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  1. 1983 gaw blimey guv that's a visual only all day long
  2. Kerry and Sharon will have to start calling you Keith and Becky always on holiday i
  3. what year is A plate somebody may correct me but i think 96 or 97 is when the emissions test came in so any reg before that is a visual smoke test only
  4. a CO of 4.5 and HC of 0.12 is very very generous because its a pinto so a zetec on bike carbs will piss it if set up correctly bike carbs are far more efficient and so is a st170 engine plus there are no re circulated vapours
  5. GBS gear linkage not the best known a few people to have problems with it
  6. i had a CO reading on my V5 for my GBS zero but because of the reg year it was a visual test only and that CO reading was for a pinto and i had an st170 with bike carbs so if you have an old reg number on it no worries i would say the main factor is it didnt have a cat when it was IVA so it dont need one now
  7. if it was fitted with a pinto engine it will piss through the emissions test with a zetec on bike carbs if set up correctly i would tell the MOT tester its a visual smoke test only its worth a try what is the reg number on it
  8. meeting at the gate hangs well syston 17/08/22 from 7pm hope to see everyone there
  9. the lift is measured from top of cam lobe your dti gauge will measure your cam lift and get the cam to a perfect TDC then your adjustable cam pulley is where you fine tune yes at TDC on number one cylinder both valves are closed on a pinto it will spark at 10 degres before TDC
  10. what a great weekend i had last time i attended good food and good company and a great venue sadly i cannot make it this year
  11. tractor

    EuroBash 2023

    well make your mind up tony
  12. tractor

    newark show

    ME AND keith enjoyed the pizza and it was Trevor of the north west crew who informed me of the pizza van
  13. can i have ham hock and dirty duck burger if its not to late thanks
  14. bugger missed it looks like i will be having soup in my van
  15. i know that me Ray and Tony are going
  16. all sevens are routhly the same about 100mls and fill up
  17. i would get the accuspark dizzy and leads on ebay
  18. tractor

    bike carbs

    if your dizzy has vac advance then yes you will need a vac take off on the manifold to get a stable vac for the advance you will need a take off from all four inlets going to a balance bar and then on to the dizzy a lot of fafing around easier to get a dizzy with no vac advance
  19. tractor

    Timing (maybe

    Don't forget to disconnect the vac advance when checking timing and block off pipe
  20. this is exactly the problems i had with my weber 45,s fixed it by getting rid and putting bike carbs on no more problems
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