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  1. I made mine as picture, if you know someone that can use a sewing machine and you take your time then it can be done.
  2. maca

    Earth improvement

    Hi Neil, A picture of how mine is connected. The pic shows the small lead to the chassis at the R/H side then the large lead from the Battery terminal to the starter motor mounting bolt engine earth.
  3. maca

    Earth improvement

    Put a shakeproof washer each side of the cable terminal. I take it that you have an earth lead from the battery to the engine as well as the chassis connection?
  4. Many thanks for a great day out Sunday, makes a change to see people out enjoying themselves. So enjoyed the drive out, just about managed to keep up with everyone. Andi have you tried phoning your number and fix that hole in the floor? Regards Martin
  5. maca

    General mechanics

    Hi Iain, Just had a look on the member map and it looks like you have 5 members in Scotland maybe more. Where abouts are you ? Regards Martin
  6. Hi Welcome to the club, another member asked the same question some time ago try the web site below. https://www.coveryourcar.co.uk/store/home.php?cat=732 They do indoor or outdoor covers.
  7. maca

    Full beam issue

    Depends what switch you have?
  8. Hi Tony here is a picture of mine. The measurement is from the top of the windscreen (where the mirror is fitted) to the c/l of the roll bar.
  9. Top front of windscreen to centre line of roll bar 42" Regards Martin
  10. Thanks for the comment hope that the LUK clutch works ok for you. My Son is not a great one that likes those clutchs, just depends how much power you put through it. Regards Martin
  11. Fitted a 3pc Valeo clutch to my 2 lt pinto injection, not had a problem with it. Was about £90 back in 2016/2017.
  12. IVA manual section 12 Interior Fittings Read Required Sandard (7) and see Notes 6 & 7
  13. This may help you this is a copy I sent with my details removed. Your Address Here KITS & REBUILDS DVLA SWANSEA SA99 1ZZ Reference (registering a new vehicle) Dear Sir or Madam I wish to apply to register a kit car following IVA test. I have enclosed all documents I am aware of requiring along with donor vehicle V5C (registration number (********) I wish to apply for an age related number of the old vehicle. I have filled in the relevant forms and given answers that I am able to but am not to sure how to answer some of the question details requested. If there are any other details that you require then please inform me of this. I have enclosed documents as below. V627/1 V55/5 IVA PASS V5C of donor vehicle The registration fee £55.00 The road fund payment £ ( not sure of latest charge ) 6 or 12 months Regards
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