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    Zero - Ford 2L DOHC 8v-Fazer 1000 Carbs-Megajolt
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    Paul Whitelaw

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  1. Hello Gents, looks like I have a rare bit of time to myself, so see you all later, cheers Paul
  2. Hi Daniel These were given away many moons ago Good luck on your search Cheers Paul
  3. Sorry gents, wont get to tonights meeting hopefully see you next month cheers Paul
  4. Hi Gents, its been awhile, hopefully see you tomorrow Cheers Paul
  5. cant make it tonight, just finished the daily grind have a good one cheers Paul
  6. just seen photo of your engine, I have removed the distributor on mine. One thing I considered using as a scoop was an upturned oven tray as they are a range of sizes.
  7. got it from ebay size wise its 410mm across the front 530mm at its widest point towards the back 530mm front to back 6omm at highest point at front tapering down towards the back My engine sits 40mm above bonnet The scoop needing a bit of fettling as the fixings had to be glued and a bit of plastic webbing removed HTH cheers Paul
  8. I have a DOHC fitted in a Zero, I used a Kia Sedona bonnet scoop, Fine for IVA cheers Paul
  9. sorry cant get to this meet, work gets in the way again
  10. Just finished work (can you all remember work :-) so wont be able to make it cheers Paul
  11. cant make it this month, I am being a ghoulish grandad.
  12. sorry gents, cant make it tonight, going car hunting for son Have a good one Cheers Paul
  13. been v v busy lately, never had the zero out for few weeks, hopefully should be able to get to mouse & collect a few more insects enroute
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