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  1. Mat-Moo

    Website downtime

    This should now be complete
  2. Ah bum, when you have a sucky community account and 1000+ pm messages you don't have any space anymore! I've deleted loads of old pms, so should be ok now.
  3. Try again mate I had messenger disabled
  4. I'm still alive! If you need anything reset just ask
  5. Hi Matt, jim again, i still can't get into the NW site, I'm in touch with Rob (CMA) but we can't work it out, I've forgotten as it's been so long, anything that you can remember that may help?? Regards Jim

  6. Hi Matt, It's Jim Stott from up in Lancashire, i'm slightly back on the scene, not as much as I was previously but around. I'd let to get back into the NW site and tidy it up a bit, but I've forgotten how to, can you assist me? Regards Jim

  7. Just wanted to thank everyone for donations, we completed the walk on Saturday (Pics etc. at http://toejam.rocks) and have so far made over £2600!!! It's not too late, and it would be incredible to get £3000!
  8. Thanks again for the continued donations, you know who
  9. THANK YOU! Almost at my original target of £1000
  10. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR DONATIONS!!! (more welcome!)
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