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  1. Glad you got it back up and roadworthy, hope to see you on a few meets & Runs this year!
  2. Brilliant news hope to see you and the car on some runs next year, plenty of us around Leicester that knew Paul and sure would be more than happy to help if you need it.
  3. The most desirable is the one you want lol. as a package Alan maybe right but there are that many variants. There are VXR & Zetec turbo's, V8's, Zetec Even a Nissan & Toyota engine variants out there. A lot of 2B owners may have upgraded the front suspension. and then you start again with the GBS zero can depend on the pockets and knowledge at build stage. If the budget stretches i would personally go down the Zero route as there is a massive difference. However having had a 2B sliding pillar they are all fun cars to drive and tinker with.
  4. Not that i am aware of but will watch with interest
  5. I have tried my hardest but unfortunately will not be able to make it, please pass on mine and im sure most of the club regards.
  6. I will see what i can do, I currently have some meetings in Gloucester that i need to get out of, If i can i will!!!
  7. Been there Dean that's why I asked is there a better day?
  8. FAB meet this Month, Me and Chris thoroughly enjoyed it, Only one kit and we both arrived in it but we made the most of the weather. Not quite the best turn out for this year (Which was 2 kits and 3 people) What's the general consensus for the meet going forward? Do we need to change the day of the week? Location? There are quite a few members within Leicestershire and surrounding area's would changing things make more of you get out in your cars? after all that's what they are for. Do we need an area run out to get everyone back in their cars? Suggestions......
  9. No pics of the weekend???
  10. keith kelly

    Robin hood

    Looks great get out and enjoy it! welcome to the club y the way, where are you located? plenty of area meets to catch up with like minded people and if there is not one local you can always set one up . There is an event the cub is organising 'Cars on the farm' in Peterborough or park on the stand at any of the shows (Dont be scared to come and say hello to anyone they are all friendly).
  11. I will be there! do you want a lift?
  12. the wording in the MOT manual states for kit cars if no emiission is shown it goes on the "date of first use" this is not on the log book but is detailed on the MOT computer. Mine was built 2010 but has an age related plate and the date of first use on the DVLA computer is 1986
  13. what! was only chatting this weekend about him with becky. Absolutely gutted one of the nicest people i have had the pleasure to be friends with. Still have his 14ft trampoline in our garden. Goes without saying thoughts are with the family.
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