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  1. Neilo

    IVA Pass

    Thanks for the info!
  2. Neilo

    IVA Pass

    Passed IVA Today so onward and upward. I have the forms to fill in for registration. Can anyone advise me on what supporting evidence I need to send off with them. (I would like an age related plate). TIA
  3. Neilo

    1.6 Pinto and IVA

    Mine is a 1989 1.6 pinto, failed emissions when I went for Iva recently and he checked for smoke so I would get it checked beforehand if I was you. Also I would recommend you download the Iva manual from the government web site and go through it throughly. There is also a guide to passing Iva on gov.co.uk. Take loads of pictures of the stuff you can’t see. Its a long day and expect the unexpected, I was asked for pictures of applying lock tight to brake components (callipers and servo) and seatbelt fixings so be prepared. Good luck
  4. Does anyone have a Sierra horn pad for sale to fit the steering wheel in the photo? Thanks
  5. Neilo

    Iva Documents

    Thanks for your feedback. And yes I’m stressed!!
  6. Neilo

    Iva Documents

    Thanks Phaeton. I have loads of build photos and filled in the application form. The others I will put together. Cheers
  7. Neilo

    Iva Documents

    Could anyone list the documents required when applying for IVA?
  8. Set of 5, 15 inch alloy wheels Ford fitment 4x108. 4 have matching proxes tyres 205/50/15. The guy I bought them from had them on his 2B. Looking for £325, just want me money back.
  9. Hello Shaun, did you get sorted? If not I have a set for sale. 5 wheels £325 plus carriage from Sunderland
  10. Just seen this. Hope you are all ok. Hopefully catch up soon!
  11. Has anyone purchased a vinyl boot cover kit and where did you buy it from? I’ve seen quite a few very good home made covers with lockable lids but not sure if that’s what I want. Thanks
  12. I wanted to stay with black to be honest, thanks for the offer though.
  13. Neilo

    Air filter wanted

    Thanks Mark. Not sure if the pinto filter (although very nice) would have the clearance for the hood. Ram air do the same baseplate as the piper cross you have mentioned but they say it isn’t compatible. Cheers
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