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  1. alantoon

    New Jim Clark Painting unveiled!!!!

    Well done Dave, I like that a lot
  2. alantoon

    North East Area Meeting Wed 26th Dec. ., From 7-30Pm

    Went for my run last night, went out at 6pm and the roads were very quiet. Went the back roads to Hexham then along to Corebridge then up the A68 and turned off towards Consett and from there down to Chester Le Street for 7-25 to see if anyone was coming to the meeting. (and to thaw out , it was a bit cool, up at Consett) No one came by 8-30 so I set of home and thankfully the garage at Chester Le St was still open and I got home about 9-30. Really enjoyed the run and the car is running great after the work I have done over the last few weeks. Next jobs are valve oil seals and finally getting round to fitting the shortened sump that I have had in my shed for a year.
  3. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas and looking forward to a happy New Year,
  4. Hi Not sure if anyone will turn up for the meeting at the Church Mouse, Waldridge Chester le Street DH23RJ on Boxing day so I am going to use the pub as a stopping off point, as it is quite a good forecast so I am going to have a bit of a run-out. I will be there at about 7-30 and i will stay for a hour to see if anyone turns up. If you can't make it all the best to you all and we will meet up at the Jan. meeting. Alan
  5. alantoon

    Floor Strengh

    Hi Patt Congratulations on passing the Iva, I never even knew that anyone local to me was building a kit. You have within a 10 mile radius of you four 2B's, a 3a and a Zero , not all are in Rhocar but they have been in the past. A few of us have regular runs out so you would be a welcome addition to our area. Look forward to seeing the car once the DVLA do their stuff= I don't take my car off the road for the winter so if you wanted some company on a run out just send me a message, Alan
  6. Hi Alan, could you let me have the number of the person with s7 front suspension please

  7. alantoon

    Moog6 Update

    That is very sad news, after all the work you have put into the car. It looks stunning in the photos but I was looking forward to seeing it in the flesh next year. I can only hope that circumstances change for you and you find a way to keep your pride and joy. Alan
  8. alantoon

    The 1st "Jim Clark Road Run"

    Hi Dave, I quite like the thought of a run up to your event, but I may struggle to get anyone interested as it is a 250-300 mile round trip depending on which part of the area we are coming from. I am not writing it off - I have taken copies of your post and i am going to pass them out to anyone I think may be interested. As soon as I have any information I will get back on to you. Alan
  9. Time for our monthly meeting at Church Mouse ,Waldridge, Chester-le-Street. DH2 3RJ
  10. alantoon

    just testing

  11. alantoon

    Robin Hood Paint Match

    My red Exmo was painted Ford Radiant red and was a good match.
  12. alantoon

    The North East Adhoc Extra Meeting

    Hi Allan, I won't be able to make this months meeting, hope you get a good turnout, and yes if you are having a xmas meal you can put my name down but can we please have better weather than last year.
  13. alantoon

    North East Area Meeting Wed 31St Oct ., From 7-30Pm

    No change there then
  14. Time for our monthly meeting at Church Mouse ,Waldridge, Chester-le-Street. DH2 3RJ A cold night forecast but the pub should have its log fires burning so warm welcome to look forward to. Hope to see you all there.
  15. alantoon


    A 2b roof fitted my Exmo and my Exmo one fits my 3a , follow that if you can. The big BUT is the position and rake angle of the screen.