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  1. tractor


    hmmm presents
  2. tractor

    Goodbye Leicestershire

    yes had a great evening i think all of the leicestershire massive will miss you maybe when the AZBO is lifted you can return to leicester
  3. tractor

    zetec 2B/4 install

    mine didnt have front anti roll bar
  4. tractor

    zetec 2B/4 install

    yes i see the difference now mine was a 2b/04 and it wasnt like that if you raise the engine as high as poss and cut that cross member out it should fit i reckon i raised the engine on mine i had to flatten the flanges in the middle of the bonnet cos i had raised it so far that the bonnet sat on the cambelt cover when closed
  5. tractor

    zetec 2B/4 install

    dont know about the raceline sump but i assume it will be nearly the same size as wot i used i had to cut the plough off its not structural anyway
  6. tractor

    just testing

    so if i get a smaller phone to take pictures will that help
  7. tractor

    just testing

    just getting lazy in my old age its such a faf having to use a host site just to post a picture
  8. tractor

    just testing

    nope didnt work still cant upload pictures
  9. tractor

    Zetec engine mounts

    i put the engine and gearbox in and used blocks of wood to get it to sit in the right position i then got the diy zetec mount kit from retro ford cut to length then tack welded then removed mounts from the car and welded them up my zetec had a flat sump so it sat nicely on the blocks of wood it was a while ago now so i dont have any pictures
  10. tractor

    Zetec Sump

    i think premier motor sport do a reasonably priced sump
  11. tractor

    Ecu Zetec Blacktop

    A few people have got the megasquirt 2 which is fairly cheap and loaded with a Base map and a very good tuner at Bailey performance if you don't want to tune it yourself
  12. tractor

    Ecu Zetec Blacktop

    depends how deep your pockets are
  13. tractor

    Leicester Area Meet 21/11/2018

    i will be there
  14. tractor

    Zetec Swirl Pot

    swirl pots in the engine bay have there own issues especially on hot days just ask Andi
  15. tractor

    Zetec Swirl Pot

    the 2b tank is an ideal candidate for the in tank pump and swirl pot and then theres only two pipes to worry about