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  1. did you adjust the sender to fit the tank
  2. if you are running the standard zetec fuel rail then the regulator is part of the rail if my memory is still working
  3. this is a stunning car every detail done to perfection and is an absolute bargain if i hadnt already got two kits aaaah
  4. choke cable about a tenner on ebay
  5. have you blocked off the air correctors
  6. one of the many kit manufactures should still sell them
  7. is it the one with noggin out that you require
  8. yes keep the catch tank high
  9. keep as intended the front needs two because of the extra braking needed at the front
  10. hey i have managed to book a pitch
  11. glad you have sorted it out
  12. on my st170 block it had a nogin stinging out right where the engine mount needed to be so i had to space the mount off the block with the bolts going through some tube in the end Dean rudkin had some laser cut for me he did do a couple extra i will have a look in the garage over the weekend i have posted some pictures of the engine mount plates i have left the two with the nogins out one is twice the thickness of the other and the third one i think is the o/s i have posted them on the facebook page yours if you want them
  13. my ticket is a kitfest weekend ticket !!!!!
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