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  1. steve1506

    Floor Strengh

    Patt, Thanks for the information is there any chance of the photos you mention so that I can incorporate the mountings into my build. I started my build late 2004 and got to a rolling chassis stage in a few years and then stopped due to having no time.now that times is mine again keen to complete but there is a lot of work todo Steve D
  2. steve1506

    Floor Strengh

    I am about to restart my 2B build now now that I have retired and have the time. One key job is to strengthen the floor so I have bought the 3 mm panel from kitspares. Has anyone else fitted one or have pics of how it is fitted.
  3. Just bought a 6.5 gallon alloy tank on eBay for my 2B it is manufactured by Optimum Balance Products Ltd Steve D
  4. Thanks to you all for your advise as I have the full capability to do the powder coat, mask etc in my workshop I will carry out the full strip as cb750 has suggested.
  5. Ian Thanks that sounds good advice, I have got silicone bungs to stop the powder in the other holes but maybe just use high temp tape in place of the dust cap over the piston . I would think that the seal should be good to survive the 200 deg c as the calliper must get hot in use Steve D
  6. I have a new set of brake callipers that I want to powder coat before fitting. To do this the seals etc will have to be removed. My question is will I need to replace the seals even though they have never been used. Steve D
  7. steve1506

    Florin's Sump

    Bob, I have a full CVH engine sat in the garage in Somerset doing nothing if you want to collect Steve
  8. Thanks Jim, It sounds like I need to make some adjustment as I have around 45 at the plough not sure of the front box but I will check at the weekend Steve D
  9. Out of interest what is the normal clearance height you would expect Steve D
  10. Has anyone fitted the Power Flex bushes in place of the original Nylaspa supplied with the kit.
  11. steve1506


    Thanks Gents for the info, I have been in the garage tonight and the pedals are as Nigel suggests sitting under the ball of my foot. Just the accelerator is a bit high so will lower the pivot point over the weekend. Steve D
  12. steve1506


    Gents, I am currently fitting a Zero pedal set to my 2B, my question is what height should the bottom of the Clutch/ Brake and accelerator pedals be from the floor Steve D
  13. Thanks gents for all your responses, some interesting uses but I will use as the boot lid. Steve D
  14. Can anyone help I have a SS panel with my 2B+ kit which I have no clue what it is for. Any one have any ideas ??? Steve
  15. Peter, no joy with the discount but I have now ordered the new one. Thanks to every one for their comments Steve D
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