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  1. Ill not be able to make Thursday Allan, but will hopefully meet up in 2022, until then stay safe and have a Merry Xmas and a happy, healthy New Year Harry
  2. Hi I fitted a universal cable with a pivot end to my pedal, cable goes through a cable length adjuster (fitted through a nut welded to inside of pedal box) and on to my bike carbs, It is neat and gives the necessary adjustment to cable I need
  3. Hi Alan I'm after a set up like yours and Ill try to find the shocks, Dave from dampertec replied to my message and has asked me to call tomorrow and he will also try to give me a price on shocks n springs, just worried about going to 150lb springs as some messages Ive had are saying 500lb which seems excessive Regards Harry
  4. Im looking to replace the std sierra coil springs and dampers with coilovers fitted between the damper bolt on the radius arm and I will fabricate a bracket for the rear inner wheel arch, what make of coilovers, size (open and closed) and spring weighting have people used and where is best place to buy them from? any info on fitting also is much appreciated Regards Harry
  5. I'll be there right day, right time lol
  6. Sorry, Try this file
  7. I have attached an excel worksheet of how i wired my fan and temp sender switch on my 2.1 pinto Hope it helps Harry
  8. Have a look through Iva manual and from answers on here, but I think standing as proud as it is it will be Ng but recessed into a foam covered dash will be ok especially if it is behind steering wheel where it has less chance of causing damage to face or body
  9. If you glue 5mm foam onto dash before covering the gauges will then recess into foam n be ok for Iva
  10. I've I've mailed him, Thanks for help
  11. See yous all there guys Harry
  12. Next meeting at church mouse at Chester le street is Wednesday 27th October (next week) hope to see you there
  13. Hi Has anyone got a steering cowl top half or complete unit for sale Cheers Harry
  14. Happy Birthday Alan, you dont look a day over 74 😂 

    have a great day

    see you tonight

    Harry, Mandy & Sarah

  15. Ill be there Alan, hopefully in kit if I finish the wiring n it all works lol Look forward to seeing you all Take care n stay safe Harry
  16. Thanks Guys I went through all the usual, google, transit forums, owners manual etc etc and decided easier to stick with my sierra stalk Thanks to all for the help
  17. I've been on net 4hrs googling it and only downloads are on sites that require credit card details as ID just hoped someone on here may have had one
  18. I’m after a wiring diagram for a 1991 to 2000 mk 4/5 transit indicator stalk for my Robin Hood
  19. Hi Alan Ill be there all being well, and possibly in the kit lol Regards Harry
  20. Hi Alan I was hoping to get there but I haven't been too good, hope to see you at the church mouse later in month Take care n stay safe Regards Harry
  21. Live from fuse box to gauge, other terminal on gauge to sender insulated terminal, sender body should be earthed through tank bolts (ensure tank is earthed to body) and it should work
  22. Pintogogo

    Fuel line

    Hi Its along box section where passenger rests left arm
  23. Pintogogo

    Fuel line

    Hi My S7 has one piece rubber fuel line from tank up into boot floor, through bulkhead, and runs inside side rail through cockpit and into engine compartment to fuel pump, I have had no probs at all with this set up. Regards Harry
  24. Universal choke cable (similar to old mini) off ebay £8.99.... spot on, drilled dash,cable through, nut on back and connected to bike chokes with nipple end... 1/2 hr job
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