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  1. The pedals tended to sit too high in my 2B, in fact at a previous MOT the mechanic nearly sh** himself when he couldn't find the brake pedal after driving off. Having done an engine change and removing the servo I also needed a little move leverage on the brake pedal. To this end I removed the pedal box from the car, and extended the pedal by just over an inch, also adjusting the position using a U channel gusset, and welding.
  2. I bought a sump from Tiger racing for my Duratec, which is shorter than the standard one, and cheaper than the others available. I think it is possible to shorten the original if you can weld aluminium.
  3. Wind deflectors, as fitted to my 2B. Made from 4mm plexiglass, which can be bent by heating gently with a soft pencil flamed blow torch, along the bend lines, both sides. Keep the torch moving, (if you heat too much in one place it will bubble and burn) and apply gentle force, when soft enough it will bend. If you havn't done this before, try it out on a scrap piece. As Alan has done before, I have used the same type of lift off hinges to fit these in place, I can therefore change from full doors to wind deflectors in seconds. Try to fit these as close to the bodywork as possible, to stop the airflow short cutting to the low pressure behind the windscreen, as this is what causes the turbulance, and bufferting. Don't forget that these are handed, so you will need to bend them in opposite directions to get a pair. I should add thet the tab at the top, is bent forewards to stop the deflectors moving , and should be adjusted to give a snug fit. The bend at the bottom should follow the join above the the side panel.
  4. I made some shaped elephant ears for my 2B. Can provide a template if anyone interested
  5. This is more overhead, not a lot of spare room, and not enough for a servo!
  6. Here is how my 2B is layed out. Engine is a 2 litre duratec from a Fiesta ST150 coupled to the type 9 gearbox. ITBs are suzuki GSXRs on a Danst manifold.
  7. Hi Deano, I've just fitted one of the large cans from GBS to my 2B with the pinto manifold (modified to fit the Duratec) and as you say has an external size of 50.8mm (2") the internal size of the GBS silencer is the correct size to go over this, but I found this would leave my exhaust shorter than I wanted. The answer I found was to buy a exhaust repair section from ebay in stainless that is 50.8mm expanded at one end, this then fits over the collector outlet, and cut to length fits inside the new silencer.
  8. Yes it went though the IVA with a pinto, that didn't require a emissions test due to year of manufacture. It was given a Q plate, the engine change was notified to DVLA, a updated V5 issued. At this year's MOT, I fitted the Cat in readyness for the emmisions, but was told it didn't need one. I didn't argue the point!
  9. Yes it's OK in cruise mode, but when the right foot goes down it draws the wrong type of attention.
  10. Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone is running with the GBS large silencer. I'm getting headaches when driving the 2B because of the noise, even though I run a sport 200 cell cat in front of the original silencer. At around £300, non cat version they seem expensive, but if keeps the DB's at a lower level then perhaps it will be worth the expense. I'm running a 2.0 Duratec on throttle bodies, and my MOT station does not require emissions checked, so no need of a cat.
  11. What type of pump is it, most electric pumps I have fitted tend to be better at pushing fuel, rather than sucking, so I usually fit them near to the tank.
  12. Yes with the throttle wide open cars behind you would turn on their headlights to be seen. Hopefully with modern semi synthetic two stroke oil at a leaner mix it will run more cleanly. I haven't run it in anger yet, waiting for some warmer weather.
  13. My latest project was the result of a nasty attack of nostalgia, I wonder if any of you older guys remember this classic (some say) bike of the early 60's. It was a 250cc 2 stroke which was the largest bike you could ride on "L" plates, just happens to be my introduction to motorcycling. An ebay buy, which has now had a total restoration by me.
  14. I bought some similar gauges via america as they were cheaper than many outlets over here, and they work fine with sensors supplied. But beware, I had to pay import duty on them, which was around £18,if I remember correctly, so take this into account.
  15. I too tried the accuspark dizzy and stealth black box, never got it to run properly, so I ditched the module, and ran the accu dizzy with modified spring set up. With 10-14 degrees static advance. this ran much better in my 2.0 pinto.
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