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  1. maca

    House Room Thermostat Wiring Help

    Message to self I must read all the small print of the listing before posting a reply. I will stand to be corrected in this case. Regards Martin
  2. maca

    House Room Thermostat Wiring Help

    Hi, Having had a look at the ebay listing, I did not see any mention of the unit being for under floor heating within the description. Most central heating stats only control the water flow pump not the heating part of the system when the temp drops to circulate the water around the system. The boiler comes in from it's internal temp control of the water not the external room stat. Hope this information gives you a better understanding of what the room stat is controlling. Regards Martin
  3. maca

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 14Th October

    Hi Richard I was going to come along with you all but the rain is well set in here at Spondon Derby and not due to clear till much later this evening if at all. I am going to give it a miss this time as I don't have a roof to keep the rain off will look forward to another time. Regards Martin
  4. maca

    Derby And Notts Area Meeting

    Hi all, John and I had a few words on the phone yesterday and he has suggested that one of the best ways of promoting the Derby and Notts area meeting is for the ones that can attend the next meeting to come in their cars and we will have a few pictures taken and a write up submitted to Neal for the magazine. It has been brought to our attention that not all members look at the forum but do read the magazine. So come on Boy,s and Girl,s in hoods lets make the meetings well attended ready for next year when the sun comes out and we can have a few rides out. Regards Martin
  5. Stage 3 complete many thanks to all concerned for your help in the collection and passing on of the parts. Regards Martin
  6. Hi Bob, How can I contact you to arrange postage / payment? Unable to leave you a message. Regards Martin
  7. Thanks Bob, I was not meaning that in the sense of the word, just expressing that if either Chris or Dave would like the parts let them have their choice first. Regards Martin
  8. Hi Bob Fry, Bob Tucker, Chris & Dave, I am quite happy to step down in place if Chris Or Dave want to take first or second place with the parts. I am still setting up my car from last year with my own modified sliding pillar setup, so if Chris or Dave require the parts to use before I get round to changing mine then by all means jump in and have your choice first. It was just that Bob Fry is offering the parts at a very good price and so why haggle over a few pounds when you can have the job lot for £70 The choice is yours. Let me know after you fight it out between you all. Regards Martin
  9. Hi Chris, I have sliding pillar front suspension at the moment so I would be looking to replace the hubs as these where modified from R.H.E, I have cossie front disc's fitted with 4 pot calipers now so not to bothered about them, But I think that Bob is offering the complete setup for a very good price, you will find it hard to find any cheaper so it's up to you. I would bite his hands off at that price. You could always sell what you don't want on ebay. They maybe on my self if you don't have them before I get round to using them otherwise. Regards Martin
  10. Bob tried to send you a message if Chris is not interested, I will have the job lot off you. Regards Martin
  11. maca

    Zetec Rattle

    Neal If you don't have the equipment to remove the engine have you a friend that has. You have to remove the engine from the gearbox to be able to remove the crank. I would not recommend trying to even work on an engine in the sump down position for doing any job on the bearings or crank, gravity is not your friend to help you. It needs to come out and the job is made so much easier by doing so. Sorry to be against your hopes but I have to be honest and tell you the facts. Regards Martin
  12. maca

    Zetec Rattle

    Neal for piece of mind I would go down the road of taking the engine out and have the crank reground and have new bearings fitted. This has been a long ongoing saga for you so better to have it checked out and make sure your oil pickup is not to close to the sump and start with something that you know will not let you down. Regards Martin
  13. maca

    2B Build Manual

    Don't think that I remember any mention of the fixing of the washer bottle in the YouTube tapes. If you have the 2B with the alligator bonnet then the wiper motor was attached to the underside with a couple of brackets. The choice is yours as to where you wish to mount the washer bottle just remember to give a little extra pipe for opening the bonnet. You are in control of what goes where and how to fix it. Regards Martin
  14. maca

    Remote Iacv Mount - Is This Location Ok?

    May I be so bold and ask why you need an Idle Control Valve? I am running the Sierra injection Throttle body on my own plenum design and only use the Throttle body screw to set up the slow running of the engine. I may stand to be corrected in this matter by others, but once my engine has warmed up a little it all runs fine. Quote from Nigel (Longboarder) IACV is an effective idle control but Omex allows use of spark advance/retard for idle. (Emerald probably has this facility.) Works a treat. Either system should allow you to lean into the car, turn the key to start and walk away. The car will look after itself. Simple throttle body screw will not do this. _______________________ I am running Emerald K3 ECU so mine is set by the use of the spark advance/ retard for idle control depending on TPS setting.
  15. maca

    Derby And Notts Area Meeting - Sunday 5Th August

    We will just put it down to your age John, but I am older than you I think. And I have lots of moments. Will see you there. Now when did you say it was? Regards Martin