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  1. when i put st170 on bike carbs into my zero with vvt working it was fantastic
  2. tractor


    thats computers for you i couldnt message a mate on messenger for about two months he could message me but i couldnt answer him and then one day i could weird
  3. oh to have a tidy garage like that
  4. tractor

    2L Zetec

    there are lots of piosts on fitting a zetec into a 2b a lot of the posts are mine
  5. tractor


    dont believe the hype is what they say
  6. eBay item number:300708171406 £37 bargain
  7. yes its a good modification to do i did it on my GBS zero fitted the range rover v8 intank pump swirl pot and when i fitted a turbo i needed more fuel pressure which i just swapped the actual pump for a wabco race pump which fitted perfectly in the swirl pot
  8. its on the first post with list of people attending
  9. hurray nearly there we are getting right down to the wire here with only hours left two people are on the verge of being struck off Dean and Danielle will they make it in time
  10. if you can let me know your menu choice by the 18th november is the cut off date set by the pub for the people who have already agreed to attend any choices not tendered by that date will not be going to the event sorry so please make your choices ASAP thanks i will nudge as many people as i can
  11. Phil I have booked your seats
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