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  1. I may have it over recovered to your workshop, got the car mechanically sound…. Well hopefully as I’m not professional, the wiring just seems to be one nightmare after another it’s defeating me to be honest
  2. Very grateful for the offer, also I’ll still pop over either way, I’m hoping to have it fixed before then, as it stands the problem would be now driving it and cuts out, I’ve taken a bit of sand paper to all my earth wires, tried to clean them up a bit, fingers crossed that works..The joys of motoring
  3. I should make it……. Bloody wiring not my strong point
  4. I hope I can make it……. This car doesn’t want to play ball with me
  5. I was going to fit a heater in mine out of a taxi….. oh and some wet weather gear
  6. Hopefully mine will be ready in time, probably need some thermals tho
  7. I’ll send you my email via a PM, anytime after 17:00 will be good for me, let’s see what the others can do
  8. Great video….. some old camera footage, they don’t make them like that anymore, no fancy stuff just to the point
  9. Hi all, what’s the best methods to remove scratches from GRP, just something more for me to get done over the winter thanks shaun
  10. I’m not good with technology….. I’d give zoom a good go tho, got to be worth a try, just trying to get everyone to agree on a time
  11. Also like to add I’ll be a regular at monthly meets and events
  12. Come on guys show Steve some support here, I went along to his unit today, he’s a absolute gentleman very welcoming…… he’s also offering any members to come along and have a chat see his kit, a must for any hoodies or car enthusiasts, use won’t be disappointed
  13. Hopefully this is the start of something good
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