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  1. Hi Alan See you all there Harry
  2. Tonneau cover wanted to fit Robin Hood S7.
  3. Hi Alan Ill be there, see yous then Stay safe Harry
  4. Pintogogo

    IVA Pass

    Congratulations mate it’s a good build, they were well impressed
  5. Thanks Alan Ill be there Take care n stay safe
  6. Ill be there Alan, kit as well (weather permitting ) see you then Harry
  7. wiring is simple +ve Live supply to gearbox switch, feed from switch to reverse lamp terminal, feed from other reverse lamp terminal to earth
  8. Hi guys Sorry I wont be able to make this months meeting, Im not to well at min hopefully see yous next month Harry
  9. Ill be there with car Alan, Neil is on holiday in Spain see yous Wednesday
  10. when you jack car up spring will become loose as shocker is compressed when wheel on floor
  11. Robin hood Coilover Bracket mountings.xlsxRobin hood Coilover Bracket mountings.xlsxI fitted GAZ shocks from Dave at Dampertech on the end of the radius arm where original shocker was bolted and manufactured bracket for top mounting un wheelarch and to stiffen lower mounting
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