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  1. i have a pinto carb going spare it is auto choke but i think it can be converted if you are interested
  2. when i had my 2b i got rid of the servo by fitting the GBS zero pedal box anything is possible if you have a grinder and welder
  3. tractor

    Road tax

    yeah mine was that much but not next year its exempt
  4. No you don't have to move the pivot pin on a type9 I would say your flywheel is putting the clutch in wrong position because a pinto clutch and release bearing should work perfectly I fitted the zetec 1.8 clutch and flywheel wheel to my kit and worked great till I turboed it
  5. think i would go with peter check out fuel system had a problem with my 2b it would start up from cold fine foot down pull away full throttle belted along but once it was up to temperature it would pop and bang no power but would tickover fine turned out the fuel was vapourising in the pipe so i re routed fuel pipe away from heat sources and reduced the run of pipe were i could ran fine after that
  6. through out my childhood i never had a new bike i had to go to the tip and make my own those were the days recycling
  7. when i fitted a zetec to my 2b i had to remove the servo i used the GBS pedal box the first drive was scary but i soon got used to it
  8. the wide body GT ZERO manifold fits i fitted one to my 2b
  9. tractor

    Head flowed

    i would get it working properly first before you start trying different things if i could go back to how mine was with the megajolt and bike carbs with the Mtech vvt controller i would cos i regret it was awsome to drive
  10. tractor

    Head flowed

    have you driven it with the vvt working correctly yet mark
  11. mine was registered in 1979 whilst it is now MOT exempt i missed out by two months on being tax exempt GRRRRR the MOT exemption is a rolling 40 year period from the looks of your post i should have waited to tax it cos i didnt have to i think a conversation needs to take place with DVLA robbing gits
  12. they will fit the engine but not the chassis you would have been better off getting the zetec diy mounts from retro ford when i converted my 2b to keep the engine central i had to use 1inch box section to to make one engine mount plate wider and the retro ford tubes are longer than the kit spares set
  13. do you mean HOODSTOCK Mark
  14. tractor

    prop shaft

    afternoon guys and gals just a quick question because i just cant remember does a 4 speed type 9 have the same number of splines as the 5 speed type 9 at the prop shaft thanks
  15. i made mine got the bits from every exhaust part on ebay they will even swage the ends you want
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