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  1. Andi

    Road tax

    Well I've no idea why I was singled out then Andi
  2. Andi

    Road tax

    I taxed mine once using the installment method. It was just to move it around for a month then i cancelled and got a snotty letter saying if I did this again I would not be able to tax it this way again. I obviously upset their admin charges.
  3. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Huw Rowlands as the new acting membership secretary following Dean`s wish to stand down. Due to the current pulling back of all social gatherings, we are uncertain as to when when we can hold an AGM in the future, this will be an acting up opportunity until we can formalise the appointment in the traditional manner. I would like to thank Dean for all the hard work and commitment he has put in over the years and wish him success in whatever he does next. Huw, welcome to the team and thank you for applying for the role. Andi Club Chairman
  4. So what's with the mohican green skid-lid Andy, just window dressing for the passenger seat? That's just insurance against the rain. Or when I fancy a temporary windscreen
  5. Aeroscreen unless it's raining. Sunglasses are all you need or night vision yellow type things for night time. You get the true motor car driving experience. And it feels faster. Its more exciting. You can smell the summer and be at one with your machine. Drawbacks... It can rain, you don't hear your phone or satnav or wife (not always a drawback though) you'll get the odd bee down your shirt,. I f your going to drive a mental car you may as well go the whole hog Andi
  6. Lol. Story of my life mate
  7. Not sure Mr B, but it aint half heavy. It came with the house we bought in September. I have had to roll it up the garden a bit so I can fit a new 10 ft one next to it. Which will serve as garage store B, due to the current garage being so woefully small. I got those car wheel dollys via a secret santa thing. They have been a godsend today.
  8. I know mate.. Think I've bought a bit of a shed here
  9. Just bought this. Apparently a Dutton according to the log book. Needs a bit of work though Andi
  10. Andi

    Autoaid renewal

    Anyone else had theirs recently?? Mine has gone from £48 to £59.. Whilst I know its a lot cheaper than the AA/RAC it seems a bit above inflation Andi
  11. Andi

    zinsser allcoat white

    Cheers Bob. It`s the same story with toolstation and all the other big names. Just found out I can order 1l from Rawlings but its close on £40 with delivery.. I think i`ll wait till the lock down is over. I have emailed Zinsser. Who btw have some brilliant promo videos Have a looky here https://www.zinsseruk.com/meet-the-zinssers/
  12. For the love of God... Can anyone get hold of a tin of this stuff (not the spray can) It seems the virus must have gotten to it. Or people were buying it with their bog rolls Andi
  13. Andi

    Onion sets

    https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/C+Piper+%26+Sons+Ltd/@52.6926882,-2.1245665,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xaaa279b142eb452b!8m2!3d52.6926882!4d-2.1245665 C Piper Nurseries. Gailey. Just drove past and they had a new sign up advertising onion sets
  14. I need a very smooth floor as over the winter I keep the car on 4 dolly's with little castors. This maximises my pathetic garage space when wheeling it about . Even our light cars are a pig to move over rough surface. Otherwise I would go for mats. Andi
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