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  1. Yup, Ive never seen anything like that... Very spooky, there were so many theories as to what was happening. I thought the triffids had finally turned up. Amazing
  2. Andi

    wet trackday

    Very nice and some great driving. Looks loads of fun
  3. I second that. This was without doubt the best event we have put on, and all down to the tireless effort and promotion from a handful of lovelies (you know who you are). Thanks to all who made it happen and all who attended. I've a feeling next year will be huge. It has been commented by some non members as better than Stoneleigh. Now that's a compliment Andi
  4. Just a reminder for eosb. The bingo will be going ahead, but what we really need is for people to donate prizes. This can be anything. Bottle of wine, Whitworth spanners, carbon fibre half doors (must get round to fitting them), pressure washer, cuddly toy, whatever you have but maybe don't need. Andi
  5. Gott im Himmel, ich werde in Deutschland sein Typical
  6. Hi all, This will be at the George and Dragon Meaford Rd, Meaford, Stone ST15 0PX starting at 19.30 There will be a classic car event on at the same time so lots to look at. I`ll be there in the kit. Unless it`s a wash out All welcome, kits or not. Andi https://www.georgedragonmeaford.co.uk/ https://www.google.com/maps/place/George+%26+Dragon/@52.9153725,-2.1690854,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x53726cf3a32a2400!8m2!3d52.9153725!4d-2.1690854
  7. DId you get to see the rolling road or did anyone mention any prices for that? ANdi
  8. Yaay. Make that Me Clare and Jazzy as well. Andi
  9. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend due to a house move Andi
  10. Andi

    Go Kart

    I'll have it... Specially if its free
  11. Joe Hale aka sfx-joe has been appointed the new area secretary for the Hants and Dorset region and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome him into the fold. Well done Joe and look forward to swapping some meets next year. Andi
  12. A great weekend. I'm still feeling rough. Must be getting soft in my old age. Thanks to everyone in attendance and thanks for all chipping in. Thanks to the wonderful Mr and Mrs Tom the farmer for allowing us to descending on his land. Andi
  13. Ok Tony. Let us know if your running late as we plan to be doing a run out around then. See you soon Andi
  14. Dare I say it? But the weather outlook says sunny for Saturday and Sunday. Yeeha So if anyone is undecided and not sure about going, get your shorts and vests on and come down. You'll all be made very welcome if we don't know you yet, and if we do know you, we'll see you there. It's a very laid back and social event. Andi
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