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  1. These could possibly be the answer! Centrally fixed so no need to think about clipping the one end. Easily fixed the screen frame! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CLASSIC-FIAT-PANDA-SUN-VISORS-X-2-/151650797943?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&fits=Car+Make%3AFiat&hash=item234f178977
  2. Was out in the hood last night and when the sun is low in the sky, without sun visors i can't see a thing!! Was wondering whether there were any genius ideas for fitting them?
  3. Both the crank case and top end are ventilated well. I don't remember seeing a baffle plate, so that will be the next step! Thanks Nigel!! Don't suppose these are off the shelf items?
  4. Sometimes when driving the car hard, i notice a little oil spillage from the cap and sits around the rocker cover. It's a pretty modified pinto with a 270-280 degree cam, stage 4 head. I put a high pressure oil pump on as well. Anyone come across this before? I'm guessing it's down to the pump pumping hard at high revs. What sort of caps do people use? Catch tank may be the way to go... Thanks!
  5. I can vouch for Aldon Amethyst at Aldon Engineering in Birmingham. They lock the advance mechanism on your existing distributor and the little amethyst box does the rest. Worked wonders for a while, however i've recently changed camshaft so awaiting on a rolling road session.
  6. The little white vacuum plug that goes in the back of the brake servo. My one broke
  7. As the title reads, my offside rear wheel has rather drastic negative camber, it's worn the inside of the tyre very quickly!! I'm not aware of any camber adjustment on the rear? Sierra based 2B. Can anyone point me in a vague direction... ta! (Moved from Mechanics section)
  8. Thanks chaps! Fingers crossed it passes Saturday, looks like we're in for a bit of sun too!
  9. Nigel, it's a Westfield exhaust manifold, actually fit much nicer than the standard rh one! I will contact the guys I got the head off to see exactly what was done, I got that a little while back. This is the first engine I've actually built up myself so it's been a learning curve!! Just getting my head around compression ratios etc..
  10. Bob I only say low compression as that's what I was told, thinking about it though, having a cam that kicks in at 3000rpm, compression won't rise until I'm within the cam duration...I bought the engine fully rebuilt and refurbished. I've had it apart to inspect so I know it's good. I will get myself a compression tester and let you know what it reads. They also advised not to run a return from the webers...but I'm guessing that's if I go with the pump and reg... Any who, I think I'm going to stick with what I've got for the mean time, I've spent the past 10 months rebuilding this, I need to get out and enjoy it!! MOT booked for Saturday morning!!
  11. The set up I've got is as follows; stage 4 head, 44.5mm inlet and 38.1mm exhaust with valve seats. 4 branch exhaust manifold, twin 45 webers and lightened flywheel. Standard 205 bottom end, fitted some arp conrod bolts to make sure. Standard Sierra ignition. It's running the mechanical fuel pump. I think that's where i'll go next, upgrade the ignition. Would you recommend a facet with filter king reg? Cheers
  12. All of the above i have been recommended by the rolling road company. I'm running a KCFR33, which is a 300 deg camshaft. The guy's at CFM Engineering say i'd get more power from a lesser cam, perhaps a 280 degree as compression is low... Also running a facet solid state fuel pump and filter king regulator... There are a couple of different options: Two different options for the Facet Fuel Pump; Fast Road - Up to 150 bhp, 18 Gallons p/hour and 4 - 5.5 psi Competition - Up to 180 bhp, 25 Gallons p/hour and 6 - 7 psi And finally the Fuel Reg - Filter King 67mm bowl - suitable for up to 150bhp 85mm bowl - suitable for over 150bhp The Rolling Road came out at 140bhp, the guy recons he could get 160bhp with those mods, which would mean i'd have to go with the second choice of each... Anyone have any thoughts? The bottom end is standard, Pinto btw! Cheers
  13. http://s160.photobucket.com/user/lockyer89/library/Kit%20Car%20Rebuild Just some from the rebuild...
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