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  1. tractor

    carbs ?

    when i had a pinto fitting bike carbs and accuspark non vac dizzy were the best upgrades i did
  2. tractor

    Battery power

    if you can do it try and get a multimeter reading whilst turning it over
  3. tractor

    Headlamp aim

    i am with nelmo on this one take it for an MOT headlights emissions bargain for the money although £50 is a bit steep had my van MOT yesterday class 4 and it was £40 so a car 30 to 35
  4. a lot of people use the vw polo rad small twin core and very cheap on ebay
  5. as long as all four are roughly the same then its ok and i wouldnt worry about a lower comp rate with warm engine your oil will be thinner why are you doing a comp test
  6. tractor

    gearbox oil

    i had to cut a hole in the transmission tunnel to fill mine
  7. tractor

    super or not ?

    you will only need to put additive in every third tank full
  8. i have found fitting the accuspark non vac dizzy leads and coil can make a big difference to the running and power of the pinto
  9. really depends on what seats you have and what pedal box you have i found tilting the seat base so that your legs are bent is a much more comfortable driving position
  10. welcome Rick first i would do a full nut and bolt check i have learnt this from experience then go for a drive to see what else needs sorting out or if something is not to your liking
  11. i have 70ah and cca620 on mine i know its a bit on the large side but i have plenty of power to turn engine over
  12. i would come and help you but you are a long way away what are the cranking amps and ah on your battery
  13. just seen latest weather report all looking very good for weekend
  14. tractor

    EOSB Run Out

    looking forward to it
  15. tractor

    short sump

    thats the sump that is on my pinto
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