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  1. tractor


    got sent home early from work today and told dont know when we will need you back work has just dried up so time to work on the cobra i have been stock piling parts for this cenario should it arise but if i need anything nowhere is open oh carp oh yes the undecided bit is good or bad no work suppose only time will tell
  2. i will be in the garage just not my own the boss is determined to stay open
  3. tractor


    a purchase from Danst engineering is what you need for bike carbs i am just fitting some to my pinto and st170
  4. i never like to say i told you so but on this occasion i told you so
  5. well if its still going ahead i will be there
  6. looks like the monthly meet will have to be cancelled
  7. Danst engineering is closer to you there in Ripley i think
  8. if the weather improves significantly i might even come in the sumo
  9. its a real shame Tony all the fantastic effort and lots of time you have put into this to sell it just before completion gutted for you
  10. yeah put me down for this i want to try and get to as many shows as i can this year because last year was a very poor effort
  11. tractor

    Stilton Run Lunch

    count me in derek
  12. bargain buy it buy it buy it now
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