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  1. maca

    Chassis Plate for IVA

    Details as below. Gross Weight 1050 Axle Weight Front 450 Axle Weight Rear 600
  2. maca

    Air horns

    If the horn push is NEG then connected to 86 on the relay then 85 needs a POS connection. I did have mine connected for spaced sound and together it used to sound great. I also had the changeover switch from standard horn to Air horn. The good old days of Pander Police Cars
  3. maca

    Air horns

    I purchased a set of triple horns some 50+years ago. The best way to explan the wiring is that the compressor has a feed terminal top and bottom. If you wish to just have all horns to sound together then supply the bottom feed of the compressor from the relay pin 87 If you wish to have open sound of the horns then install the link switch at the dash board between bottom and top terminals on the compressor, this will give spaced sound when closed. ( This could be against the Law ) to have spaced sound horns. The relay is feed at pin 30 from battery poss. via fuse. 30 Amp
  4. Hope this may help when I went about registering my car after IVA. I phoned DVLA and was told that it needed an MOT so had one and sent it in with all the paperwork attached. (Pinto 1993cc) Engine Cost of Tax as below. Regards Martin Vehicle tax reminder.pdf
  5. DCOE Carburetors Low Speed Circuit Tuning It is most important to verify all linkage and levers are installed without binding and the linkage opens to full throttle and is allowed to close to the Idle Speed Screw. This is the number one and two reasons for tuning errors, improper linkage installations and over tightened linkage nut, causing binding in the linkage assembly. The Individual Runner carbs, DCOE, have individual Idle jets and mixture screws for each barrel. They also have an additional air bleed screws and lock nuts. This is not used for idle adjustment
  6. Checked on https://www.i-bidder.com/en-gb https://www.i-bidder.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/mathewsons/catalogue-id-matthe10012?archiveSearch=False&page=2 Lot 69 Sorry to late to find the price it sold for somewhere between £4250-£6000 is all that I can find out now. Regards Martin
  7. Found another @ £24.99 eBay item number: 264171044143
  8. eBay item number: 154199029062 This is the one with the push on terminals.
  9. Well done Neal or should I say "Nick" Nick Hammond completed his Caterham Seven after two years, sneaking into his garage for a couple of hours in the evening after work and some extra time at the weekend. I was lead to believe that you built a GBS Zero. How wrong could he have been? Only hope he can get the facts right if he writes another artical and tell him to at least get your name correct and car make!
  10. maca

    Steering rack

    Hi Lee Have some rack clamps made to stop the rack before the end of travel. Approx sizes 38mm O/D 22mm I/D 13mm wide.
  11. maca

    Piston ring size

    Few Questions Did the machine shop have the pistons at the time to bore to? Have you asked the machine shop to change the rings supplied? It maybe that the ring need gapping to the finished bore. Pistons are normaly supplied complete with rings.
  12. Hi you will find that prices have gone up since I did mine in 2017. Well done on the IVA Pass. Martin
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