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  1. Does anyone want to sell their unfitted wishbone conversion kit for a 2b.
  2. Cheers guys, I thought I read something similar to what Ian said thanks for confirming. I,ll remove the rocker cover and mark the cam and pulley to be sure cheers
  3. Hi all, I started to change the bottom end front oil seals on my pinto, set the crank to TDC but the cam wheel is a vernier type which doesn,t have a timing mark, checked the rotor arm and its pointing to No1. 2 questions would you just mark the cam pulley and replace it as marked. It may have this pulley fitted because it poss has a uprated cam, does it need this pulley or could I fit a standard one
  4. Hi just had MOT done and one of my rear upside down Sierra struts is goosed, so was thinking of changing to coil overs has anyone got any recommendations on what to buy and how to fit some pics would help.
  5. Hi has anyone got a set of instructions on what to cut out and how to fit the wishbone conversion kit please. Or are they on the internet anywhere
  6. Hi, Has anyone got a Sierra fuel tank I need the sender unit/tank side fitting and the filler piping. Prefer northeast/North Yorkshire area
  7. Thanks for the replies I have advertised for a Sierra tank sender and filler in local ads (northeast)
  8. Ian Craster


    Hi all, I have the old style fuel tank hole one end welded studs the other, this seems a very makeshift system prone to leaking, I am going to have a pipe connection welded to the filler end but the info I need is what to do with the sender unit hole. Still use a Sierra sender unit or is there something more up to date to have welded/fitted on.
  9. Hi Guys and gals, I,m building a 2B and have a pinto and type 9 set up but looking at something more up to date, I have been offered a mx5 engine and box has anyone fitted a mx5 in a 2b do they fit and how easy is it fit. How does it affect the IVA I was trying to go for my Sierra donor car reg, do I just change the engine no. for the MX5 no.
  10. Hi all, I have purchased a project which was started by someone how hasn't looked at the vids and the body panels have been butchered to fit they have folds/dents where they have been forced to fit. So I,m looking for body stainless panels, near side full panel, rear panel, footwell end panel, I may need the offside panel because I believe the exhaust hole has been cut wrong. I would advertise this in the wanted section but I am having problems paying for membership without PayPal. Thanks Ian
  11. Hi all, I have 4 videos that came with the project but don't have vid anymore, can you get DVDs, can anyone help or point me in the right direction please thanks Ian.
  12. Hi all, I am looking to remove the paint (2 coats in places) from my stainless steel chassis and then polish the stainless. Is this a matter of a lot of elbow grease or is there an easy fix like dipping or light blasting to achieve a polished chassis. anyone got any ideas Ian.
  13. Hi all, I have purchased a S/S 2b project, I have read some threads about changing from sliding pillar to wishbone which is the way I want to go. Is there a conversion kit which is all bolt on and is there a S/S version. thanks
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