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  1. Hi all, got to the point of fitting the water pipes on my zetec conversion into my 2B, I haven’t got a clue what pipes go where, could anybody share some pictures with me on how use have done yours, it’s with the Neil Dunn water rail…. All advice much appreciated
  2. Thanks for letting me know that
  3. I can’t find people on the forum anymore, How do I do that?
  4. Filipes H…. Aintree not far from myself, Richy could you please try and get us in contact, same with some of the other new members you’ve posted over the last few months
  5. That’s the part of my conversion I’ve not liked, the grinder and welder hate both
  6. If use can see the blue circle plate doesn’t seem structural, so I think that could come off, the bit I’ve made red could I take section out and plate in there instead, my first thought was getting the prop made longer, or maybe a spacer in the diff… I don’t know to be honest, all ideas and opinions welcome
  7. Hi all….. I’m having problems with clearance of my water rail, I’m doing a zetec conversion, the picture you see a gap with the engine lowered, soon as I get it to the height I need it’s touching the tube, is there any way I could cut into the tube and weld a plate in to strengthen it?
  8. Help please, I was about to fit my zetec this afternoon I can’t find my spigot bearing long shot I know, would anyone have one I could buy, for MT57, not going to wait on eBay again unless I have to took a week to get to me…. Any help much appreciated
  9. Hi all, starting my zetec conversion this weekend, I purchased a engine mount kit, just wondering if anyone had some pictures of how they go together, not had no joy online, any help would be great
  10. I’ve just read that seems like the one with the 3 is better
  11. I know this is a old post…. Just looking through for some tips with my conversion, in the picture here I’ve added in off deans post, there’s a pulley above the water pump isn’t that to direct the pump in the right direction, where could I get that from
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