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  1. Do you have a photo of what you've done please?
  2. The car was bought around 90% done, just the finishing touches. But sometimes these take the time. My chassis is stainless, I assume they were not all then?
  3. Did you ever find this, as I'm also after it?
  4. Hi all, Just bought a partly built 2B. I'd like to get a copy (ideally electronically) of the build videos. I think I can find a few on you tube, but not sure they are all there. Is anyone here able to help?
  5. Thanks, sounds like a very interesting build.
  6. Great, thanks for the reply. I am building a Sierra based 2B kit. I'm not familiar with the Exmo, how does it differ from the 2B?
  7. Hi all, looks like I'm about to take on an unfinished Robin hood car. It would be good to get to know other local owners, but it does not look like there is an owners club meeting near me. I'm based in Berkshire, anyone else near me?
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