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  1. looks like you will have it back soon then
  2. I will be there maybe even in the Midtec weather permitting
  3. tractor

    EOSB 2021

    me Rob and his son had a great weekend thanks to the committee for a well organized event although i still dont get the bizarre retail stalls
  4. the strength of the tubular chassis means you can put them anywhere within reason
  5. if you are running a wide band lambda sensor then get tunerstudio and do it yourself
  6. for the microsquirt Dale over at telford is the guy to go to
  7. tractor

    sierra distributor

    i always get an accuspark kit spot on every time
  8. what ecu are you running and what engine and carbs or injection
  9. thank you to sharon and kerry for a great weekend and a fabulous BBQ
  10. phew i have booked the right campsite
  11. you know me Andi of course ive booked the wrong campsite
  12. just been looking at my booking confirmation and they are supposed to send the gate code the day before you arrive has anybody got it yet
  13. yeah that dont sound good whilst you should keep the revs down when running in the engine should be nice and tight and no nocking noises
  14. replace both rears with GAZ shocks if you cant find the AVO ones GBS sell GAZ shocks
  15. did you adjust the sender to fit the tank
  16. if you are running the standard zetec fuel rail then the regulator is part of the rail if my memory is still working
  17. this is a stunning car every detail done to perfection and is an absolute bargain if i hadnt already got two kits aaaah
  18. choke cable about a tenner on ebay
  19. have you blocked off the air correctors
  20. one of the many kit manufactures should still sell them
  21. is it the one with noggin out that you require
  22. yes keep the catch tank high
  23. keep as intended the front needs two because of the extra braking needed at the front
  24. hey i have managed to book a pitch
  25. glad you have sorted it out
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