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  1. Our regular meeting is on at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, Chester le Street DH23RJ from about 7-30pm. All welcome, unfortunately I won't be able to make it as I am off on my holidays.
  2. Our meeting for April is on Wednesday 27th at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, Chester-le-Street DH23RJ from 7-30 pm, last meeting before Stoneleigh, hope to see as many of you there as possible.
  3. Just a reminder that the meeting is tonight, I have the kit shined up ready, temperature is forecast to stay just above freezing and the snow is not supposed to hang around for long. See you there, Alan
  4. It's only embarrassing when your 8 year old grandson points out something like that don't ask me how I know.
  5. Our meeting for March is on Wednesday 30th at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, Chester-le-Street DH23RJ from 7-30 pm.
  6. A reminder that the Club Meeting at the Church Mouse is on tonight, looking forward to seeing as many as possible attending. Alan
  7. On Wednesday 23rd of Feb. at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, Chester-le-Street DH23RJ from 7-30pm, providing of course that we haven't all been blown into the North Sea or under three foot of snow. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  8. Sorry I am not going to be able to make this meeting, I am having car problems at the moment and this Arctic weather is not letting me get things sorted. I thought I had sorted the kit but when I went to my meeting last night the problems are still there. Sorry again and I will catch up with you soon, Alan
  9. We are not going to have the meeting due on next Wednesday 26th due the continuing high level of Covid in our area, hopefully we will be able to have the meetings as usual next month. Stay safe everyone and look forward to seeing you all next month. Alan
  10. |Thanks for the link, I can see I am going to get hooked watching the series
  11. Just returned from my first run of 22 a run over the Scottish border to Jedbugh and back a run of just over 130 miles, Strong winds and torrential rain over the Border hills but it was so nice to have all the roads to myself and a great morning out.
  12. As the title says we are not holding a meeting this month originally because the venue would have been too busy because of Christmas, but the increase in COVID has overtaken that. So stay safe everyone and try to have a good Xmas, and watch this space to see what is happening with the meetings in the New Year, hopefully things will improve.
  13. The shocks I bought were Protech S400 SA-1.9 Single adjustable bonded bush 1.9 inch inside diam Open length13.5 in. M27 stem top, and 25mmx1/2 bottom eye, when fitted the distance between the mounting is 13.5 inch Springs I bought elsewhere and are1.9 ID 7 inch long and150lb I use the original lower shocker mounting with no problems but the mounting on the body needs to be strong and the load well spread.
  14. It's not meant to snow until Thursday or Friday so just bring the shovel in case the forecasters have got it wrong!!!!!!! Hope we haven't put off any of you thinking of attending, it is really going to be bright sunshine and warm all night.
  15. Meeting on Wed. 24th of November at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, Chester le Street DH23RJ FROM 7-30pm. Once again all welcome no matter how you arrive we will be pleased to see you. Building a kit, buying a kit, Or repairing a kit come and get help and advice from members who have a wealth of experience in doing all of these. Look forward to seeing you there.
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