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  1. Plastic front cover plate wanted for 1984 sierra fuse/relay box or picture of fuse/relay use
  2. H Hi Alan Car up n running again, so am I lol give me a shout for Oct 10th & I will try to meet up to go to Darlington, maybe at durham? Regards Harry
  3. has it got original mechanical fuel pump on front nearside of engine with fuel filter or are you running from electric pump
  4. Hi guys Ill be there about 7.30 ish look forward to seeing you all n that show winning car Alan, congratulations by the way Regards Harry
  5. Hi Guys, Hope to be able to make it Wednesday all being well Harry
  6. Hi Dan I had similar problems with my kit, there are quite a few wiring diagrams on the forums that will really help, I printed one for a mini motor and one for wiper & light stalks, Regards Harry
  7. Thanks for the offer Allan ill get there see you weds Harry
  8. Hi Guys, It will be a while before Im hopefully behind the wheel again but Sarah said she will bring me along again this time so see you all there Harry
  9. Hi Alan ill be there if I can get a lift off Sarah
  10. Hi Alan I wont make it this time as my eye ops did not go too well and I am struggling with my vision big style, hope to get sorted before Stoneleigh, have a good night Harry
  11. Hi Alan I’ll be there if Sarah will bring me again as my eyes are now that bad I’ve had to stop driving till I get sorted so no kit out this month regards harry
  12. Hi Dan, as mentioned Church Mouse at Chester le street last weds of the month and there is also an ad hoc meeting at Darlington Mid month, keep eyes on here for Date n directions
  13. Hi Alan Ill be there but probs not in kit due to weather Harry
  14. Hi Guys Ill be there n depending on weather Ill be in Kit, see you all then Harry
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