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  1. maca

    Throttle body cable

    Hi Neil, Couple of questions for you to answer, Do you not have any free play in the cable and you are over stretching it when you are at full throttle causing it to snap? Have you a pedal stop or do you need a pedal stop? Can the cable be repositioned so that you don't have this problem? Can the bracket be spaced off? The cable should never be at full stretch and should have free play at the end of travel.
  2. Contact your Insurance company, explain that you have an IVA Test and your car has not been registered. They will Insure your vechile from the VIN number. They will require you to inform them of the Reg number when DVLA have issued a number after registeration for the vehicle. Expect DVLA to take about 4 weeks to issue a Registeration number to you so that you can have some plates made. That's what I did and had no problems. If stopped show them your insurance and IVA test letter. Regards Martin
  3. maca

    EOSB Run Out

    Sorry Girls and Boy's but won't be with you at the w/end so did my run out today and found the windmill.
  4. I have to agree with Mark. What you spend on a trailer could go towards your first years insurance for the car. I drove mine to the test centre. You can always have someone with a backup vehicle follow you just in case. Regards Martin
  5. Try MBS trailer hire just did a search on Google https://www.mbstrailerhire.co.uk/
  6. maca

    Exmo for sale

    Never did get that drive out, sorry to hear you have to sell the car anyway good look with the sale. Martin
  7. maca

    short sump

    Modified my sump then found after fitting it picked the oil up quicker than what it would return so had to have the crank ground and new bearings. Then fitted the RS 2000/Mexico sump from Burton Power and new oil pump not had a problem since then. Just had to file the baffle plate for the dip stick to line up correctly. https://www.burtonpower.com/alloy-sump-pan-rs2000-rhd-with-baffle-plate-sohc-pinto-ft650.html
  8. From my Haynes Manual Cylinder Head Bolts Splined type bolts Nm lbf Stage 1.............................................................................40 to 45 30 to 41 Stage 2.............................................................................50 to 70 37 to 52 Stage 3 (after 20 minutes)................................................ 73 to 83 54 to 61 Stage 4 (after running engine for 15 min at 1000 rpm)......95 to 1
  9. Looks like a Pinto so use 20/50 oil the old school type.
  10. Yes it can be cut in half so as to make easyer fitting without having to remove the drive shaft. I think it had a 1.5 deg. taper in both directions so as to adjust both camber and toe in. Regards Martin
  11. Longboarder did a post last year with some details as below. I purchased a set from Peter Bell when he was making them @ £33.00 a set. That did the caster and toe in for the rear tracking. Regards Martin
  12. maca

    Ruddington meet

    I went Saturday morning about 11.00 Sorry to say only one 1963 Hillman Minx parked outside the Cafe that was closed and NO Toilets open. Other then the railway rolling stock very disapointing. The best part was the drive there and back in the car.
  13. maca


    I would think that is a matter for the owner as to how big or small the seats are in their car. What may suit one person may not suit someone else it is their taste as to many things and is called individuality.
  14. maca

    Starter Motor

    Looking at your car and the age of it I would say it has a type 9 gearbox fitted. Check if the Bell housing and gearbox are cast iron in looks if so then it is a type 9. The MT 75 is aluminimium.
  15. Watching your video the problem is the starter bendix gear sticking due to the oil/grease around it. Have a look at this video
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