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  1. shaun_tomo88

    Gaz shocks

    I’ll have them, I’ll PM you now thanks
  2. Thanks I’m going to have a good read now
  3. Thanks for the replies…. I’ll try both ideas this even, hopefully it will sort it out
  4. My 2b Sierra 2.0 DOHC EFI, isn’t running properly hunts really badly at idle I have to keep my foot slightly on the revs at lights or feels like it’s going to cut out, standard Ford ecu fitted, bottoms out at just under 80mph, any ideas welcome…….. I don’t want to spend mad money as I’m planning a engine conversion for winter
  5. shaun_tomo88

    Gaz shocks

    Are the 16” for the rear…. Silly question to most, I’ve got the old zimmer rides on the rear of my 2b
  6. VXR would be good, Just wanting advice of how hard of a job it will be to complete, I have a 5 speed type 9 box, so bell housing conversion also engine mounts…. Any ecu’s I’m really not sure of what I need to be very honest, I’m no mechanic a friend of mine is, I’d rather have as much information before I commit to it….. thanks also for the reply tractor
  7. Hi guys looking at getting a bit more power out of my 2b….. I have a Ford dohc EFI Sierra engine now, been looking at a Fiesta ST engine, or maybe a Vauxhall Astra VXR L20LEH full engine loom turbo etc, I won’t be doing anything until the winter want to enjoy as much summer as possible first…. any advice would be great
  8. Thanks for the advice Bob…… I have wishbone on the front, when I look at the rear wheels they do have a slight camber, what coilovers would you recommend, I’ll have a look at previous posts for a few ideas of tyres
  9. 18psi on the front 20psi on the rear as that’s what I use to run my old 2b on, the original zimmer rides suspension, I had 15 inch alloys on at the moment, good tread on all tyres, never heard of the name before tho road x on the tyre, what tyres would you recommend for my 15 inch wheels I’m getting next week, updating them as I don’t like the boy racer ones I have now
  10. Hi all. probably been asked a millions times before, the handling on my 2b is shocking extremely tail happy to say the least, I’ve had a 2b 04 in the past, handled like a dream compared to what I just bought…. Just waiting on a set of team dynamic pro race 1.2, hopefully that will help with the grip and…. With good tyres of course, just wondered what else I could try to make it a bit better
  11. Sorted a set of pro race wheel….. thanks tho
  12. So I’d need the aray wheels then, are they 15” sorry I’m new to all this, thanks Shaun
  13. There nice wheels Geoff
  14. Hi Bob. Something like these, don’t have to be exactly the same, just don’t want boy racer wheels on my 2b
  15. Looking for the original wheels that come with the 2b, I’ve got multi spokes on mine and I just don’t like them at all….. tried to find them on eBay no joy, if anyone has a pair they might want to get rid of let me know thanks Shaun
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