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  1. Thanks for that , have you a pic of your fixed plate as I have a small cnc macine so engraving the plate is no problem for me just like to be sure of the correct format. Steve D
  2. I found mine on eBay looks pretty cool Steve D
  3. I am made my own flexible pipes using parts from car builders solutions. This link should help they also have a video showing you how to make them up with their selection of fittings. https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/stainless-braided-flexible-ptfe-brake-hose-per-mtr Hope this helps Steve D
  4. Thanks for the info, as I suspected a new exhaust would be best just there is so much out there its just knowing the best way to go. Steve D
  5. Is the original 2B+ silencer supplied with my kit in 2004 okay for passing the IVA or do I need to modify / replace ??? I also have the 4 in to 1 pinto manifold which I think is okay. steve D
  6. Thanks for all your views gents I think I will go for the engraved plate welded to the chassis Steve D
  7. Thanks for the comment I read this statement but I think the relationship to the rear is misleading as I think it relates to locating on the off side of the car. I agree that my pic shows the middle of the beam but I can position the vin further across Steve D
  8. Gents thanks for your responses. I think I will stamp the VIN number in the location I am showing in the photo as it will be very visible when the bonnet is off and the nose conetilts forward as it will be hinged. I think it pretty much meets the regs, do you agree I will of course also fit a plate on the firewall but that will be riveted on. Steve D
  9. As suggested by Chris, I sent an email at the end of May to DVLA requesting a VIN and I have received a formal reply with various forms and the allocated VIN number today. Not bad just on 2 weeks. Now that I have this I have a number of questions which I hope some one can help with - DVLA request that the dealer or local garage confirm and sign a declaration which is part of the letter I received that the VIN is correctly stamped or embossed in the chassis, is this something to worry about or is it checked as part of the IVA inspection and signed by the inspector. - As for the VIN marking how is the best way to do this, do you stamp an area on a stainless chassis tube or is there another way that might be easier as I am not sure how easy it is to stamp a stainless steel tube or what are the best stamps to use. Steve D
  10. I think it is a bit big for that, I did think that it might be a boot lid but nothing I can find suggested that this is included with the kit
  11. I have this panel with my 2 b kit which I have no idea what it’s for. It measures about 700 x 500 mm can anyone advise
  12. steve1506

    Sad News.

    This is sad to hear I meet Bob a number of times over the years and had received some good advice during my what is now a very long build. I am sure he will be greatly missed by all. My thoughts are with his family at this sad time. Steve D
  13. Thanks Richy, I have been taking loads of photos all the way through my build so can certainly can show them every aspect if asked. Steve D
  14. For any one interested I have worked on my solution to move the seat belt mounts and the solution i have is as per photos. Hope this passes IVA it is very strong as I have used 10mm thick bar. Steve D
  15. Chris I had originally planned to bolt direct to floor but having narrow seats the inner runner mounting fell in the cut out area of the Iva panel and would only be fixed to the SS floor which was a shame and not good Steve D
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