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  1. Try to identify the gauge. Most companies will sell you a replacement sender for their gauges. The standard oil pressure switch is just that, either on or off. It switches off at a set pressure, usually 7-10 psi. Try to keep the oil pressure light, its an attention grabber if it comes on while youre driving, while you may miss the gauge dropping to 0 psi! Most engines have a spare tapping where you can fit the oil pressure sender, otherwise just use a T piece.
  2. On my 2B I made a false floor from 3/4 ply and glued carpet on top.....dainty size 7s!
  3. Paul, I agree about the FR32. My engine had bigger inlet valves, ports reshaped to get rid of the inlet hump, twin 40s with 36mm chokes, and the FR32. Its probably a good cam for the Sierra's extra weight, but the Hood could easily have sacrificed a bit of torque in favour of BHP, maybe the FR33, although that states 7500 rpm.
  4. Neil, thats right. The surrey top ended up being 5 separate sections.
  5. Its not polycarbonate (solid) sheet. I used flexible translucent plastic sheet from somewhere like toolstation or screwfix. Sort of thing you can use for tent groundsheets, or vapour barrier.
  6. I got a sail maker to help with my surrey top. His top tip is to mock it up using sections made of clear plastic sheet ducktaped together so you can see fitting locations etc underneath. It made it much easier to get an accurate mockup.
  7. This guy knows what hes doing, this is a good summary of tuning a pinto. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/20136-puma-race-engines-ford-pinto-tuning-guide/
  8. Sorry guys, its not my head, just a "googled" picture.
  9. I dont think so. This is what in injection head looks like.
  10. Check out Rally Design, they have a selection of flexible brake pipes.
  11. Hi Nigel, sorry you have to sell, wonky knees and a dodgy back mean moving mine on will be sooner rather than later. I think I have the timing sheets from one barkstone meet, so I'll try to find and up load them.
  12. Just some random rambling undesirable.
  13. My friendly MOT station has closed, so I had to go to the one that does both my regular cars. I explained what the car was when I booked it, but it was obvious that he doesnt test kitcars often, if at all. So I printed the chart from the DVSA site I linked in the other post, and the front page (It looks really official now!) I let him look it over, he asked a few questions about the car I told him it was based on a 1985 Sierra. He didnt ask if the engine had been changed.! And it sailed through despite being off the road for 3 years.
  14. Theres a chart on page 11... https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/676700/in-service-exhaust-emission-standards-for-road-vehicles-19th-edition.pdf
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