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    RobinHood 2b E plate. Type 9, 2.0xe, P&P head blackbird bodies and 168bhp at the wheels :-)
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  1. Cheers gents. How do you think these ratios would be? Guy on eBay selling Mazda boxes redone to suit the xe. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321903371716
  2. They do mate. Not sure how easy though or what I do for prop shaft
  3. Will look into this too. Cheers.
  4. That would be great mate
  5. garethbowers


    Hey guys thinking of doing a bit on an upgrade to the box once my garage is built. Currently running a 2b with Vauxhall c20xe and a type 9. I'm not overly fussed on the 9 as it seems sloppy and geared wrong. Question is, what would you do? Are there any other boxes that are a relatively straight swap? Or do I change the gearing and rear diff? (No idea what it is now) Cheers
  6. Think ill just buy a 5 speed type 9 and uprate it lol
  7. Brilliant thanks gents will take a look into this. Other questions I have are, can i just buy a 5 gear set? Currently using a 4 speed box or do I need a new box completely? Also what ratios are best? Also looking to replace the rear diff at some point with an ATB. Many thanks.
  8. Hi Kerry, thanks for the reply. dont suppose you have any pics of your PAS setup at all do you? particulary the column where ou connected on? Also what box and ratios are you running? last but not least, any pics of your bonnet at all and the firewall? in 2 minds on best way to tackle it. Ive got a split bonnet ant the moment but not 100% happy with it. cheers Gareth
  9. Sorry mate, I didnt realise you had posted a reply too. Thanks for that. Think I may be better re gearing the type 9 then.
  10. Hi, ivbe never done any work on a gearbox before but im happy to give it a go. im fairly handy with engines etc. How difficult is it to replace the sets? Do you have a link to the BGT set at all? cheers
  11. Hi mate thanks for the reply. Is the T5 a dorect replacement for the Type 9? Im assuming they do a bellhousing to fit Vaux for it or would a type 9 housing slip on?
  12. Thanks Andi, thats good to know. This is a Vaux Xe too
  13. Has anyone fitted a different box in place of the type 9? Im not a fan of it really. Feels sloppy and wrong gearing. Wondering how difficult would be to fit a mx5 mk 2.5 box or a Tremec T-5 Cheers Gareth
  14. Hey all, not been on for a while as kids have took over. Has anyone fitted an electronic vaux corsa electric steering column to there 2b?. I have bought the column and the module required to make it work. My car has standard sierra rack and column at the moment, as well as a pedal box. Just wondering if anyone has done similar? Best Wishes Gareth
  15. Hi does anyone have pics of how they have finished there split bonnet please? Ive converted from crocodile to fixed nose and fixed windscreen section. Ive then cut the middle section out. Im not sure how to finish the edges, ive got c trim over the metal but it looks rubbish I think. I also need a way to create a lip and seal maybe for where the bonnet meets the scuttle. Its due to go in and be painted next week so i suppose I can do pretty much anything. Cheers
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