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  1. I had the same problem once, I sprayed a small burst of WD40 into the switch and it cured them.
  2. alantoon

    Exmo Vs SS 2B

    The Exmo doesn't handle like a pig, I had mine for 5 years and really enjoyed the whole time with it, OK is not in the same league as the more expensive kits bot for a first intoduction into kit cars it is good fun especially if you can buy it at the right price. if you do decide to go for it the main place to watch is where the front end joins the bulkhead this is where mine eventually failed but that was after almost 60000 miles.
  3. Thanks to all who managed to turm out for the meeting last night, really enjoyable meeting, I had a really good drive down and back despite the usual road closures and diversions- I saw parts of Newcastle last night that even I didn't know existed, 110 miles round trip in the kit in t-shirt weather , whats not to like Hope to see you all at the next meeting at the Church Mouse Chester le street in a couple of weeks time.
  4. I live about 60 miles away if that's any help
  5. alantoon


    We have a meeting on Wednesday at Darlington, come and join us see the post for details, Alan
  6. Hi Allan' I would like to come down but I am waiting to see what the weather warnings we have actually come to anything. A sign of old age -loosing things ! I will let you know nearer the time if I am coming down
  7. All welcome to come and join us at the Church Mouse, Waldridge Chester le Street DH23RJ .
  8. Hi Dan, you have definitley been there and done it as far as kit cars go, you must have some fond memories of your times with the kits- the trips to Scotland especially, all the the best in whatever you do in the future, Alan
  9. I just fitted Protech !3.5 inch open with 9 inch 180 lb springs to my 3a
  10. Hi Dan, it was great news on passing IVA- I have been watching your posts. The meetings at the Church Mouse are monthly on the last Wed. of each month but we also hold a monthly meeting at the Old Farmhouse Yarm Rd Darlington on the second Thursday of each month so you get two chances per month to come and meet us. Alan
  11. All welcome to come and join us at the Church Mouse, Waldridge Chester le Street DH23RJ . Looking forward to seeing some of last years regulars and some new faces .
  12. Good evening I am desperately trying to locate my old Robin Hood s7 registration A999UTL it’s not been mot’d since 2006 ... I just hope it’s not sitting in a garage somewhere rotting away ... 

  13. Or you could allways do this
  14. Hi Allan, I am not coming down tonight, the weather is too miserable for a 100 mie drive ! also I haven't been able to give the car a check over after having done 1000 miles in the last three weeks. Catch up with you soon Alan.l
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