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  1. Well done Pete great achievement Wishing you many miles of safe enjoyable driving Harry
  2. Pintogogo

    Servo pipe

    Hi Alan Thanks for your reply, I bought vacuum hose to do bike carb set up and was just going to use servo fitting a original non return valve, I was just seeing if anyone had one lying about as I was wary of cutting fittings from mine Cheers Harry
  3. Pintogogo

    Servo pipe

    Hi Im after a pinto brake servo pipe if anyone has one lying about Cheers
  4. what switches have you got fitted tony because there are different ones from sierras, one is -ve earth on certain pins and different on others I have some good diagrams for ford stalks if you need them, also LED bulb in ign light savage switch was not enough to excite alternator, I had to put lamp under bonnet between alternator and lamp
  5. Happy Birthday Alan,

    Nearly missed it, missing you guys, hope to meet soon, stay safe,


  6. Hi Mate I know Alan toon very well and he is very knowledgeable and helped me a lot ( and still does lol ) i'm in Sunderland if you want to message me and see if I can help regards Harry
  7. Hi Alan Where did you get the big head studs from
  8. Hi Guys After a bit advice on methods of fixing cycle wings, previous ones were pop riveted to supports but i want to move away from that with new wings, I have sikaflex but was after different methods to fix new wings on and how strong the fixings are Cheers in advance Harry
  9. thanks guys, electric pump on order now
  10. I have a 2.0L pinto fitted with a new OE mechanical fuel pump but I cannot get the plastic in line fuel filter fitted between the pump and the carb to retain any petrol. If car stands for more than a week the petrol evaporates and it takes an eternity of pouring fuel down carb chokes to fire engine up several times to pull fuel through, even then only spurts of fuel from fuel pump can be seen entering filter, is there any way to bleed fuel system
  11. I used these taken from forums to successfully wire sierra column switches to mini wiper motor
  12. where is your switch fitted? you may have to move it to get it to come on at right time ie NG on cooler part of system leaving temp to go right up
  13. Has anyone fitted the propshaft catch plates from Danst eng. ? if so have you any pics of how they are attached?
  14. To all my friends and their families in the NE RHOCAR group, stay safe, Fit and well, I hope to see you later in the year Harry And to all RHOCAR members around the country.
  15. Bit of a longshot …. but are the grease nipples a standard size thread
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