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  1. The meeting is at the Church Mouse Chester Moor, DH2 3RJ from 7pm, Looking forward to seeing you all there.
  2. It is time for our first meeting of the year at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, DH2 3RJ, Looking forward to catching up with everyone.
  3. This will probably be our last meeting of the year at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, DH2 3RJ, so would be good to see as many as possible, to catch up on your winter plans before the festivities. I will be coming down in the kit so it would be nice if others joined me, if only to show i'm not the only mad one.
  4. Warm welcome to Brian it was so good to see you at the meeting last night. Best of luck getting the car finished and don't be afraid to ask even a silly question (it' s not silly if you don't know the answer) Alan
  5. I was going to come down in the kit but I don't think the outboard motor I ordered will come in time, so i will just come in my sensible car.
  6. Our October meeting is at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, DH2 3RJ, no need to come in fancy dress.
  7. I owned a Triumph S7 with a Dolomite Sprint engine and yes it is possible to change the engine but you would be giving yourself an incredible amount of work. Engine and gearbox would have to changed, mountings fabricated, totally rewired, new propshaft fabricate and that is without considering whether the rear axle , suspension and brakes could handle any extra power. my suggestion is to enjoy the car with the spitfire engine but look out for a more modern base ( 2B or 3a or Sierra based S7) to do any conversions
  8. To all past, present and future members you are invited to attend the September meeting at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor DH2 3RJ, on Tuesday 26th from 7pm.
  9. Sorry I won't be able to come to the September meeting as I am away on holiday, I will leave it up to you regulars to work out if you want to hold the meeting or not, just let me know and I will put a post on here to let everyone know. Alan
  10. Time to get ready for our monthly meeting at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor DH23RJ, we may even have a returning member making an appearance.
  11. A busy week ahead with Newark on Saturday, Blyth ,Northumberland on Sunday, and our monthly meeting at the Church Mouse,Chester Moor on Tuesday. Hope I catch up with you all at one (or all) of the events. Anyone wanting any information on any of the events contact me on alandawson1@sky.com
  12. Our monthly meeting at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor DH23RJ, last meeting before Newark Show -who is going. See you all from 7pm.
  13. alantoon

    Engine cuts out

    is your carb a weber 32/36 if so it has a small gauze filter where the fuel binlet joins the carb-unbolt the pipeand the filter is pushed into the carb body, wash it out and rebuild. another thing you didn't use silicon whehn you fitted the sender unit in the tank as that could be blocking the pick up in the tank.
  14. It was so good seeing three kits make it to the last meeting, looking forward to getting a few more to venture out. See you at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor DH23RJ.
  15. So good to see Harry Neil and myself in our kits at last nights meeting
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