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  1. CBS supply different length drive boxes (spindles) that should give more clearance from your scuttle panel, I had same problem, 2 new drive boxes ( about £20 each) and problem sorted
  2. That’s great thanks they will get me away PM sent
  3. I was really after the ones with the raised emboss in the middle but need to get on road how much are you after for those plus postage please regards harry
  4. 'Bit of a long shot' but I'm after a pair of front anti roll bar clamps to fit a Sierra 24mm roll bar, my clamps are flat across the section and I'm after a pair with centre ridge to fit poly bushes Regards Harry
  5. Hope its a goer, Id be up for that Alan Harry
  6. https://www.burtonpower.com/breather-elbow-sohc-pinto-681f-x-flow-pre-x-flow-20mm-fp280.html Hi Lewis I have literally taken mine out yesterday and replaced it with a unit purchased from Burton (see link above) I removed old breather with a pair of pump pliers, rotating it back and forth whilst lifting and it came out no trouble, cleaned hole with cloth and burton aluminium breather pressed straight in with a gentle tap home with a nylon hammer regards Harry
  7. Thanks Grim I've ordered one of those Harry
  8. Hi I'm after a Pinto engine crankcase breather valve (preferably without valve inside) so i can fit oil catch tank when I fit my bike carbs cheers Harry
  9. lol no mate ill fit them when im feeling a bit better, hang on in there you seem to be winning battle with webbers
  10. Still haven't got around to fitting your bike carbs yet Tony, hope it goes a bit smoother for me than the toil you've had with the twin webbers Harry
  11. there's some good wiring diagrams on here for sierra stalks, mini wiper motors to sierra stalks etc etc
  12. Well done Pete great achievement Wishing you many miles of safe enjoyable driving Harry
  13. Pintogogo

    Servo pipe

    Hi Alan Thanks for your reply, I bought vacuum hose to do bike carb set up and was just going to use servo fitting a original non return valve, I was just seeing if anyone had one lying about as I was wary of cutting fittings from mine Cheers Harry
  14. Pintogogo

    Servo pipe

    Hi Im after a pinto brake servo pipe if anyone has one lying about Cheers
  15. what switches have you got fitted tony because there are different ones from sierras, one is -ve earth on certain pins and different on others I have some good diagrams for ford stalks if you need them, also LED bulb in ign light savage switch was not enough to excite alternator, I had to put lamp under bonnet between alternator and lamp
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