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  1. It sounds like the one on the inlet manifold. Do you have a picture of this?
  2. The one screwed into the engine block for the water temperature gauge works fine. It is the flat mount temperature sensor for the ESC that I can not find where it bolts too. It can only be about 6 inches from the original ESC location as that is the length of the wires. It is a black plastic square block with two wires and one bolt hole.
  3. Can anyone tell me where the surface mount temperature sensor is meant to be?
  4. Excellent information. Thank you.
  5. Plugged it all in and got the engine to fire. The pin numbers didn't match on any diagram I could find. The wires are not long enough to put the ESC under the dash. It looks like it will have to be mounted in the engine bay? Where does everyone one have theirs mounted? Where would it have been mounted in the original Sierra?
  6. Link didn't work for me, but I found the PDF after a search. Thanks for the information. Let me know how you get on.
  7. That's more than the thermostat. So when the thermostat is fully open, for a while it's going to be drawing water from the radiator to try and cool the engine, and actually be raising temperature until the fan kicks in (in traffic). I assumed you would want it set to less?
  8. The thermostat in the engine is 88 degrees. Can anyone recommend what temperature switch should be used in the radiator for the cooling fan?
  9. I used a header tank from a mini s.
  10. Random

    Fuel tank seal

    I got a plate and pipe TIG welded on. Decided the rubber seal would be more hassle.
  11. The loom is still a working progress. I am following the diagram posted. I will use the old engine loom as unmodified as possible to get the engine started, and once running will be removing as much as possible.
  12. Ah, it's written on the ESC unit.
  13. The wiring diagram is all good, but does anyone have the numbering for the ESC 2 plug so I know which one is PIN 1 and which one is PIN 25 etc?
  14. Thanks for the information, on closer inspection as you said the temperature sensor for the ESC does appear to be surface mount, and a separate temperature sensor is in the block for the guage. Looks like I need to wire in a power hold relay (I was asking because it seems to be missing from my loom. Great.)
  15. So what do people do then, fit an extra sensor, go without a temperature guage, or just not connect the ESC up to the sensor? (I can't work out why it needs to know the temperature)
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