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  1. If money was no object, I would have a constantly full tank of petrol and use the car as it should be.
  2. I would think modifying the existing pedal box would be difficult as moving the pedal further away would change the available travel, so you would have to change the pivot point tom change the ratio. I lowered the seat as far as I could and moved it as far back as possible. The best solution is a floor mounted box but at a price.
  3. I couldn't agree more, windscreen for me every time but no roof and no doors.
  4. I used a cork gasket which I made from a sheet of cork I bought from ebay, I put a very thin layer of blue Hylomar to seal the gasket-don't put any sealer thick enough to squeeze out of the join as it will react with the petrol . Another thing to watch is not to over tighten the three studs as this can distort the thin top of the tank. I did mine 5 years ago and have had no problems since.
  5. There will be no meetings in the North East until further notice, keep safe everyone, Alan
  6. I have a pair of red ones that were on my Exmo you can have them if they are any use to you, I will have to dig them out of my shed and get some photos for you , let me know before I go into the black hole of a shed. Alan
  7. That is looking really smart, look forward to some great summer runs out
  8. I voted Snap-on as the gear I bought 40 years ago is still in daily use today, I have loads of other firms gear as well but it is mainly to supplement the main kit.
  9. I don't have expensive tastes so my choice would be a Classic Mini with a Honda V-tech motor, I ran Minis in Rallying in my youth and I would love to have a Mini in an updated form to see what it would be like being able to go quickly and be able to stop! which was always a problem.
  10. Time for the monthly meeting at the Church Mouse Waldridge, Chester le Street, DH23RJ, from 7-30. Any-one in the area from Berwick in the North to Darlington in the South are more than welcome to attend, member or non member, kit builder or driver or even just thinking about getting involved with kit cars come along. Come and quiz the experienced builders that have been there and done it and have a wealth of knowledge about all things kit car.
  11. Hi Ian, if I was building a kit now that is the route I would be tempted to take, the MX5 has been fitted to such a large variety of vehicles there will be loads of info out there if you do a bit of searching, and of coarse there is supercharging or turbo.
  12. When I had my Exmo I used parallel for tracking.but it will depend on your self centring for your IVA it may need toe in.
  13. I made a body coloured infill panel to bridge the gap with sealer from the cockpit side
  14. It will be nice to see you Paul, are you ok to find your way there or do you need directions?
  15. The first meeting of the year at the Church Mouse Waldridge, Chester le Street, DH23RJ. Waldridge, Chester le Street, DH23RJ . Once again asking if a few of the new members would like to attend, if we can get more coming I will organize more events like the one we had between Xmas and New Year. Looking forward to seeing anyone that can make it- come in your road car if your kit is off the road.
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