as mentioned Church Mouse at Chester le street last weds of the month and there is also an ad hoc meeting at Darlington Mid month, keep eyes on here for Date n directions
  3. Pintogogo

    North East Area Meeting Wed 30th Jan. From 7-30Pm

    Hi Alan Ill be there but probs not in kit due to weather Harry
  4. Pintogogo

    North East Area Meeting Wed 28th Nov. From 7-30 pm

    Hi Guys Ill be there n depending on weather Ill be in Kit, see you all then Harry
  5. Pintogogo

    Led Rear Lights

    Mine are similar to what youre looking at and look and work superb (in my opinion lol )
  6. Pintogogo

    North East Area Meeting Wed 31St Oct ., From 7-30Pm

    Hi Guys ill be there but waiting on weather to see if its kit or tin top lol see you weds Harry
  7. Pintogogo

    Fuel Drain

    Hi guys thanks for suggestions, Its a brand new mechanical pump that's fitted and pumps fine, there are no spacers between manifold and carb and there is no solenoid, so still trying lol
  8. Pintogogo

    Fuel Drain

    Cant see a spacer between manifold & carb but Ben like that 3 years but problem only been there couple of months fuel appears to be raining back not evaporating
  9. Pintogogo

    Fuel Drain

    When I leave my S7 running a 2.0 pinto the fuel drains from lines and will only start after pouring petrol into top of carb, Ive tried :- Fitting new OE mechanical fuel pump Moving in line filter before and after fuel pump Fitting non return valve before fuel pump Replacing fuel line Blowing back through line to clear tank filter Just ran out of the dead can anyone help
  10. Pintogogo

    Steering Wheel Boss

    Im after a short steering wheel boss to fit a Sierra steering column with a mountney wheel, as my boss is approx 100mm, or a weld on quick release type Can anyone help
  11. Pintogogo

    North East Area Meeting Wed.26Th Sept., From 7-30Pm

    sorry I left shortly after you arrived Matty, hope to have a bit crack next time Harry
  12. Pintogogo


    i have a stainless hood from my S7 with an oval hole for K & N air filetr on a webber cut out
  13. Pintogogo

    North East Area Meeting Wed.26Th Sept., From 7-30Pm

    Hi Alan, Ill be there hopefully with kit weather permitting, if not its the reliable old tin top lol
  14. Pintogogo

    Evidence Quality Cctv

    Hi Steve You could try Rob @RBM from the Barnes he fitted my system n can maybe give you the best deal/advice
  15. Pintogogo

    North East Area Meeting Wed.29Th Aug, From 7-30Pm

    Ill be there guys hopefully in kit weather permitting ( if I can find me steering wheel nut lol ) Harry