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  1. Hi Alan is that the same night as the church mouse meet?
  2. Hope this helps Chris Regards Harry
  3. Doing exactly the same Andy, I've fabricated mountings and Dave at Dampertec in Rotherham is the man,,, he's sorting mine for me Regards Harry
  4. Hi Alan Ill be there, don't know about kit yet I'm still on with coil over mod lol, take care n stay safe see you all 30th Harry
  5. Dont use accuspark..... they're cheap Chinese s*!t they damage engines, better off contacting Jon at BESTEK crawley
  6. I’m coming through with Neil our Sarah is going to run us through Alan see you tonight
  7. I agree with Nelmo, then cover connectors & 10mm of wire with shrink wrap tube
  8. Hi Alan, I hope to get there but kit wont be ready.... still some jobs to do before warm weather Regards Harry
  9. Pintogogo

    Wiring diagram

    Unless stripped back donor harnesses are a mess, I did my RH with individual wires from CBS module to alternator, lights, dash, starter motor, dozy module, coil etc etc no problems with no experience eventually becoming a harness that followed the lines of my car and neatly wrapped in split plastic wiring conduit clipped to body
  10. Pintogogo

    Wiring diagram

    Hi I wired mine from scratch using a CBS module (£100 ish) and I am red/green colour-blind and I managed first time, PM me and I will send all my diagrams to you Regards Harry
  11. Hi Alan, Sorry I cant make this time, I'm still suffering effects of covid Take care n hope to see you at church mouse Regards Harry
  12. No Probs Alan Mandy, Sarah and myself have been down with covid in the past week and have just finally tested -ve, I hope you are fit n well n Ill see you next month Take care n stay safe Harry
  13. No Probs Alan, Hope to see you all at the church mouse Take care n Stay safe Harry
  14. Tony I used Transit Mk6 stick which is similar (just a bit longer) it looks ok and works fine, for sale on ebay for around £15 new Compliments of the season Harry
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