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  1. Bob Tucker

    Redtop sump gasket

    11ft lbs https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.sbdev.co.uk/Info_sheets/TORQUE_SETTINGS/2-0L%20XE%2016V.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiGtbXV9YLhAhUzpHEKHQq-CK4QFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw2gwFZ4lDxpIBmWgzhCNZQI Hope the link works
  2. Bob Tucker

    Redtop sump gasket

    I think SBD quote 8ftlbs but not sure, I think you can find it on their website. I used their figure, left it a day so the goo went off, then added a "touch". Still 100,% oiltight after 12k miles .
  3. Bob Tucker

    Redtop sump gasket

    Hi Kevin, Ive tried just about every type possible.....none worked well. IIRC you have a baffled sump with a horizontal baffle plate like mine (SBD)? If thats right you dont need the windage plate.....leave it out. Just use a single cork gasket (not one with the washers) with WYNNS gasket maker from ECP for a drip free garage floor. BUT make sure the bolts dont bottom out before they tighten up on the gasket. HTH Bob
  4. Bob Tucker

    KEVY089 Locost build.

    Hi Kev, you have posted your thread in a RHOCAR members only area. You are missing out on a wealth of experience from past members and non-members, who cant post there. Better to post in the open parts of the forum for any further queries. HTH Bob
  5. Bob Tucker

    KITFEST club stand Fri 14th to Sun 16th June 2019

    See you all there. Ray has got the Corvette booked in....... as its a non MSA event he can take passengers....
  6. Bob Tucker

    Wishbone Conversion - Advice & Help Please

    I wouldny worry too much about exact measurements for height at the front. The important thing is to make sure you have adequate sump clearance, esp. with a pinto as the sump can hang really low.
  7. Bob Tucker

    Wishbone Conversion - Advice & Help Please

    This may also help... http://westfield-world.com/suspension.html
  8. Bob Tucker

    Wishbone Conversion - Advice & Help Please

    You should make the upper wishbone ball joint adjustable. Most use a transit drag link. Either thread the w/b to take the threaded part, but that means you can only adjust by one thread turn at a time, which has been OK for me, or use a close fitting tube, and fit a lock nut on either side. I'll look for piccies to explain further HTH PS when designing the upper wishbone, be aware that the dummy strut sits at a considerable -ve camber angle. Set the tube taking the transit ball joint at 90 degrees to it otherwise when the suspension drops it will jam the ball joint at full movement putting a huge strain on it. PPS an Astra bottom ball joint is an easy fit with 3 bolts to attach it to the w/b & the same taper as the Sierra hub
  9. Bob Tucker

    Vacuum advance

    According to Dave Andrews, Weber 40s can take a 36mm choke, 45s can take up to 40mm. http://www.s262612653.websitehome.co.uk/DVAndrews/webers.htm I changed the cam on my pinto first, to an fr32. I then changed from a 32/36 to 38DGAS which was a big improvement, but when I fitted twin 40s with 36mm chokes the engine really came alive. Even with a 32/36 it should pull to well over 100 (only on a track). Make sure that the vacuum into the engine/carb is blocked off it its not connecte to the dizzy Make sure that the second choke is actually opening, if it is I'd recommend a RR session to get the ignition and jetting right.
  10. Bob Tucker

    Go Pro or other suitable alternative

    I always use this site for electronic & assorted computer bits. I havent got this video camera, but everything else I have bought has been top notch. https://www.7dayshop.com/action-video-cameras-kit-bundles-accessories
  11. Bob Tucker

    Cyclewing brackets S3A

    They look easy to fit. Ive just had to bodge mine again after one broke in France. I'll get a set of these next time they go. Have a Merry Christmas one & all.
  12. Bob Tucker

    Cyclewing brackets S3A

    These are triangulated & fit to the pinch bolt and the bottom ball joint, so more rigid than most. These are for Sierra hubs, but they also do them for Cortina hubs in case thats what you have. https://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=11857
  13. Bob Tucker


    Are they ALL yours Peter????
  14. Apologies if this has been posted sometime in the past, but I found this very useful for trying to decide a new colour scheme http://westfield-world.com/flash_changer.html
  15. Hi Stuart,

    my flying club has decided to stop producing plastic membership  cards.

    I reckon this idea is worth considering for us too


    Bickley 2019 club membership card.pdf

    1. theduck


      Hi Bob, I know, for the moment at least, we are keen to keep a membership card, we have made some changes though to reduce waste and costs.

    2. Snapperpaul


      The Civil Setvice club in London which I was a member of gave a plastic credit card sized membership card initially and sent out stickers for the back every year you renewed.

      it presented a high quality front with simple sticker with the membership details on it.