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  1. Mines been locked up in the shed for a while. Body works knackered and the undercarriage has gone south. I`m feeling too old to ride it lately, but had some decent mileage out of her. Love to sell her, but apparently illegal to sell your wife in this country.
  2. Andi

    Club magazine

    Great read Foz, I didnt notice an issue with photos darkness.. MESSAGE TO ALL This magazine is only made possible by members submitting photos and / or articles. Over the years, all editors have at some point struggled with getting in enough content to get the mag to the printers. So if you have any snippets or stories, please send them in. It can be anything car related, from builds to rebuilds to over winter mods, my first drive, my kit car collection, why my partner hates my car obsession, my best crash, my worst mistake, my track day, my huge mechanical mistake, my smashing my car up rolling it off the trailer (sorry AP Godden), any visits to car events of any kind or just a detailed account of a run out. And anything else you can think of. It`ll be better reading you piece than it will reading the news. Andi
  3. Nice one lindzie. I believe your after a radiator for your rh and some hose? Someone will be along shortly with some suggestions. I know lots of folk use a polo radio. Cheap as chips if you get the right one. Andy
  4. Welcome all. Dont forget to ask questions.. We love it. Becky, im not too far from you near Penkridge.
  5. Andi

    Carb filers

    I used ITG sock filters on bike carbs. They were tested on a rolling road and made no loss in performance.
  6. That does look good.. Cheap as chips too
  7. Please see below ad put on for a good friend t’s a Perambulator type portable cover. 90 inches wide 204 inches long Dimensions are approximate. Cost me £180.00 but free to good home as it will require a Cover. Buyer needs to collect from New Arley CV7 8PX. I haven’t moved it since it’s purchasing.
  8. Andi

    GBS meet 25/8

    Sounds a great little run out
  9. Andi

    Cars at the Farm

    3 of us going. Can't wait. What a place to spend the weekend
  10. It's sunny here mate. Not so much roadworks either
  11. Hi all, The Greyhound in Yarlet near Stafford and Stone https://www.thegreyhoundinnyarlet.co.uk/ I will be there from 7.30 in the kit (or not if its raining). Everybody is welcome and the food is good. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/The+Greyhound+Inn/@52.8550855,-2.1331278,491m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x10baca7842492e4d!8m2!3d52.8559188!4d-2.1333177 Andi
  12. Well, then rain did hold off. I was surprised to see so many engine transplants. Plus to see 4 Deloreans in a row was a bit special
  13. Yeah I think your right mate
  14. Yes mate, So Im just going to have a walk over to it as its so near. Should still be entertaining. Andi
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