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  1. tractor

    wet trackday

    I can see the problem the steering wheel is on the wrong side
  2. had a great weekend thanks to the organizers a great job thanks and for everyone that witnessed the magnificent aerial display on saturday night according to the news it was a display team practicing at bruntingthorpe airfield with airoplanes clad in LED,s with fireworks strapped on it was an impressive display
  3. Only just seen your post Ivan hope you got back home ok
  4. i have seen one for sale on ebay which is one of our members which may suit your needs its the GBS hood i think it is a larger version i can message you his number as he dosent use the forum
  5. Me and mini me and Mrs me
  6. tractor

    Fuel line

    got my braided fuel line from car builder solutions not had any problems so far
  7. tractor

    Go Kart

    sorry Andi you were beaten to it was only up for about 20 minutes gone subject to collection
  8. tractor

    Go Kart

    50cc two stroke cadet kart I think its for 8 to 13 years old FREE COLLECTION ONLY
  9. another great hoodstock thanks to everyone who put the effort in to organising the event I had a great time and hello and welcome to Maca and his kit which is very nice a great job done
  10. tractor

    Zetec Megasquirt

    maybe you can write a fuel map for the MOT and one for after then no need for cat
  11. this one i can actually make
  12. looks like you are having lots of fun
  13. tractor

    Zetec clutch

    no its if you have the mt75 gearbox you change the fork pin
  14. tractor

    Zetec clutch

    i know the splines on the 4 speed type 9 are different to the 5 speed
  15. tractor

    Zetec clutch

    from my memory so it may be wrong but there is a big difference between the fingers on the sierra pressure plate and zetec plate so i dont think the miss matching the pressure and friction plate will work
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