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  1. Gents all working fine now I found info on the forum after a lot more searching Steve D
  2. Help please as I am really struggling to understand how to wire a simple windscreen washer pump to my build while using the Sierra 87BG Stalk switch's as i can only fined a NC switch push button. Do i really need to route through a relay to invert the signal or am I just having a bad day i thought this would be simple. Steve D
  3. I am afraid I am a bit of a perfectionist it has to be the 40+ years in the Aerospace / Defense business + I have loads of time now I am retired I did buy the kit in 2004 so not really rushing.
  4. I am making my own bespoke harness as I trained as an aircraft electrician many years ago so we’ll within my skill set
  5. Should my side lights be switched via a relay and is the fused feed via the battery or ignition switch Steve D
  6. Thanks gents I have a full set of 5 gauges, the pic was just an example. I had wanted to place all the instruments in the centre so some of them would not be in the untested zone. What about mounting them on a alloy plate and recessing this into the dash so that the bezels where flush with the dash surface would that work Steve D
  7. steve1506

    Instrument Bezel

    Is the bezel on the instrument in the photo going to be an issue when it comes to the IVA or would it be better to fit them to a panel recessed into the Dash which I have yet to make Steve D
  8. Gents thanks for your replies I have ordered 2 valves and will fit as suggested on the ends of the extended pipes steve D
  9. Hi Guys, Got a bit confused with the pipe work for my OBP fuel tank that I have fitted so need some words of wisdom what do I do with the fuel return pipe as I am running a Pinto with twin 45s so only need the fuel feed line , and the same for the breather pipe Steve D
  10. Hi this dwg from Colin Usher might help Steve D
  11. That would work I have attached photos of my solution Steve D
  12. Peter, you will need to provide the fixing by fixing / welding to the cross bars and ideally welding to the tubes that form the top of the transmission tunnel. There has been many designs I am sure others will comment. I fitted the kit spares IVA plate to strengthen the floor so fixed to this and welded to the tubes. You will also need to have captive nuts on the inner and outer lower fixings Steve D
  13. Great thanks for that info any any chance of a photo of front corner ???
  14. Yes this is the kit I have to fit, I just wanted a photo of a front corner to check I have everything fitted okay if thats possible do you also have GAZ shocks and did you position the shock mounting U bracket to the lower wishbone in a different place to the standard hole provided. Many Thanks
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