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  1. RH2BJS

    Chassis VIN

    Oh, thanks for that. Did you just use the email address in this thread? dvlavin@dvla.gov.uk Thanks.
  2. RH2BJS

    Chassis VIN

    Hi, Sorry to bring up a old thread , I am looking at applying for a VIN number myself from the DVLA. What kind of details did you need to give them on your build when you emailed them? Thanks.
  3. RH2BJS

    Number application

    Thanks for your reply, so If I send DVLA a email with my name, address and a request for the vin number I should be able to get one from them. What kind of details do I need to give them in my email about my build?
  4. RH2BJS

    Number application

    Hi, we are currently building our car up and it will need a IVA test once completed. My first step is to apply for a VIN number and stamp it onto the chassis. I know some people have made their own up but have read that isn't allowed anymore and to apply to the DVLA for one. I have tried searching the forum and couldnt find a upto date address to send for one from the DVLA. If anyone can tell me the address for the application and what details they require when I write to them? Many thanks
  5. RH2BJS

    IVA superspec seats

    Hi, thanks for the replies so far. yes the seats are already on runners which I guess were supplied with the seats when they sold them I was thinking about the harness postion and whether they would be correct on the roll hoop through the seats. Once the seats are raised up. Thanks.
  6. RH2BJS

    IVA superspec seats

    Hi, I am still currently building my superspec and hoping to get it through the IVA, one day! anyway, I have the GBS seats fitted in the car but I am unsure of where they need to sit in the car. I am working my way through the IVA manual and have found that the seats are currently too low for the harnesses. I have been trying to research the spacing for the harness bolts (on the roll hoop) as they go through the seats and also the backrests? They are fixed backrests. If anybody can show me where they have placed there seats in their cars / measurements for the iva that would be helpful Many thanks.
  7. RH2BJS

    ford duratec

    Thanks for your reply, were you able to use the original starter motor or the ST150 one?
  8. RH2BJS

    ford duratec

    I should add that the ford duratec has a adapter plate to mount the original robin hood MT75
  9. RH2BJS

    ford duratec

    Hi we are currently building a superspec with the Ford 2.0 Duratec fitted which flywheel / clutch do you all use to match to the Robin hood supplied MT75 gearbox I currently have the dual mass flywheel still fitted which came with the engine. Many thanks for any suggestions.
  10. Thanks all, That gives me a few options to look at. When i fit the dash panel in.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. Yep it is the SuperSpec model and not the 2B. My profile is slightly wrong.
  12. Hi, Been registered on here sometime. Never posted before. I am currently building my superspec. Which is the best way to attach the dash panel to the scuttle panel without bonding it. But to have it removable? Many thanks.
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