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  1. The first meeting of the year at the Church Mouse Waldridge, Chester le Street, DH23RJ. Waldridge, Chester le Street, DH23RJ . Once again asking if a few of the new members would like to attend, if we can get more coming I will organize more events like the one we had between Xmas and New Year. Looking forward to seeing anyone that can make it- come in your road car if your kit is off the road.
  2. I am still not getting one, last one I had was before I moved house in about March last year!!!! I did send notification of my new address and it's right on my profile but still none.
  3. Hi, sorry to say this but twin 45's a just too big for a 2ltr Pinto, if anything they will reduce power--have a search on the forums for twin 45's you will find lots of useful advice, there are not many firms in the North East I would trust to tune them for you, I would recommend Bogg Brothers at Malton always found them very good.Look forward to seeing you out and about once the weather improves. Alan
  4. Hi Allan, it doesn't look like I will be able to make it tonight, I have been hanging on to see if my other half was going to change her plans for today but it looks like I am chauffeur for tonight. All the best to you for 2020 , see you at the Church Mouse on the 29th, Alan
  5. Welcome to the North east area, I recognize the car but I can't recall where from , looks a new 3 (if its wishbones) or a 3a if it has inboard shockers Can't quite see from the angle of the photo. Nice looking car that I look forward to seeing at the monthly meetings at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor DH23RJ held on the last Wednesday of every month at 7-30 pm. Alan
  6. Great run up to the Scottish Border this morning, no traffic, bright sunshine, no roof what a great way to start 2020
  7. In a combined Rhocar and North east Kit and Classic Car Club Run out we managed a 12 car turn out with a motley selection of kits, classics and daily drivers. weather was great and we did a total run of about 100 miles. The planned halt at Hexham was abandoned as the cafe was closed but we soon found another to get our cuppa, great day out in good company, look forward to doing it again soon.
  8. yes we are, I am hoping for a reasonable turn out-we have 5 or 6 confirmed and a few possibles.
  9. The most likely thing is the gear lever is close to the bodywork on the gear cutout and engine movement is pushing the lever, it may need a bit of cutting out to give a bit more clearance.
  10. Have a look on the Car Builder Solutions web catalogue they have a big range of headlights which was where I got mine from, Alan
  11. alantoon

    No lights

    The side lights are all on the same circuit and fuse so I would suspect a faulty wire to the rear, running a new wire to the rear shoiuld solve the problem but without finding the cause.
  12. Run out to Hexham Sunday 29th December meet at the Holiday Inn entrance NE13 6BP to leave at10-00 am. Forcast to be a balmy 13 degrees so lets have a few more showing an interest.
  13. But the good thing is if you miss the film it will always be repeated somewhere soon, so that;s not an excuse for not coming out to play.
  14. Christmas Week Run-out. Sunday 29th Dec, We are planning a run out to Hexham from Cramlington taking in some of the fine Northumberland roads, to go for a cup of coffee at the Cafe in the Waitrose car-park. As most have their cars safely parked up for the winter it is a case of run what car you bring. This will be a steady run so all will be able to take part. Further details nearer the day, look forward to seeing you there.
  15. Hi Allan, I won't be coming down, the weather here is turning worse as the day goes on not the sort of weather you want to be setting out on a 100 mile round trip, I must be getting old Enjoy you Christmas and I will see you next year. Alan
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