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  1. maca

    Clutch replacement

    How long is it since you used the car? Maybe if not for some time then the clutch plate could be stuck to the flywheel. Try to put the car in gear before starting the engine and see what happens when you crank the engine.
  2. maca

    Fitting Steering Wheel

    Just a word of caution , make sure the adaptor go's from a large p.c.d. to your OMP wheel NOT the other way round. You will need to remove the horn slip ring from the Sierra wheel and refit to your boss.
  3. maca

    Derby and Notts area

    Thanks John hope you have a good Holiday, see you in June. Martin
  4. maca

    2B Sliding Pillar King Pins

    Hi John Not quite shure what you are so kindly offering as regards to the 2nd adoption kit. Have you any pictures of the kit and why you would now wish to not use them for you car?. As I read in another of your posts that you were going to change yours over to wishbones. Regards Martin
  5. maca

    2B Sliding Pillar King Pins

    Hi Connor I have found a few more pictures for you to look at as mine was and the parts I had made to secure the shaft top and bottom. Hope these pictures will help you of how I did mine. Martin
  6. Try Burton power. Not sure that you will get the parts from Ford now but you can try I just put a small filter on the p.c.v .outlet and my engine is fine without piping to the manifold. https://www.burtonpower.com/pcv-valve-grommet-6011482gr.html https://www.burtonpower.com/pcv-valve-straight-type-3-8-outlet-6011482.html
  7. maca

    2B Sliding Pillar King Pins

    Hi Conner you are right it is the sliding pillar set up. I am sorry to say but your picture is not showing me how the shaft is being secured at the top and bottom to the frame of the chassis. My car is also a sliding pillar but I have made many mods to the setup to secure the shaft. The shaft (king pin) as your description was from the front Sierra strut of the car. Would it be possible to clean off the dirt from around the bottom mounting also a better pictures of both top and bottom mountings so that I can ex-plane more clearly for you, The shaft needs to be very securely mounted top and bottom then any play would only be from the bushes that slide up and down the shaft of the pillar. These can be re-bushed by an engineering company if you do not have the machining use yourself. I have pictures of my setup but will have to down size them to post on here. I have attached 2 pictures for you to look at. Regards Martin
  8. maca

    House Room Thermostat Wiring Help

    Message to self I must read all the small print of the listing before posting a reply. I will stand to be corrected in this case. Regards Martin
  9. maca

    House Room Thermostat Wiring Help

    Hi, Having had a look at the ebay listing, I did not see any mention of the unit being for under floor heating within the description. Most central heating stats only control the water flow pump not the heating part of the system when the temp drops to circulate the water around the system. The boiler comes in from it's internal temp control of the water not the external room stat. Hope this information gives you a better understanding of what the room stat is controlling. Regards Martin
  10. maca

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 14Th October

    Hi Richard I was going to come along with you all but the rain is well set in here at Spondon Derby and not due to clear till much later this evening if at all. I am going to give it a miss this time as I don't have a roof to keep the rain off will look forward to another time. Regards Martin
  11. maca

    Derby And Notts Area Meeting

    Hi all, John and I had a few words on the phone yesterday and he has suggested that one of the best ways of promoting the Derby and Notts area meeting is for the ones that can attend the next meeting to come in their cars and we will have a few pictures taken and a write up submitted to Neal for the magazine. It has been brought to our attention that not all members look at the forum but do read the magazine. So come on Boy,s and Girl,s in hoods lets make the meetings well attended ready for next year when the sun comes out and we can have a few rides out. Regards Martin
  12. Stage 3 complete many thanks to all concerned for your help in the collection and passing on of the parts. Regards Martin
  13. Hi Bob, How can I contact you to arrange postage / payment? Unable to leave you a message. Regards Martin
  14. Thanks Bob, I was not meaning that in the sense of the word, just expressing that if either Chris or Dave would like the parts let them have their choice first. Regards Martin
  15. Hi Bob Fry, Bob Tucker, Chris & Dave, I am quite happy to step down in place if Chris Or Dave want to take first or second place with the parts. I am still setting up my car from last year with my own modified sliding pillar setup, so if Chris or Dave require the parts to use before I get round to changing mine then by all means jump in and have your choice first. It was just that Bob Fry is offering the parts at a very good price and so why haggle over a few pounds when you can have the job lot for £70 The choice is yours. Let me know after you fight it out between you all. Regards Martin