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  1. Random

    Rear axle offset

    Ah, thankyou both for the confirmation. The issue is that the wheel sticks out a little from the arch on the drivers side and I am concerned that will be a IVA fail as I believe the entire wheel has to be covered by the arch.
  2. Is the Sierra rear axle symmetrical? Seems like the right hand wheel sticks out an inch further on the driver side. Only noticed today so need to investigate next weekend. Anyone else had a similar issue?
  3. The the diagram mentions a degree angle (maybe 5 or 15), but the issue is the side panels are angled, which technically might throw off the visibility form certain points. Maybe the wheel arch can obscure it. The thing about it being in the wheel arch is what happens when the wheel is on full lock.
  4. If the fog lights only turn on when the headlights are on, is that enough to pass the IVA test? I have heard that the fog switch now needs to reset back to off when the ignition is turned off so that it cannot accidently be left on for next time you use the vehicle and turn the main lights on. I tested this on my modern vehicle and sure enough if does reset.
  5. Looking to fit the repeater indicators and wanted to know thoughts on which is more likely to make it through the IVA test, side panel, or in the side of the front arch?
  6. Random

    Chassis VIN

    So it turns out that the process at the time of writing is unpublished on the website and requires an email to be sent. You cannot make up your own any more as the first part of the number relates to the issuing agency. Email your name, address, details of your build, and request a VIN number to dvlavin@dvla.gov.uk and in a few weeks the forms turn up in the post. This form has a place for a garage to stamp to verify that number has been put on the chassis correctly, and this is used later in the process of the SVA test.
  7. Has anyone used the kitspares front wing brackets and know which side the one with the notch fits? Also is there rules on positioning of the arch over the wheel in terms of forwards or backwards. I assume part of it is pedestrian safety, so enough of the front of the wheel has to be covered?
  8. On the 2b where do the bottom of the seatbelts mount? On the outer frame there does seem to be a flat with a hole that could be used. But in the middle of the car there is just the tunnel which has no strength really.
  9. No I don't think all chassis are stainless. The body panels I have are stainless though.
  10. Random

    Chassis VIN

    Yes that looks more like it. Thankyou @Sparepart
  11. Random

    Chassis VIN

    Searches are ok, but information goes out of date. In terms of email all I can find is: "DVLA does not publish any emails for the public, with one exception - eftd@dvla.gsi.gov.uk for DVLA Driver Medical Enquiries." @nelmo do you have an email address that I can use to contact them? I can not imagine they would let you make one up as like number plates there is bound to be a strict standard and a high degree of uniqueness.
  12. When I started my build I was a little shocked at the lack of videos. I actually have the VHS tapes somewhere and can confirm that the stuff on YouTube matches the contents of the tapes. But as time goes on, the lack of instructions is kind of handy as it means your build is not "restricted" by a design on paper. @Mash Potato how far have you got with your build? I took my partial built 2b apart to paint the entire chassis as it has been sitting for 15 years. I am glad I did as I saw many things that I was not happy about, and took the time to correct them.
  13. Random

    Chassis VIN

    I am building a 2b and need to get a VIN to add to the chassis. At what point in the process can this be obtained and how do I apply for this? I have been looking on the DVLA website and there does not seem to be any information regarding this. I am sure it is needed before the IVA test
  14. Looking at the MOT history there have been a lot of failures based on emissions. What was needed to correct this to get it to pass?
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