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  1. Neilo


    Worth a try . Thanks
  2. Neilo


    Was there a specific email address that you sent to? If so cam you PM me? I’ve just been onto the DVLA web site and gone round in circles!!!
  3. Neilo


    Thanks for that. To be fair it looks like it’s going to be next spring before I manage to get it IVA’d so plenty of time. Summer holidays and kids off school, I could do with another few months on furlough!!
  4. Neilo


    Okay thanks, I’ll call the DVLA.
  5. Neilo


    Thanks, do you know how I go about getting a chassis number? IVA requires that a vin plate is fitted and a vin number stamped into the chassis?
  6. Neilo


    Ok I’m new to this so please be kind! I’m a good way through my build and looking towards Iva and registering. I don’t have the donor V5 so no chassis number. My question is how do I go forward from here? I’d like an age related plate (Sierra 1988 pinto) and I really don’t know how to obtain a chassis number. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Sierra starter motor wanted! Needs to fit 135 tooth flywheel and type 9 gearbox. I’m based in Sunderland so can collect if local and respect social distancing. If further will pay postage.
  8. Neilo

    rear fog lights

    Spot on thanks!
  9. Neilo

    rear fog lights

    Gents, just looking for Iva advice. Are my rear fogs ok mounted on the brackets as per photo or do I need to mount them higher on the rear panel?
  10. Neilo

    Alloy wheels

    X4 Robin Hood 14 inch alloys for sale. 108 PCD All tyres have loads of tread on them as the wheels have only been used to move the car around during the build ( Avon CR322 175/65SR14). The lacquer has bubbled in one of them. Centre caps included which would do with a coat of paint. I very much doubt that these wheels have been on the road as they came with the project when I took it on. Condition as per the pictures with light surface scratches after being man handled over the years but cleaned up are a good set of wheels for someone. £150 Ono. Based in Sunderland
  11. Neilo

    Speedo cable fit

    Thanks Peter.
  12. Does anyone know where I can buy a right angle gearbox/cable adapter? (Type 9 gearbox and ford cable). Or indeed have a solution to fitting the cable to the gearbox in such a tight space. The build is a series 3. Thanks
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