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  1. Trust me it’s a washout mate, I’m stuck in a van with Chris and Tony, pass me the gun and shoot me now!
  2. Count me in! I only have a holiday booked for the start of July so far
  3. Thanks guys all sorted! you were right it was a short to earth. I've tried attaching a pic but its not letting me for some reason? I'll be taking it for a test run as soon as I can get some fuel!!!!
  4. Thanks guys, I will have a look at the wiring tomorrow and report back!
  5. Hi guys Just wondering if anyone near Leicester has a spare unit I can borrow to prove if mine is faulty. I can indicate left but when I indicate right it just buzzes loudly. I have replaced all 3 bulbs on that side and now need to replace the blinker unit( square 3 pin type). I have ordered a new one but I have to wait a week before it comes so looking to rule that out before I start tracing the wiring for a fault.
  6. Hi I’m just ordering some new springs and have been asked what spring rate I require? Any ideas guys……?
  7. I’ve spoke to them, they can supply them and not too bad at £250 but unfortunately they are really odd size so again will take 6 to 8 weeks ….. bang goes the rest of my summer fun
  8. Thanks mate I’ll give them a try
  9. Hi Guys I know this is a long shot but I need new rear springs/ shocks for my Series 3 Robin hood. Kit spares have a lead time of 6-8 weeks. I don't suppose anyone has any to sell?
  10. RETRO PRE '95 & KITFEST ONLY PARKING guarantees parking on hardstanding. For Retro or KitFest Parking, please select the applicable Parking Pass ticket option when booking online. Your Pit Pass Hanger will be posted out to you prior to the event and must be displayed on arrival. The deadline for Retro & KitFest Parking is MONDAY 14TH JUNE AT 5PM. After this time, pitside parking will be allocated on a first come first serve basis on the day subject to availability and is not guaranteed. So I guess we need the weekend ticket and Hardstanding parking?
  11. I need to book my ticket - still unsure what I need to book - what happened last time this event was on ?
  12. I got this info on this forum last week (normally 8-10 degrees at idle and 30-36 degrees at full advance.) it worked fine for me!
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