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  1. this is what im not sure about, but surly nobody puts a 38mm diameter round section on the bottom of their dash?
  2. This is where I’m at right now. These wooden parts will be attached to the back making it stiffer but missing the chassis tubes so that it does not sit too far forward. Then a bunch of profiles glued and fixed together will form the thin dual glove boxes that couldn’t be any bigger due to the tube above the dash and having to mount the dash higher to fill the gap where the bonnet wouldn’t fit correctly. getting there.. slowly lol
  3. making progress on the dash and have now made it from 4mm alloy machined to shape.... I need to put a radius on the bottom edge as well as build in the two small glove boxes I have made.. My question is.. Im going to machine sections of the dash, ie the bottom edge, again from 18mm ply and then attach that to the back of the 4mm alloy to give the edge a total thickness of 22mm.. but it needs to be a radius of 19mm. So im assuming if i bull nose the bottom edge so that its a profile of a quarter circle... that will be correct?
  4. Yikes, didn’t even think of that. This is a closeup of the peddle, it does have holes drilled into it but not worth the oak of a fail to chance it. I’ll buy some more with rubber inserts. Or see if I can add rubber bungs into these holes.
  5. It seems there is some adjustment in the shaft but the bracket makes it impossible to use it. I did think about swinging the wheel on the U slips a bit to lift it up and forward at the same time but there is a strengthening bar also been put from the bracket back which is at its full forward position going to have another look tomorrow.. I may end up machining out the back of the 18mm in places to let it sit further back on the chassis tubes
  6. Yea, shame as it could have been an easy fix for the issue
  7. I had a look at the column but it seems to be bolted to a bracket and I can’t see how to lengthen the distance between the triangle join and thus bracket
  8. I didn’t think this would be possible.. Not with the car now so will try next time. Would be better for sure as the 18mm is a far better option as you say.
  9. Ok so this morning was filled with fitting the bonnet and hinging it the Robin Hood way.. then creating a new dash as the metal just was not working. quite pleased with it over all. Need to machine it again from 9mm ply as currently its 18mm and the stalks rub on it when using them. But the shape is ok. Need to cut the middle section off and reattach at an angle so it is tighter against the car in the middle as again it restricts hand space when changing gear. But over all good abs the bonnet closed down nicely over it and will be better when rubber strip is added.
  10. And there are no issues on an IVA with a wooden dash? My plan is to eventually change the clocks and have nicer ones and different lights to show indication and so on and wooden is a lot easier to do that with, and once its programmed on my cnc i just press the button again to make another one. I cant decide between a leather look vinyl, wrapping it in some car wrapping vinyl which can be heated and stretched into the holes or going for a polished wooden one but im not sure the polished wood is inkeeping with the look im going for which is more street racer than classic car look.
  11. So I decided to just go for it and to trim the dash as needed to fill the gap above. ive cut away at it and managed to achieve this, the only problem is the upright from next to the gear stick on the drivers side is visible and the clocks are so tight to fit where the holes or them are. I’ve so tried the bottom of the window screen onto the bonnet where it should be.... the curve of the bonnet does not follow the curve of the window screen... this can’t be right can it? Can rubber really be used to fill that gap? Starting to think I have the wrong bonnet for the car lol.... so p
  12. Scrap that... lol... just found the 8 seconds at the end of one of the videos when he fits it and says its oversized and needs trimming lol
  13. I keep getting a difference of opinion on it. the build video shows it fitting flush
  14. So I decided to move past the issue of the bonnet not touching the dash rail and trial fit the dash where it would need to be in order to fill the gap... Next thing I have found is that the dash itself is over all about 4" too wide. If it is fitted it overhangs the cockpit by 2" a side. This cant be right? has anybody had to cut down their dash shape so much to make it fit?
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