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  1. I never had the tapes when I purchased my car from Tricky Dicky back in his sale from May 2005. To answer your question Neal yes I still have a VHS player, Now this is old school and it has a DVD/CD player also. Regards Martin
  2. Hi Robert I belive that I sent some pictures over to Tony a few years ago. Here is how I modded mine at the time I belive the bump stop that you are enquiring about would be like mine that was used from an Escort front leg. Regards Martin
  3. eBay item number: Ebay Number 360477993376 listed as LOCOST & WESTFIELD TOP BALL JOINT / TRANSIT DRAG LINK END Track Tie Rod End Pair for FORD TRANSIT MK 3 - 100L 130 160 & 190 - 1987 to 1992 Regards eBay item number: 123069748706 £12.99 Buy it now- Martin
  4. Phoned John (Area Sec.) Had a message to say that he was still recovering from medical issue and also that Bob was away for the w/k end. Arrived at just before 6:30 amd waited until 7:00, no others arrived in that time so went back home. Sorry but I will not be able to attend for the next few months due to my own medical issues. So maybe next year before I am back in the driving seat attending meetings. Regards Martin
  5. Hi Joe, I have fitted a RS2000 Sump and pickup pipe to my Pinto 205 block (2000 injection) Type 9. 5speed gearbox Not sure if your belhouing is the same as mine, using the long clutch cabe (QCC1422) When fitting found that the hole for the oil dip stick in the bottom plate in the sump just had to be filed out for the correct alignment. The side extention of the sump sits where the clutch cable should go through to be in line with the clutch fork, bur mine works fine in the next hole up. Also check that the starter bolt mountings are clear mine had to have a slight file to clear. Hope this helps. Regards Martin
  6. Many thanks to everyone for the wonderfull welcome you gave me to your group. It all started out as a little drive out from home to see if I could find the farm, and ended with a great chat to you all with Tea & Burgers to finish the evening off before my drive back home and to cap it all No breakdown on the way there or back home. A fine collection of cars and their owners. Many Thanks Martin (maca)
  7. Hi Nick The front suspension is sliding pillar from your pictures. It depends if the bushes in the pillar are worn or it is the mounting of the 20mm shaft that was used from the Sierra front strut is secure at the base mounting. I had made some machined parts to mount my setup to improve what was fitted to mine. Regards Martin
  8. I used MR2 hand brake and cable mounted to a plate on the RH side of the tunnel. Martin
  9. maca

    Fuel level gauge

    Smiths flight gauges Not sure if this may help but some Smiths gauges were wired to a 10v voltage regulator to give the gauge stability in operation. Fuel level, Water temp & Oil temp. I am not sure about the new gauge wiring but would be good to check if this helps. Regards Martin
  10. See you on Sunday John. Hope we get some sunshine. Martin
  11. How long is it since you used the car? Maybe if not for some time then the clutch plate could be stuck to the flywheel. Try to put the car in gear before starting the engine and see what happens when you crank the engine.
  12. Just a word of caution , make sure the adaptor go's from a large p.c.d. to your OMP wheel NOT the other way round. You will need to remove the horn slip ring from the Sierra wheel and refit to your boss.
  13. Thanks John hope you have a good Holiday, see you in June. Martin
  14. Hi John Not quite shure what you are so kindly offering as regards to the 2nd adoption kit. Have you any pictures of the kit and why you would now wish to not use them for you car?. As I read in another of your posts that you were going to change yours over to wishbones. Regards Martin
  15. Hi Connor I have found a few more pictures for you to look at as mine was and the parts I had made to secure the shaft top and bottom. Hope these pictures will help you of how I did mine. Martin
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