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  1. I got this info on this forum last week (normally 8-10 degrees at idle and 30-36 degrees at full advance.) it worked fine for me!
  2. Not sure yet mate I haven't been out in the wet since, sounds very like it could do tho!
  3. Safe drive mate I’ll give you a call when I arrive tomorrow
  4. Also is there a ST Johns ambulance on site for when I burn my leg on the exhaust again? (3rd time in 2 weeks)
  5. Looking forward to the weekend! Just a quick question.....do we need cash for this event or are all the stalls / bar taking cashless? TIA Ray
  6. Hi I'm looking to replace my wheels but haven't a clue where to start? Any recommendations of places in the midlands? and what info would I need off the old wheels to purchase new ones? Any help is greatly appreciated - ps my wheels look the same as these currently....... only in a lot worse state!
  7. All done, sounding and running much better now, thank you
  8. It had 38 in them! I have lowered this now to 20 following fry61's advice above
  9. Tyres were at 38!!!! - now set to 20psi so ill see if this helps
  10. raystevenson


    Hi guys, Just a quick question. I have just fitted electronic ignition and want to check my timing. On a 2ltr Pinto what is the timing normally set to before TDC? TIA Ray
  11. No I haven’t , sounds really low but I could see how that helps, thanks for the advice!
  12. Thanks guys - all useful info. As this is just a fun car for me I don't worry too much about tyre wear, my main issue is that in the wet it is literally like driving on ice. The Camber seems a mile out. I am having it checked as a pre next Sat morning. Then coming to the EOSB to compare with other cars. I have ordered camber correctors so that I can try them and have the camber re-measured. Still not made a final decision what I am to do.
  13. Hi, Does anyone have a dipstick for the short tube type that they want to sell to me? Mine is the longer one so incorrect for my engine. Cheers Ray
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