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  1. 1983 gaw blimey guv that's a visual only all day long
  2. Kerry and Sharon will have to start calling you Keith and Becky always on holiday i
  3. what year is A plate somebody may correct me but i think 96 or 97 is when the emissions test came in so any reg before that is a visual smoke test only
  4. a CO of 4.5 and HC of 0.12 is very very generous because its a pinto so a zetec on bike carbs will piss it if set up correctly bike carbs are far more efficient and so is a st170 engine plus there are no re circulated vapours
  5. GBS gear linkage not the best known a few people to have problems with it
  6. i had a CO reading on my V5 for my GBS zero but because of the reg year it was a visual test only and that CO reading was for a pinto and i had an st170 with bike carbs so if you have an old reg number on it no worries i would say the main factor is it didnt have a cat when it was IVA so it dont need one now
  7. if it was fitted with a pinto engine it will piss through the emissions test with a zetec on bike carbs if set up correctly i would tell the MOT tester its a visual smoke test only its worth a try what is the reg number on it
  8. meeting at the gate hangs well syston 17/08/22 from 7pm hope to see everyone there
  9. the lift is measured from top of cam lobe your dti gauge will measure your cam lift and get the cam to a perfect TDC then your adjustable cam pulley is where you fine tune yes at TDC on number one cylinder both valves are closed on a pinto it will spark at 10 degres before TDC
  10. what a great weekend i had last time i attended good food and good company and a great venue sadly i cannot make it this year
  11. tractor

    EuroBash 2023

    well make your mind up tony
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