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  1. I have just been out in the kit and I didn't like the freeing fog!!! So I am coming down in the Z4, at least it has a demister that will warm the screen. See you all later Alan
  2. This will probably be the last meeting of the year, so looking forward to seeing you all at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, DH23RJ. Hopefully we might get some dry weather as I hope to give the kit a run out.
  3. On the Grosvenor to web site they say that Stoneleigh is no longer viable as Show site, so no more Stoneleigh.
  4. At last nights meeting we were joined by the North East 7.5 Club who attended with a variety of Seven based cars from the Sunderland and surrounding areas. It was so good to see the carpark full of sevens after the fall in attendances at the Church Mouse. We have agreed to work with them on any future events, which should be to both groups advantage.
  5. Tuesday!!! Our next meeting is on TUESDAY the 25th of October at the Church Mouse Chester Moor Chester le Street DH23RJ from around 7pm, I am bringing the kit whatever the weather, as I need to put some miles on the mods I have done to the engine. See you all there. By the way the meetings are held on TUESDAY
  6. Sorry Allan, I won't be able to make the meeting, catch up with you on TUESDAY the 25th at the Church Mouse. Hope you enjoyed your Irish trip. Alan
  7. alantoon

    IVA Pass

    V55/5 V627/1 built up vehicle report Donor log book Iva cert Original kit receipt Also cover note from gbs stating chassis was new at original purchase. Just to be safe. Photocopy of driving license Cover note with my contact details Cheque for first ref and 6 months tax Build photos A good chunk of receipts for parts Ive purchased. I copied this from a previous post, who got his reg back in 8 days
  8. We have changed the day of the meetings to the last Tuesday of the month with effect from the The next meeting which will be on Tuesday 25th of October from 7pm. At the Church Mouse, Chester le Street DH23RJ as usual. Alan
  9. We have changed the day of the meetings to the last Tuesday of the month with effect from the The next meeting which will be on Tuesday 25th of October from 7pm
  10. Wednesday the 28th of September is the date of our next North East (Northern) meeting at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, Chester le Street, DH23RJ from around 7pm. We have had a proposal to change the day the meetings are held so anyone with a view on the changes could you attend or contact me with your thoughts before the meeting.
  11. A man with a similar outlook to mine
  12. Our Northern monthley meeting at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, Chaeter le Street, DH23RJ is on Wedensday 31st from around 7pm, it used to be 7-30 but Allan and I have been arriving early. Last month saw Harry Pintogogo finally get his S7 back on the road and at the meeting. it would begreat if we could get a few more of the local cars to the meetings so we could get some road trips organised. I know there are quite a few cars in the area who are not yet members they are more than welcome to attend.
  13. We had a great run up to the Jim Clark museum, if you ever get the chance to visit to understand what an amazing all round talent Jim had, and the roads in the area are great. unfortuatally none of our Local members showed any interest in the event but I will continue to invite them to join in to local events
  14. Sorry Allan I won't be able to make it, hope you don't end up sitting on your own. Hope some of he hidden members, we have 20 in the North East, turn up and make themselves known so that we can start to organise other events. Alan
  15. On Thursday 11th of August I am organising a run up to the Jim Clark Museum in Duns on the Scottish Borders. The run will be about 120 miles and we will be having a "gentle" run. We are leaving the Three Horse Shoes NE244HF entrance at 10-30am and we are taking a picnic lunch. If you plan to join us please let me know, Alan
  16. My 3a has Protech shocks, tie bars with 180 front and 150 rears I have tried all sorts of spring combinations and found this to suit my style of driving. Camber is set to zero on the front and -1 on the rear. As I say this will not suit everyone but I thought I would post it up to show that there is no firm rules on car set up.
  17. Sorry for the short notice but it is that time again for the Club Meeting. As usual it will be at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, DH23RJ from about 7-30 all welcome any anyone who comes in their Kit will receive a special mention in next month's invitation
  18. Document_2022-07-03_085532.pdf I am coming down for the Sat. but there is no Rhocar stand listed.
  19. Quick reminder that the meeting is at 7-30pm tonight, all welcome.
  20. The monthly meeting will be held at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, DH23RJ from about 7-30pm, as it is my Birthday I expect a large turnout to buy me a drink, but don't worry I am driving so you can all keep your wallets in your pocket. See you all there. Alan
  21. Sorry Allan I can't make it on the Wednesday as I have a prior arrangement for every second Wed. of the month. I am not doing well at getting to the meetings at the moment. Who said you will have more time to do the things you want once you retire?
  22. Our regular meeting is on at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, Chester le Street DH23RJ from about 7-30pm. All welcome, unfortunately I won't be able to make it as I am off on my holidays.
  23. Our meeting for April is on Wednesday 27th at the Church Mouse, Chester Moor, Chester-le-Street DH23RJ from 7-30 pm, last meeting before Stoneleigh, hope to see as many of you there as possible.
  24. Just a reminder that the meeting is tonight, I have the kit shined up ready, temperature is forecast to stay just above freezing and the snow is not supposed to hang around for long. See you there, Alan
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