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  1. Hi guys unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, I’ve torn a muscle in my side and it’s too painfull to travel about Hope you all have a good Xmas and New year and I’ll see yous at next meeting Regards Harry
  2. Not needed for IVA my mates passed without one but sharp edges of silencer need protective cover we just used the knock on general rubber covered trim and it was ok, the examiner wasn't happy with studs through body with nyloc nuts and washers to silencer he wanted nuts changed to domed nuts. my heat shield has 2 big jubilee type clips fastened on inside which slide over silencer an tighten with screwdriver when in required position
  3. Thanks guys but I'm getting my new car tomorrow (hopefully) and Sarah's promised to bring me to meeting anyway, but thanks for offers I appreciate it Harry
  4. Hi Guys I should be there, Kit blocked in garage n Sarah's part ex'd my car again lol so Ill try my best Harry
  5. Mine looked similar so I cut it out n binned it, Im colourblind red/green but managed neat rewire using CBS module and was really easy
  6. I will be there with the car weather permitting too lol
  7. Hi Guys I'll be there, hopefully with kit (weather dependant lol), I think Neil is away on hols so dunno if sarah coming with me See yous there Take care Harry
  8. Ill be there Alan, hopefully in the Kit Regards Harry
  9. I’ll be there n I’ll try to get the kit blown off see you Tuesday Harry
  10. Hi Alan I'll be there all being well Stay safe Harry
  11. Hi Alan See you all there Harry
  12. Tonneau cover wanted to fit Robin Hood S7.
  13. Hi Alan Ill be there, see yous then Stay safe Harry
  14. Pintogogo

    IVA Pass

    Congratulations mate it’s a good build, they were well impressed
  15. Thanks Alan Ill be there Take care n stay safe
  16. Ill be there Alan, kit as well (weather permitting ) see you then Harry
  17. wiring is simple +ve Live supply to gearbox switch, feed from switch to reverse lamp terminal, feed from other reverse lamp terminal to earth
  18. Hi guys Sorry I wont be able to make this months meeting, Im not to well at min hopefully see yous next month Harry
  19. Ill be there with car Alan, Neil is on holiday in Spain see yous Wednesday
  20. when you jack car up spring will become loose as shocker is compressed when wheel on floor
  21. Robin hood Coilover Bracket mountings.xlsxRobin hood Coilover Bracket mountings.xlsxI fitted GAZ shocks from Dave at Dampertech on the end of the radius arm where original shocker was bolted and manufactured bracket for top mounting un wheelarch and to stiffen lower mounting
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