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  1. RETRO PRE '95 & KITFEST ONLY PARKING guarantees parking on hardstanding. For Retro or KitFest Parking, please select the applicable Parking Pass ticket option when booking online. Your Pit Pass Hanger will be posted out to you prior to the event and must be displayed on arrival. The deadline for Retro & KitFest Parking is MONDAY 14TH JUNE AT 5PM. After this time, pitside parking will be allocated on a first come first serve basis on the day subject to availability and is not guaranteed. So I guess we need the weekend ticket and Hardstanding parking?
  2. I need to book my ticket - still unsure what I need to book - what happened last time this event was on ?
  3. See you in the morning!
  4. I got this info on this forum last week (normally 8-10 degrees at idle and 30-36 degrees at full advance.) it worked fine for me!
  5. Not sure yet mate I haven't been out in the wet since, sounds very like it could do tho!
  6. Safe drive mate I’ll give you a call when I arrive tomorrow
  7. Also is there a ST Johns ambulance on site for when I burn my leg on the exhaust again? (3rd time in 2 weeks)
  8. Looking forward to the weekend! Just a quick question.....do we need cash for this event or are all the stalls / bar taking cashless? TIA Ray
  9. Hi I'm looking to replace my wheels but haven't a clue where to start? Any recommendations of places in the midlands? and what info would I need off the old wheels to purchase new ones? Any help is greatly appreciated - ps my wheels look the same as these currently....... only in a lot worse state!
  10. All done, sounding and running much better now, thank you
  11. It had 38 in them! I have lowered this now to 20 following fry61's advice above
  12. Tyres were at 38!!!! - now set to 20psi so ill see if this helps
  13. raystevenson


    Hi guys, Just a quick question. I have just fitted electronic ignition and want to check my timing. On a 2ltr Pinto what is the timing normally set to before TDC? TIA Ray
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