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  1. Has anyone purchased a vinyl boot cover kit and where did you buy it from? I’ve seen quite a few very good home made covers with lockable lids but not sure if that’s what I want. Thanks
  2. I wanted to stay with black to be honest, thanks for the offer though.
  3. Neilo

    Air filter wanted

    Thanks Mark. Not sure if the pinto filter (although very nice) would have the clearance for the hood. Ram air do the same baseplate as the piper cross you have mentioned but they say it isn’t compatible. Cheers
  4. Neilo

    Air filter wanted

    Thanks Peter I’ll give them a call.
  5. Neilo

    Air filter wanted

    Hello, I’m looking for a flat foam air filter for a Webber 30/34 DFTH Carburettor -1.6 pinto. Any for sale or advice on where to get one. I’ve tried Ram air and they don’t stock them. Thanks
  6. I got one off eBay £145 no exchange and received it very quickly too.
  7. I got one off eBay £145 no exchange and received it very quickly too.
  8. 15 inch by 7inch team dynamics pro race 1.2 wheel wanted for my Robin Hood. Ford fitting 4 by 108 pcd. I only need one but will consider all 4 . No tyres needed. Thanks
  9. Thanks Ian. Yep Burton shipping is on the pricey side.
  10. Thanks Peter. I haven’t got any other reason to take the head off and I have heard of this method so it’s an option. Cheers
  11. Gents, I’m looking for some help changing the valve stem oil seals on a pinto engine. I’m an amateur builder so not really that confident stripping it down and making a hash of it. So if there is anyone in the north east area who can help me out I would be very grateful. Obviously will pay in cash and supply tea, coffee biscuits and the odd beer or three!!! Obviously looking at doing this when the government lifts restrictions. Thanks in advance!
  12. Neilo


    Worth a try . Thanks
  13. Neilo


    Was there a specific email address that you sent to? If so cam you PM me? I’ve just been onto the DVLA web site and gone round in circles!!!
  14. Neilo


    Thanks for that. To be fair it looks like it’s going to be next spring before I manage to get it IVA’d so plenty of time. Summer holidays and kids off school, I could do with another few months on furlough!!
  15. Neilo


    Okay thanks, I’ll call the DVLA.
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