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  1. Hi Tony here is a picture of mine. The measurement is from the top of the windscreen (where the mirror is fitted) to the c/l of the roll bar.
  2. Top front of windscreen to centre line of roll bar 42" Regards Martin
  3. Thanks for the comment hope that the LUK clutch works ok for you. My Son is not a great one that likes those clutchs, just depends how much power you put through it. Regards Martin
  4. Fitted a 3pc Valeo clutch to my 2 lt pinto injection, not had a problem with it. Was about £90 back in 2016/2017.
  5. IVA manual section 12 Interior Fittings Read Required Sandard (7) and see Notes 6 & 7
  6. This may help you this is a copy I sent with my details removed. Your Address Here KITS & REBUILDS DVLA SWANSEA SA99 1ZZ Reference (registering a new vehicle) Dear Sir or Madam I wish to apply to register a kit car following IVA test. I have enclosed all documents I am aware of requiring along wit
  7. Robin hood video14 Watch from approx 27mins and 43 mins
  8. maca

    Fuel rail adaptor

    Try Demon tweeks.
  9. What enjoyment can you get for less than £1.00 a day and put a smile on your face. I SORN mine for 6 months and drive when the weather is nice. How far can you go on the bus for a £1.00 Pay the money and enjoy the drive !!! Tried a cat but it kept jumping out.
  10. maca

    Heat soak

    eBay item number: 113895639898 Universal Fuel Injection Gauge Pressure Tester Test Kit Car System Pump Tool Not sure if this item will help you out for £19.99
  11. You may find that by pulling the sides inwards a little the bonnet will fit better. Just needs a little tweak. Where you have slid the bent stiffing panel you may be able to fix a small angle piece to help stiffen the panel straight along the top tube. At the moment it is sagging down, it needs to be supported. I would not recommend doing anything to the nose cone, to let the bonnet go back any more. Mine has about a 1" overhang from the side tubes at the corner.
  12. I am with Bob, mine had about a 1" gap. You have the option of how you wish to fit your bonnet. My son and I choose to have a fixed scuttle and hinge the bonnet forward. You will need a foam strip to seal the gap between the bonnet and the sides.
  13. maca

    Wheel Removal

    You could try Wolfrace Wheels or one of their dealers. Send a picture of your wheel. Wolfrace Wheels (UK) limited, 6A The Street Industrial Estate, Maldon, Essex, CM9 4XB Company Reg. 2406254, VAT No. GB570445054 wolfrace.co.uk – New Shop sales@wolfrace.co.uk 0845 330 9896
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