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  1. Think I'll do just that Andi
  2. Yes Ive bought a few things over the years too. The drill bits are a bit hit and miss. Generally very good, but on the odd occasion, not so. The step drill bits have been a godsave. The impact screwdriver I got about 5 years ago is faultless and is better than the wifes old dewalt. (yes honest... she was a fully fledged carpenter). Today I got yet another magnetic tool strip and a recip saw. And a packet of fridge raiders
  3. https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/c/diy/c1640/w2 Andi
  4. Im guessing there is not a lot to put in any of them at the mo Andi
  5. I don't have a copy myself, but I have seen a post on Facebook showing the end of season bash event with lots of photos Brill
  6. Welcome all, don't forget to ask as many questions big or small as you like Andi
  7. There will be no October meet, which would have been this coming Thursday. But alas the whole covid thing has put a stop to that. It has taken ages to get this thing finally moving and with decent numbers attending too. Anyway, that`s that for now and watch this space for news of the next meeting. Andi
  8. Hi Chris, Welcome to the club. Looking at the members map there doesnt seem to be a lot near you. But thats assuming all members put a marker on the map, which they dont always infact there are a lot of members who dont use the forum. Im sure someone will be along shortly though. Anyways dont be afraid to pepper the forum with questions big or small. We like that very much. Andi
  9. Hi and welcome to the club.. Some folk have had to cut and weld the pedal. If its also a case of them being too close together, this method can also help Andi
  10. He`s gonna look smart in that green hoodie hoodie
  11. Andi

    Great Weekend

    Hiya mate, Fantastic run out, and great to have another nut job drifting buddy right behind me. Tell you what, we should have a prize for the best packed car. I think you would steal it Next year, with a huge tent on site and I reckon a lot more people and no Covid, this is gonna be one hell of an event. Andi
  12. Andi

    EOSB Run Out

    Hi Jez, And welcome. And get in on the run. They are great fun. The main issue is keeping so many cars together at junctions and islands. But we have found solutions to that Andi
  13. Will there be any pies there? Mmmm pies
  14. Hi all, This will be the local event for Staffordshire in September. Last month had a great attendence and hope to see you all again. Spread Eagle Watling St, Gailey, Stafford ST19 5PN https://www.spreadeaglepubgailey.co.uk/menus https://goo.gl/maps/vt6Hcc3Ae5x4YbfJA It`s a huge pub / restaurant / car park / garden and so distancing should not be a problem. Starting at around 19.30pm (you can book a table for food earlier if you like). Everybody is welcome, come and drive your cars, or come and look at the cars if your building or thinking of getting a kit.
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