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  1. thanks guys, electric pump on order now
  2. I have a 2.0L pinto fitted with a new OE mechanical fuel pump but I cannot get the plastic in line fuel filter fitted between the pump and the carb to retain any petrol. If car stands for more than a week the petrol evaporates and it takes an eternity of pouring fuel down carb chokes to fire engine up several times to pull fuel through, even then only spurts of fuel from fuel pump can be seen entering filter, is there any way to bleed fuel system
  3. I used these taken from forums to successfully wire sierra column switches to mini wiper motor
  4. where is your switch fitted? you may have to move it to get it to come on at right time ie NG on cooler part of system leaving temp to go right up
  5. Has anyone fitted the propshaft catch plates from Danst eng. ? if so have you any pics of how they are attached?
  6. To all my friends and their families in the NE RHOCAR group, stay safe, Fit and well, I hope to see you later in the year Harry And to all RHOCAR members around the country.
  7. Bit of a longshot …. but are the grease nipples a standard size thread
  8. Pintogogo

    Parts clearout

    Hi Stu sorry for late reply I’ve been in hospital, have you still got the drag links ? If so I’ll have them, just mail me a total price and I’ll pay you by pay pal regards harry
  9. Hi Alan Hope all's well, your pics of bike carb mods look good, Ill be there weds (hopefully) and I want to pic your brains (as usual) about anti roll bar mod n driveshaft issue and general enjoy the craik, Harry
  10. Pintogogo

    Parts clearout

    Hi Stu Can you give me a posted price for the Transit drag links (pair) (Top ball joint for monocoques and 2b) if you still have them Kind Regards Harry
  11. Hi Alan Hopefully I’ll see you all on weds at the church mouse, all being well, I may have to rely on sarah getting me there Stay safe Harry
  12. Hi Alan All the best to you and your family, I’ll not make the adhoc meeting this month and possibly not the church mouse meeting either as I’m back in hospital again since New Year’s Day, but hope to be up and about in Feb. In the kit. Take care and pass my best wishes on the members that turn up. Harry
  13. Hi Elliot a couple of pics of my set up as above & runs spot on
  14. Hi Elliot I used to have a hole in my old bonnet ( my car has a 2.1 pinto with a twin choke webber carb) and I had a K & N filter fitted which was ok, but when I got my new bonnet with louvre vents pressed in it meant I would have had to cut hole where Louvres were for filter so I manufactured a mild steel airbox to fit on carb, using original filter mounting holes I then fed a ducted hose from this down into nosecone, and fitted a performance cone filter to this in nose cone, result better running and cosmetic finish
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