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  1. Thanks, I will get the car home and work through this. I guess the brakes have just been the biggest factor in me putting her away in the garage and half forgetting about it.
  2. Bloody hell, Hi! They have no feel and no bite and don’t fill me with any confidence. The BMW is no more, onto an S5 and a classic mini that I don’t think I had when we worked on the kit.
  3. Hi, I don’t recall what pedal box it is, just a single master cylinder if I recall.
  4. Hi, very long-standing member here but I’ve not posted in years. I have a Cortina based S7 with a 2l blacktop conversion. Long story it’s sat unused in my garage for around 4 years now. hopefully the time is here for me to get it back out on the road. When I did the conversion I fitted a pedal box. The braking is awful and I’m wondering if there is a suitable servo that anyone has squeezed into the engine bay with success? I’m not sure/don’t recall what it had fitted before but I needed to remove it to fit the zetec obviously. Also while I’m here, anyone local to Horsham?
  5. I'm no expert by a long way, hopefully somone in the know will come along soon.
  6. Is it carbs? Ifso I assume psi if injection then that will be bar.
  7. I was told by omex that you set the pressure, within a certain range and the carbs/itbs and engine is basically set up to that. Mines very rich at the moment but is rather that than lean.
  8. My fingers are still covered!
  9. It's sikaflex, says sikabond and sikaflex on the tube, it's the proper stuff but the inside isn't setting at the moment. It's about 15mm thick after I whacked it all on. I'll check tomoz and see if it's set.
  10. I stuff I've used to bond my cycle wings came in a yellow sausage packet, it doesn't appear to state what type it is. It's nearly 24hrs since I fitted the wings and it doesn't appear to have fully set yet, it's holding them fine but I'd not risk driving yet. Does anyone know what type I have used from the description? Thanks
  11. I've sealed it without to much bother and I'll double check today now I'm sure the sealant has set. I looked up feeds and returns and there appears to just be one feed on the inlet side in the middle.
  12. Thought so, how can I tell if it's a return or feed though?
  13. I just shouldn't have let my brother near it! I put silicone in there and dipped the stud in it put it back on and it's all fine, took quite a while for the oil to burn off but it's sealed and seems fine.
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