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  1. Great thanks for that info any any chance of a photo of front corner ???
  2. Yes this is the kit I have to fit, I just wanted a photo of a front corner to check I have everything fitted okay if thats possible do you also have GAZ shocks and did you position the shock mounting U bracket to the lower wishbone in a different place to the standard hole provided. Many Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, Has any one fitted this modification to their 2B and can provide me with a photo as I want to check I have everything correct . Steve D
  4. Thanks gents bearings removed and replacements ordered from the links you gave me
  5. Hi Guys, Has any one replaced the bearings in a Mk2 steering column as my steering wheel shaft moves side to side as it rotates. On investigation the column has a top and lower bearing and it looks like some of the very small ball bearings are missing. Any ideas ?, where would you buy the bearings as all i can see on line are plastic bushes. Steve D
  6. Gents, Thanks for your response and advise, I bought 2 new sets of stands from Halfords so now to put them to use.
  7. Guys, A bit of a strange question but where is the best place to place axle stands on my 2B as I am at a stage in my build were I need to get it higher from the ground safely Steve D
  8. Utube is your best bet as everything has been posted on there
  9. Thanks Simon, I agree I have 8mm copper to fit through the tunnel but concerned by corrosion when using E10 fuel. I will be sticking with my Pinto as it has had a lot of work done on it and is running twin weber 45's so will produce a huge amount of power for the car. So only need to fit one pipe. Keep updating us on your build, I am along way behind you but fully intend to get there now I have the time available to me. Steve D
  10. Hi Simon, looking good you are making progress. I am interested in the fuel pipe you have used in the tunnel is it okay for the E10 fuel ?? Steve D
  11. Simon, Good to see some one else building a 2B at the moment and good to see your photos. I have restarted mine now i have retired and cleared a pathway to it in my garage. I bought my kit new in 2004 so its been a long time and its just a rolling chassis with a engine in place . Loads of work to do but need to keep at it this time or else i will have to convert to electric, LoL Steve D
  12. steve1506

    Floor Strengh

    Patt, Thanks for the information is there any chance of the photos you mention so that I can incorporate the mountings into my build. I started my build late 2004 and got to a rolling chassis stage in a few years and then stopped due to having no time.now that times is mine again keen to complete but there is a lot of work todo Steve D
  13. steve1506

    Floor Strengh

    I am about to restart my 2B build now now that I have retired and have the time. One key job is to strengthen the floor so I have bought the 3 mm panel from kitspares. Has anyone else fitted one or have pics of how it is fitted.
  14. Just bought a 6.5 gallon alloy tank on eBay for my 2B it is manufactured by Optimum Balance Products Ltd Steve D
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