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  1. Hi All, It seems im missing some body panels. The one that goes behind the seats and the one that wraps around the back to form the rear end. I know I can order these however I have a CNC machine and can machine alloy, In the past I was able to find a CAD drawing of all the body panels and planned to cut any i needed. However I cant for the life of me find where I saved the file! (its been 8 years) Does anybody have the files in DXF of any format? Ive tried to search for it but cant seem to find it. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks, yea I’m worried about the paperwork and photos so almost wonder if it’s better to take it back apart first. I’ve heard the videos are not very good. I’m thinking on here I’ll find some build manuals or posts from others helping me along the way. from what I can tell it’s almost only the bodywork that needs to be finished given that it essentially starts and stops ok so basic function is fine.
  3. Hi all and thanks for letting me join. I picked up this kit part built about 10 years ago with very little info other than all the parts are meant to be there to finish it. I believe it to be a 2b and since I have owned it I’ve installed brake lines and managed to get it to stop, put the fuel lies into a Jerry can and managed to get it to start and that’s about it. My plan was to finish it and put it through a test. I guess my issue is getting some time to actually look at all the parts and work out how they fit, find some sort of instructions as to where they go and then get on
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