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  1. Longboarder

    PCV valve knackered... where is best place to get one?

    In a healthy engine the pcv just vents blowby gas from the crankcase and there isn't much, not enough to make the engine smoke. There just isn't the flow rate. Yes, you will find the pipes contaminated with oil. I suspect you have worn bores, excessive blowby gas but also excessive entry up the bores of oil, perhaps made a little worse by the re-entry of some oil vapour via the pcv manifold link. To check just block the valve open with a bit of soft wire and lead it into a temporary catch can like, say, a coke can stuffed with steel wool. Now run the car. If it still smokes it's not the pcv circuit. If it doesn't then fit up a better catchcan. And no, one of those mini cylinder filters is no good for this job. It will become saturated with oil and cease to be a meaningfull crankcase vent.
  2. Longboarder

    Floor Strengh

    Well done.It's quite a thing to be able to say 'I built that!'
  3. Longboarder

    zetec 2B/4 install

    I know in the past some members with 2B chassis cut the plough type cross bar out without significant loss of structural stiffness. In the even older times of monococque Hoods the antirollbar was a problem both from the space it takes up and the performance point of view. It's not a good thing to have controlling the front suspension on a light car. Far too stiff. The fix eventually from RH was a proper lower wishbone. On early mono's it was removal of the ARB and a change to a tie-bar, essentially giving a two piece lower wishbone on each side. Perhaps that's a better way to go? Mine had proper wishbones so I'm short on details but there are posters on here who did the tie-bar thing who can help.
  4. Longboarder

    Ecu Zetec Blacktop

    There are several work-arounds depending on what you want the end result to be. Very early zetec ECU's can be used, original key fixed to the immo pickup and hidden in the car, if you have an early engine. Not much tuning possibility but can be made to run. Convert to carbs and use megajolt but emissions is a problem unless you have an early silvertop engine. You can even get the engine running after a fashion with pre zetec ford electronics but not much use except for banger racing. More information can be searched out on locostbuilders site. But for reliability, efficient running, full power from a blacktop and future tuning options you just have to bite the bullet and go after-market ECU.
  5. Longboarder

    Website feedback thread

  6. Longboarder

    Website feedback thread

    Defeated by the member map. Its put my marker in Paignton not Plymouth and I have failed in my efforts to amend it. Obviously where my my router shows up cos google maps also think my location is Paignton.
  7. Longboarder

    Zetec Swirl Pot

    Why would you put a swirl pot in the engine bay?? Apart from heat issues most pumps pump far better than they suck so their sensible place is close to the tank. If you install it wrong it doesn't work well. Therefore the system is flawed. No. The install was flawed.
  8. Longboarder

    Zetec Swirl Pot

    The negatives of low pressure pump adding an extra component to fail are offset by the absolute reliability of the system in fuel supply under any conditions apart from inverted. As for extra complication? Sit down. Work out how it works. Plumb and wire it in. Stops being complicated if you understand it. Fit once and forget. Also increases fuel carrying capacity by 1-2 litres. Bonus! I swear by mine (but also occasionally at my LP pump).
  9. Longboarder

    Throttle Bodies

    Beautiful things but a fierce price. Half that gets you a set of DCOE style jenvey throttlebodies which are very close in performance if not looks. Ebay can be even better value if you can be patient.
  10. Longboarder

    Lidl Jump Starter

    Can I ask how the booster charges itself? Do you have to take it to a 240v socket to charge it or does it plug in to the cigarette lighter socket and maintain itself at optimal charge?
  11. Longboarder

    "cheap" Chinese Gauges

    Alan, does that device know the speed limit where ever it is on the road or do you have to set a speed limit and it just beeps or flashes when you exceed the speed you set?
  12. Longboarder

    Its A Smoker!

    Valve stem seals can certainly cause oil smoke from the exhaust but are very unlikely to pressurise the crankcase so I would be more inclined to think its bore/ring wear and a rebore/bottom end rebuild is a long term option/fix if the problem persists. You could try a quick 'cheap and cheerful' new set of piston rings and see if that helps but if you were to strip the engine down far enough to fit new rings, another half dozen bolts and the block is ready to be taken for a rebore.
  13. Longboarder

    Its A Smoker!

    Some people have had crankcase pressurising in the past because the Ford produced elbow that fits into the block breather has a one way valve in it. This valve does require slight intake vacuum to open and ford plumbed it into the inlet manifold. This ensured negative pressure to open and evacuate the crankcase and burned the oil fumes by passing them through the engine. All good till kitcar builders put the pipe into a catch can or vented it below the car. Without inlet vacuum to open the valve pressure builds. So remove the valve from the elbow or better still feed it into the inlet manifold. Below is the breather valve. The lower edge has been ground off and the lightly sprung 'penny valve' plate has dropped out.
  14. Longboarder


    I have had an old mini heater in mine for years and it cooks up a storm. I've had to stop in snowy weather to take clothes off. Mind you my roof and sidescreens are well fitted apart from the almost inevitable cold right elbow syndrome. So a healthy mini heater matrix and fan can be very good.
  15. Longboarder

    The Fairies In The Garage

    Looks like the car was developing an ignition problem. You replaced most of the ignition system. If you didn't move the distributor when you replaced cap and leads there are only a few things you could have mixed up. Prime suspect is you had the engine on TDC for cylinder 4 and set up the plug leads as if it was on TDC for cylinder 1. You can check you have the engine on TDC for 1 by taking out the No.1 spark plug and while turning the engine sticking your thumb over the plug seat. You feel the pressure as the piston rises toward TDC. Bet that's what you done. LT wires on wrong coil terminals is possible. Moved the dizzy so far off its correct position it wont fire is remotely possible. Duff new parts also a possible.