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  1. It doesn't look like you have much room on the new brackets for fitting door supports especially if you have to change the door angle to line them up with the car. Better off using the old ones refurbished.
  2. Good to hear from you Allan, for you and any one else that can't remember where we meet, it is the Church Mouse, Front Street, Chester Moor, Chester-le-Street, DH23RJ. We meet at 7-30 pm on the last Wednesday of every month. So anyone who wants to attend, you are more than welcome. See you on the 26th May.
  3. I am looking to restart the monthly meetings from the last Wednesday in May the 26th. This will be an outside meeting, provided that the weather cooperates, we have had the meeting outside in the car park before, and we should be able to keep inside the numbers permitted outside. Good chance to get the cars out and catch up after a year without a meeting. Bring your brolly!!!!!
  4. Really pleased for you after all the troubles you had with the other carbs.
  5. The Scots and Welsh have their own flag but are part of the UK, so why can't I have a Scottish flag and be part of the UK Kit Car Club.
  6. I am in sunny Northumberland, but I am an exiled Scot
  7. Since we changed the Club badge I have been wanting a Scottish version so I had a bit play today.
  8. The shocks I bought were Protech S400 SA-1.9 Single adjustable bonded bush 1.9 inch inside diam Open length13.5 in. M27 stem top, and 25mmx1/2 bottom eye, when fitted the distance between the mounting is 13.5 inch Springs I bought elsewhere and are1.9 ID 7 inch long and150lb rate.
  9. alantoon

    Vibration issues

    If the car has been standing for a year have you had the tyres off the ground they could have flat spotted with standing, get wheel balance checked could have just lost a weight, do a nut and bolt check from the bellhousing through to the back wheels, check prop-shaft u.j.s, get the prop rebalanced. I would check one thing at a time and then try the car to eliminate as you go. Hope that helps you find the problem.
  10. I went for my Covid jab today, so I used it a an excuse to have a trip out in the kit, for the first time in six weeks. Roll on the lifting of restrictions .
  11. I was given a base retting for twin 40s a while ago but I never got round to using it.If it is any good it was as below 32 chokes F11 emulsion tubes 136 mains 180 air 55f9 idle trouble is if you ask 10 different people what they are running you will get 10 different answers.
  12. If the water is flowing in the system it seems to me that it must be by-passing the thermostat somehow, if not the water would heat up eventually even if the engine was running cool.
  13. Do what my Dad used to do in the 50s/60s with his old Morris Minor, every winter he used to block off half of the radiator with a sheet of cardboard, no fancy radiator muffs for him.
  14. alantoon

    Servo pipe

    Car Builder Solutions, have 13mm vacuum hose at £10. 80 per meter its not worth fitting second hand.
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