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  1. Bob Tucker

    Harness Anchor Points

    John Hetherington had a few problems at IVA that nobody else seems to have encountered. He had a picky tester as you can see from his IVA write up. Heres a link to his build log http://johnskitcar.tonyhetherington.com/?page_id=138
  2. Bob Tucker

    Havnt Been Around Latley

    Dont even remember 18.....
  3. Bob Tucker

    Robin Hood Paint Match

    Red is the worst colour ever. It fades really badly, so even if you find out what it was originally, it wont look the same as new paint. I had red & it had turned orange after 3 years, even being garaged all the time. Eventually I sprayed the nose & all 4 wings in Ferrari Testarosso red which was the nearest I could get. That still looks good after 7 years. Your idea of paint matching sounds like the best bet. Try a specialist automotive paint supplier, they will mix up a colour & fill a spray can for you.
  4. Bob Tucker

    Havnt Been Around Latley

    Very nice. Which picture is "before" & which one is "after"?
  5. Bob Tucker

    The Fairies In The Garage

    The petrol gets sucked into the cylinders. If theres a spark at the right time the engine WILL fire. It didnt, so its not a fuel problem. Recheck the timing as per richy's instructions.
  6. Bob Tucker

    The Fairies In The Garage

    As you have a carb you wont have a crank sensor. Cross that one off. What happened when you poured petrol directly into the carb?
  7. Bob Tucker

    Bbc2 Sunday 11Th November

    Thanks for that Rich.... Ive seen a few trailers recently & it looks an amazing piece of work. I was planning to go see it at my local cinema this evening.....but I was worried that I would get upset in public....now I can get as upset as I like in private. & I will.
  8. Bob Tucker


    On a really cold day remove the gear lever gaiter For a lovely whoosh of hot air.
  9. Bob Tucker

    Throttle Cable Routing

    Nothing new under the sun! Here's one Paul made earlier http://paul94-gbs-zero-build.blogspot.com/2014/05/accelerator-pedal-stops.html
  10. Bob Tucker

    Throttle Cable Routing

    Does this help? https://richards-gbs-zero.blogspot.com/2012/09/accelerator-pedal-cable.html
  11. Bob Tucker


    Lovely & sunny here!
  12. Bob Tucker

    Throttle Cable Routing

    Ive also taken a look at a blow up of your picture. It is a bit heath robinson, but I cant see anything wrong with the design, from that angle anyway. The weakest part of the cable will be where the screw tightens up on it in the clevis. Any extra pressure (see above suggestion) will break it at that point. I think the threaded adjuster may be a red herring. I'll PM my phone number, feel free to give me a call....its easier to describe than type!.
  13. Bob Tucker

    Throttle Cable Routing

    Niel, Im assuming you'll come up with a working solution, but also make sure you have a throttle pedal stop that prevents the pedal moving any more once the throttle is wide open. Its easy to break a cable if the pedal can continue to move once the TB is fully open, & the old right foot is pressing on!
  14. Bob Tucker

    The Fairies In The Garage

    Pour half an eggcup (or the metric equivalent!) full of petrol into the carb mouth, then try starting it. If its a fuelling problem, it should fire & splutter then run for a short while. If no response then almost certainly its electrical.
  15. Bob Tucker

    Throttle Cable Routing

    Brake cables from WILKO or Halfords as Bob says. I get nothing from your link Neil, so I cant comment on it. The threaded connector you want to remove has a recess that the outer cable fits into...it keeps the outer cable in a straight line. if you remove it there is nothing to keep the ouuter at right angles to the firewall.