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  1. Wasnt me, the mountain by us had been burning for a couple of weeks, as fast as the fire was being put out new ones were being started. Firemen being abused by some of the little sh!ts, need locking up
  2. Bob, 156 is Sir Chris Brown, I think Steve Altwasser knows his contact details
  3. I cant see how they think this is going to work, having been to the show for the last 15 years the area they are suggesting we go to is usually full including the overspill plots. With all the people from the club that normally camp on the old spot they will need extra camping plots to fit everyone in which seems to defeat the object of moving us.
  4. Les Welsher

    Wiper Motor

    Glad it worked ok Les
  5. Les Welsher

    Wiper Motor

    Try this Been looking at this for a day or so because your switch was very funny to work out as pins 3 and 4 are not individual contacts in two of three of the positions, Richard was close but because pin 3 is not seperate internaly in two of the positions on your switch, when on park there is a constant supply to the slow speed which meant the wipers would not turn off. You need to remove the external link between pins 2 and 4 and insert a link between pins 3 and 4. Hope this works Les
  6. Stephen is correct, there is a small pipe that comes off the top of the thermostat housing and goes to the top of the header tank which is an air bleed for the system. The thermostat has a small hole in it which must be at 12 o'clock to bleed air. The hoses to the water pump are changed over in later models and is suggested to do the same for earlier ones, the header tank now goes to the top feed to the pump with the heater return going to the rear of the pump. Mine run ok for years even with a rad off a 1.4l Renault 5. Les
  7. Got my renewal from A plan, had gone up to £148 with breakdown cover so rang around and found the same from Sure term direct for £125 with free legal cover. Rang up A plan but they said the cheapest they could do it was £148 with free legal cover (was £30 extra with renewal) both were with Highway, guess who I'm insured with now. Les
  8. Had a great day, thanks to Bob for sorting out the tickets, the coffee and the cover which kept us dry at the end of the day. Heavy traffic on the way home then a Thunderstorm a mile from the seven bridge, rain so heavy driving at 40mph on the motorway still couldn't see a thing, very scary. Got to the seven bridge sunshine, dry road, was like that for the rest of the way home (sunny Wales). Les
  9. Great weekend as usual. Just found the video taken by the drone from the whole hog pigroast company https://youtu.be/r2vyfcq-CN8 Les
  10. Found this on an old post if it's any help After much messing around it turned out that the park wire 31B went to W3. The reason why it wasn't spotted earlier was that the contact didn't show up on the test lamp as it has switched off when parked. W1 > Light Green/Black (Washer Pump) W2 W3 >Brown/White (31B Park) W4 > Green (53 Wiper Slow) W5 > Red (53B Wiper Fast) W6 W7 W8 W9 W10 > Fused Feed W11 Wiper 53R Black Violet > Fused Feed Wiper 31 Brown > Earth Ignore wire colours but should help with where some wires go to. link to post http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=6501&p=50491 Les
  11. Happy Birthday Nigel
  12. Yes please Bob, Enjoyed last year. 2B G216LNY
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