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  1. Thanks, yes one on order.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I think I will go along this route.
  3. Thanks Richard, that's about what I imagined, is there a specific land rover pump, (petrol of course) that is used? Did you fill the tank with water for the drilling, filing operation?
  4. Hi guys, and girls, just wondering what popular fuel pumps people are using for injection supply. I am running a 2 ltr duratec on a high pressure pump from a swirl pot, supplied by a low pressure facet pump. Getting a little fed up by the continous clacking of the facet, and would like to go to a single in tank pump solution. I've heard that the fix is to fit a land rover pump, but I will surely need to open up the tank appature, with the associated dangers, also the work will be done with tank in, as to remove it is a major job. Any advise please?
  5. colinmoore

    ford duratec

    The whole engine came from the ST150, so yes used that starter.
  6. colinmoore

    ford duratec

    Hi, I have the Duratec in my 2B which is mated to a type 9 gearbox. I used the solid flywheel from a Fiesta ST 150, re-drilled to take a Pinto clutch. I understand that the dual mass flywheel often gives trouble. Not sure if the solid flywheel, ST clutch would fit the MT75 gearbox though.
  7. Looks OK at first glance, but with a little digging some bad tin worn found! New floor pans, inner and outer sills, door bottoms, front wings, rear boot floor, inner wheel arches repaired. New wood kit, engine upgraded to 1275 MG midget, disc front brakes, Marina rear axle, with radius arms, telescopic dampers all round, antiroll bar, 15 inch MGF wheels. Period looking radio, with CD, USB, CD, and new interior completes the upgrade.
  8. Yes it is due to nostalgia, my first car was a morris minor saloon, back in 1966, and I thought this little project would keep me away from day time TV.
  9. Rebuilt gearbox, best parts of two boxes, with new bearings, seals and bulk rings. Only driven half a dozen miles so far, with no troubles in this direction. Found the servo doesn't work (Marina discs), so this will be next item to change.
  10. Not much to do on the Hood, so I've had time on my hands for a new project. A total restoration, and upgrade for this 1970 Moggy traveller.
  11. I used MGF ones in my 2B, they just fit width wise if you remove the reclining handles.
  12. The pedals tended to sit too high in my 2B, in fact at a previous MOT the mechanic nearly sh** himself when he couldn't find the brake pedal after driving off. Having done an engine change and removing the servo I also needed a little move leverage on the brake pedal. To this end I removed the pedal box from the car, and extended the pedal by just over an inch, also adjusting the position using a U channel gusset, and welding.
  13. I bought a sump from Tiger racing for my Duratec, which is shorter than the standard one, and cheaper than the others available. I think it is possible to shorten the original if you can weld aluminium.
  14. Wind deflectors, as fitted to my 2B. Made from 4mm plexiglass, which can be bent by heating gently with a soft pencil flamed blow torch, along the bend lines, both sides. Keep the torch moving, (if you heat too much in one place it will bubble and burn) and apply gentle force, when soft enough it will bend. If you havn't done this before, try it out on a scrap piece. As Alan has done before, I have used the same type of lift off hinges to fit these in place, I can therefore change from full doors to wind deflectors in seconds. Try to fit these as close to the bodywork as possible, to stop the airflow short cutting to the low pressure behind the windscreen, as this is what causes the turbulance, and bufferting. Don't forget that these are handed, so you will need to bend them in opposite directions to get a pair. I should add thet the tab at the top, is bent forewards to stop the deflectors moving , and should be adjusted to give a snug fit. The bend at the bottom should follow the join above the the side panel.
  15. I made some shaped elephant ears for my 2B. Can provide a template if anyone interested
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