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  1. I cut out some vent holes using a jigsaw with a blade to cut stainless. Made a hell of a noise but did the job in no time Andi
  2. Brill. you are famous.. Ive tried to sign up to respond to jet set willy and his know all comment. But its not letting me
  3. Yes Dan. You've had to wait at every petrol station in Wales for me and thrashed.
  4. Andi

    carbs ?

    I can only vouch for those and also Honda fireblade ones but I`m sure there are lots more that are compatible.. Which ones do you have in mind?
  5. Andi

    Battery power

    After charging it will show high figures. But leave it over night then check. Like Alan said. Tis the season for knackered batteries.
  6. Andi

    carbs ?

    Bike carbs are the way forward. Kawasaki ZX6 (may be the cheapest), Kawasazki ZX9, Yamaha R1 (can be pricey). But there are many others that will work too. Youll be best off with a simple cheap bike carb fuel pump (most will do). There are weird and wonderful ways of tapping into the carb runners and making plenums so that your brake servo works but TBH a 2B doesnt need one. Just a heavier foot. You will need the manifolds that are custom made by the likes of Dan ST and Bogg Bros but you`ll probably find a full set of them and carbs complete for sale on here or ebay. The performance
  7. Brill Neil (Nick). Follow it up if they ask I say. As for the name, yes, that is what you expect. I was in a newspaper once because of the band i was in, and it went with the name "Stanley Cartwright". Problem was "Stanley" did stick for a while with the p**s takers that read it Andi (not Stanley)
  8. Yes. I cant see my speedo.. Especially at 30.. And no, Im not making excuses for the ticket in Wales. Looks lovely BTW
  9. Andi

    Engine mounts

    But Foz has added a speed ramp lifter to his car eh mate?
  10. No way... It won't be until next summer. I'll choose a route with some slick Islands. See you there
  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAF_Fauld_explosion Lol. Just flying over Google maps looking for good run outs is how I find them.
  12. Im just gauging interest for a visit to this place that I didnt even knew existed (Hmm maybe thats because it`s a secret) Come the end of lockdown, and the arrival of good weather, and god knows I need something to look forward to next year, Im going to visit the Drakelow Tunnels near Kiddiminster which is an old nuclear bunker with 3 miles of tunnels which they open up to the public every now and then. It was also used by Rover after Coventry got bombed. Obviously I cannot give a date yet. Has anyone visited this place? The day would include a proper run out and lunch (ma
  13. Andi

    Mice in the Audi

    Another 26 caught today
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