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  1. I purchased a pair of Caterham wind deflectors from ebay at a good price. Then purchased the hinges from Caterham part no's as below. Hinge pin sidescreen 76226 £1.88 inc vat Hinge sidescreen 76225 £0.68 inc vat Note you will need 4-pins and 8-hinge parts to fit the doors or wind deflectors.
  2. maca


    Just did a google check details as below. danST Performance Engineering LTD Workshop and Postal Address: Unit 2 Aireside Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire BD17 7AP Registered Business Address: Danst Performance Engineering LTD 1 Threshfield Baildon West Yorkshire BD17 6QA VAT No: GB 183 4114 22 Telephone (+44) 01274 580213 Opening Times Monday 8am - 5pm Tuesday 8am - 5pm Wednesday 8am - 5pm Thursday 8am - 5pm Friday 8am - 5pm Saturday (by appointment) Sunday Closed
  3. maca

    membership cards

    Dean To save future expense for the club, do we need to issue new cards each year. The Membership Secretary has a list of paid members who would be upgraded to their annual subscription without the need to change the cards. The only cards that would need to be issued would be to new members for that year, then all members that have paid would retain the same membership number when paying their subscription each year. How many members do we have at present and how many new members are we expecting to join each year. The new members could be issued with the cards that have not been issued for that year. By not ordering so many cards this could save a lot of wastage each year. Do we need a date on the card? Also do we need a letter each year if we are going to not have a new dated card after paying our subscription? By doing this it would save quite a sum of money both in cards, printing and postage. Regards Martin
  4. maca

    membership cards

    Membership Card and stickers arrived today. I just have a few questions for the Membership Secretary. From 2010 to 2018 my Membership No. has been 000668 My 2019 Membership No. 012 My 2020 Membership No. 311 Are we now going to be changing our Membership No. each year? (I had no report enclosed with the membership letter.) The letter that was enclosed with the Card and stickers states as below:- Your car details are contained within the report which is also included in the envelope along with your card and stickers. The report details all those like minded Hoodies in your area giving details such as the car type,engine ect. Not going any further into the said details so printed on the letter that was stopped when the Data Protection Act came into force this was not included within the envelope. I think someone has found some old paperwork and submitted it for this year. So maybe those that will be attendeding the End of Season Bash in September 2019 As we are now in 2020 will let us Know if you will enjoy this years as much as last years. Just a side note! Please read what you are sending out to members before sealing the envelope and posting. Regards Martin
  5. maca


    Hi Mark, I did wonder why you had gone over to the other side. My first throught was that you were saving up for that Bottle of NOS that blows engines up. Then I just put it down to you getting older and your memory starting to fail you like so many of us older club members. Anyway good to see that you are back with us and now you can fly the RHOCaR Member again. Martin
  6. maca

    2B Project For Sale

    Hi Tony, Sorry to read that you are putting up the car for sale now, after all the work that you had put in. It only took me 12 years on and off to do all the mods on mine that you have pictures of. But it all comes down to the last little bits that seem to get to the point of what to do with the project. Well hope you get a fare offer for it, would be a shame to have to break it up to sell but that's how things go. Best of luck Martin
  7. DO NOT connect the thick brown wire to EARTH without checking. This may cause a direct short and then you will want another loom or repair. I would think that the wire had a bit of tape wrapped around to identify it from the other. Normally alternators are Earthed direct to the mounting bracket.
  8. I fitted these from GBS
  9. All depends what engine you have if a pinto I have jacked mine from under the engine crank pulley, with the aid of a small piece of wood on the jack. How high do you want to lift the engine off the ground for clearance? What clearance do you have under the bonnet that you can use to help give ground clearance?
  10. Here is my engine bay.
  11. Press release 2020 May bank holiday will be moved to mark 75th anniversary of VE Day The early May bank holiday in 2020 will move from Monday 4 May to Friday 8 May to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.
  12. I never had the tapes when I purchased my car from Tricky Dicky back in his sale from May 2005. To answer your question Neal yes I still have a VHS player, Now this is old school and it has a DVD/CD player also. Regards Martin
  13. Hi Robert I belive that I sent some pictures over to Tony a few years ago. Here is how I modded mine at the time I belive the bump stop that you are enquiring about would be like mine that was used from an Escort front leg. Regards Martin
  14. eBay item number: Ebay Number 360477993376 listed as LOCOST & WESTFIELD TOP BALL JOINT / TRANSIT DRAG LINK END Track Tie Rod End Pair for FORD TRANSIT MK 3 - 100L 130 160 & 190 - 1987 to 1992 Regards eBay item number: 123069748706 £12.99 Buy it now- Martin
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