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  1. Ah bum, when you have a sucky community account and 1000+ pm messages you don't have any space anymore! I've deleted loads of old pms, so should be ok now.
  2. Try again mate I had messenger disabled
  3. I'm still alive! If you need anything reset just ask
  4. Hi Matt, jim again, i still can't get into the NW site, I'm in touch with Rob (CMA) but we can't work it out, I've forgotten as it's been so long, anything that you can remember that may help?? Regards Jim

  5. Hi Matt, It's Jim Stott from up in Lancashire, i'm slightly back on the scene, not as much as I was previously but around. I'd let to get back into the NW site and tidy it up a bit, but I've forgotten how to, can you assist me? Regards Jim

  6. Just wanted to thank everyone for donations, we completed the walk on Saturday (Pics etc. at http://toejam.rocks) and have so far made over £2600!!! It's not too late, and it would be incredible to get £3000!
  7. Thanks again for the continued donations, you know who
  8. THANK YOU! Almost at my original target of £1000
  9. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR DONATIONS!!! (more welcome!)
  10. Many thanks!!! I'm hoping to do a live blog and live map updates on the day on our website Trying to write the app at the moment!
  11. Hi Guys and Girls, long time no speak, nice to see the club forums still running smoothly after my departure last year I do check in now and again, and still have the old car in the garage (Really must get it on ebay!) however I'm here for another reason... Just before Christmas 2014 my mum was diagnosed with a klatskin tumour aka cancer of the bile duct and it's been pretty tough couple of months. My sister is running a marathon (In Australia and has already been over to see mum) and my other sister is doing a cycle event later in the year... I've managed to twist my brothers arm into doing a walk half way around the Isle of Wight (We wanted to do the whole thing but due to education commitments, he couldn't afford the time) in order to Raise money for a cancer charity (Pelican). http://toejam.rocks/ Please visit my little site to learn more and if possible a small donation of any size to boost us up to our target... MANY MANY MANY thanks from a really old RHOCaR member
  12. Wish I had the money and enthusiasm but I don't, life got in the way
  13. Price drop to £750 for everything, perfect for spare parts, locost of to finish the build on the cheap. Last try before ebay
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