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  1. Ian Craster

    Stainless bodywork required

    Hi all, I have purchased a project which was started by someone how hasn't looked at the vids and the body panels have been butchered to fit they have folds/dents where they have been forced to fit. So I,m looking for body stainless panels, near side full panel, rear panel, footwell end panel, I may need the offside panel because I believe the exhaust hole has been cut wrong. I would advertise this in the wanted section but I am having problems paying for membership without PayPal. Thanks Ian
  2. Ian Craster

    2B build DVDs

    Hi all, I have 4 videos that came with the project but don't have vid anymore, can you get DVDs, can anyone help or point me in the right direction please thanks Ian.
  3. Ian Craster

    Painted stainless steel chassis

    Hi all, I am looking to remove the paint (2 coats in places) from my stainless steel chassis and then polish the stainless. Is this a matter of a lot of elbow grease or is there an easy fix like dipping or light blasting to achieve a polished chassis. anyone got any ideas Ian.
  4. Ian Craster

    Wishbone conversion

    Hi all, I have purchased a S/S 2b project, I have read some threads about changing from sliding pillar to wishbone which is the way I want to go. Is there a conversion kit which is all bolt on and is there a S/S version. thanks