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  1. Looking at the MOT history there have been a lot of failures based on emissions. What was needed to correct this to get it to pass?
  2. Random

    Ride height

    To be clear I am in the build process and just trying to set the correct ride height. Currently the frame is about 5 inches from the floor and parts bottom out on the ground when pushing the car in and out of the garage. I guess I need to do more research about the coil overs I have before I drill and fit the final locations for all four suspension components.
  3. Random

    Ride height

    The suspension I think is called double wishbone? I think it was an upgrade option brought by the original kit purchaser. Would softer suspension drop more under the weight of the car, hence stiffer suspension would affect the height a small amount?
  4. Random

    Ride height

    Hello, Can anyone recommend the correct ride height for a 2b? Where is this measured from, the bottom of the side frame and the bar at the front of the car to the floor? It looks like I have to drill bolt holes at the bottom of the roll bar for the rear springs, and re drill where the front springs attach at the bottom to adjust the height. What should I set the spring tension too first? I assume adjusting these will alter the firmness of the suspension but also the height, so they need to be near the correct adjustment before starting? Kind Regards, Matt
  5. I wired up my horn today and it didn't work either. Relay was clicking but no sound. Turns out when the relay was activating it was just connecting the two wires together that I had connected to the horn, no voltage on those wires. I think it is designed for an air horn circuit with a pressure switch, compressor, and a solenoid. I changed the relay wiring to work for my horn, but took me a while to work out what was going on. Works great now. Also works with the ignition off like most cars.
  6. That is right, my donor was a later model and uses a different wiring diagram. My indicators have the click of the relay but no other audible sound. Not sure anything else is required. Horn is the next thing for me to wire up. Can't remember if I have a relay for the holder or if I need to source one.
  7. If you still need to wire the headlights and are using the original light control stick from the Sierra best check the original wiring diagram. On mine the switches seemed to operate as grounds for relays, which I did not notice until I wired it up wrong several times and blew the same fuses multiple times. Seemed like the original used four relays on total for the dipped and main beams, although I now have it working with two relays, so I hope this will be ok.
  8. Conversion kit worked great.
  9. Great idea. Will have to do that if I ever get it on the road.
  10. Interesting. I ordered the conversion kit which I am fitting at the weekend.
  11. It does seem like I am missing that. I wonder if the lights originally came with the kit.
  12. Good thinking, but it is three pins in the back of the glass sealed unit.
  13. Dodgy switch? Have you tried continuity test on the back of the switch with the battery disconnected?
  14. Awesome. Thanks.
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