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  1. Longboarder

    Fitiing Windscreen

    A problem with the monococque cars is the top of the scuttle is unsuported and flexible. When I built I thought the best solution was to suport it and make it non-flexible! Full width angle iron bolted up on the underside of the scuttle where the screen mounts. The frame RH supplied had the longer piece a tad too long so when I bonded the screen in the frame I trimmed it so its lower edge was resting onthe scuttle. I know some taller members left the 'legs' on to get more height but downside is a bigger gap to fill. I refitted my screen last autumn as the original sikaflex from 2001 had unstuck from the scuttle. Lasted 17 years so not bad! Sorry about the algae in the pic but the car lives outside.
  2. Longboarder

    electric fuel pump

    Burlen do SU pumps, carbs and Amal carbs.
  3. Longboarder

    Another alternator question

    Type six needs more excitatory current to terminal D+ than an LED can supply, even if the LED is the right way round! Thus as has been suggested you need to run a resistor in parallel with the LED. A suitable resistor is an old fashioned ignition light bulb, 12v 5w. Crude pic below.
  4. Longboarder

    Wiring wiper motor.

    The park switch unclips from the wiper body and disassembles too.
  5. Longboarder

    Wiring wiper motor.

    You can just see the cam in the picture. You can also see the biggish elongated hole in the ally body of the wiper that a little plunger from the park switch sticks through. If this cam was missing or the switch was missaligned or the plunger was broken off then the wipers would be constant.
  6. Longboarder

    Wiring wiper motor.

    I'm confused. The earth goes on Term.1, Parklink Term.2, (Connects to 31B1 on column switch) Park power Term.4, (a live 12v either constant or ignition live) Fast Term.3, (Connects to 53B on the column switch) Slow Term.5, (Connects to 53 on column switch) With the ignition on and wipers switched off and parked there should be zero volts at 1,2,3,5, but 12v at 4. The terminals are numbered as below in the pic. Note where the numbers are for the plug or the socket. One is a mirror image of the other. The only likely faults the park switch in the little white box on the motor could have are the contacts stuck together so that the motor gear cam cannot open them, or the said cam being missing. Either of these would cause constant running. You can check all the wire continuities. Previous post gave you all the switch continuities to check. Pic below. Ignore the printed on colours. They were sierra loom colours. The only live wire goes on terminal 4
  7. Longboarder

    Another alternator question

    A question which should be asked. What alternator have you got or more specifically what does the connector on the alternator look like. Daniel Brookes post shows examples. https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/47403-alternator-led/ Many modern non lucas alternators need an ignition live and an alternator/ignition lamp.
  8. Longboarder

    Zetec help

    This is mine. Includes warm-up bypass to reduce stress on the engine. Use the zetec thermostat housing if you can. This copes with 200bhp engine.
  9. Longboarder

    First run

    Not a logical conclusion I'm afraid. When you feel the inclination and have a bit of spare time get the scales out and weigh the corners. (On level ground and with 70KG in the driver seat)(It's surprising that there should only be 1/2 a kilo side to side with the driver onboard)
  10. Longboarder

    Knocking fuel pump

    Is it trying to suck through an injection micro-filter? Minimal inline filter only needed and I would have put it close to the rear of the tank and low as poss.
  11. Longboarder

    Wiring wiper motor.

    The ignition live to terminal 54 on the stalks supplies all power for the wipe and wash functions apart from the park cycle. The park cycle gets its supply direct to the motor terminal 4 and I personally used a constant live (so the wipers would park even if you randomly switch off the ignition while the wipers are on and part way through a wipe.) You can play with the wipers wiring without the park cycle supply connected but... er.... they won't park. I haven't consciously earthed the motor case but it might have luckily earthed itself.
  12. Longboarder

    Wiring wiper motor.

    Not looked at the old diagrams in fault finding detail in ages. The latest stored diagrams are from 2006. Will put both 83BG and 87BG pics up. As you have ignition lives to both stalk and motor but it runs constantly even if the one on the motor is removed I would think that proves the motor is OK and wired OK. That leaves the assumption that there is a live input whenever the ignition is on into pin 5 onto the motor regardless of the wiper switch position. Therefore either there is an odd ignition live in the loom feeding that wire somewhere in the loom between the switch and motor or the wiper switch is faulty and feeding that wire even in the off position. You can trouble shoot by disconnecting the plug from the column switch, ignition on and see if you still have 12v at the end of the wire at pin 5 on the motor. If you have then its a loom short between that wire and an ignition live. If however there is no 12v at the pin5 wire then the fault is in the column switch and output terminal 53 is getting connected to terminal 54 constantly within the column switch. Remove the column switch and test the pins. With the wiper switch OFF pins 54, 53B and 53-2 should be isolated. 53 and B1 should show they are connected to each other in the off position In slow position 53B, 53-2 and B1 isolated. 53 and 54 connected. Fast position 53, 53-2 and B! isolated. 53B and 54 connected.
  13. Longboarder

    electric fuel pump

    As above. The fueling of a DGV is affected by fuel level in the float chamber. Too high and the engine runs rich. So set the float level correctly and make sure the needle valve is not leaking. Then feed it at the correct fuel pressure. To high a pressure can overcome a correctly set needle valve and float and overfill the chamber. Ideally use a low pressure/high volume rotary pump with output in 2.5 to 4psi max, not more. Pulsing electric pumps like the Facet square block type can upset webers and I hate them with a vengeance anyway! Using a higher pressure pump and then having to fit a 'regulator/flow restrictor' doesn't make sense. Once you have the engine running with correct stable float level the carburettor adjustment screws start working.
  14. Longboarder

    First run

    Well done on the steady commitment. Looks VG. Couple of adjustment points to bear in mind on suspension. The 'floor pan' line should be slightly higher at the back than at the front. Your pic suggests it's currently slightly higher at the front. Shocks should be at rest with two third of their piston shaft exposed as a starting point. i.e. if the shock has a piston shaft that allows three inches of movement, meaning shaft invisible when fully compressed, 3" visible when fully extended, then at rest you should see two inches of exposed shaft. This is to allow adequate shock extension and compression available so suspension movement is controlled, not on the bump stops. (Does require you to have the correct length shocks for the car.) Corner weighting is a refinement for later but is more about getting the sum of the diagonals closer to equal than each side equal. All done loaded ie one or two passenger weights in the seats half tank of gas and the car rolled on the level to settle the suspenders. Although it is important that it looks nice it's more important that it works nice with these cars.
  15. Longboarder

    Sad News

    OMG. I can't believe it. I enjoyed the pleasure of a stay with him and Gemma way back. He got me into fitting an ST170 in place of the blacktop I had in at the time. I shall never forget the drive back from his with the top down in the sun, accompanied by a red kite for about 20 miles. R.I.P. old friend. Love and condolence to the family.