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  1. keith kelly

    KITFEST club stand Fri 14th to Sun 16th June 2019

    I have booked a stand for the event, hopefully we can have a decent attendance and entice people to the EOSB 2019
  2. keith kelly

    Warks / Worcs / West Mids Xmas Meal Wed 30th January 2019

    pah record it and watch it on the tele!
  3. keith kelly

    Warks / Worcs / West Mids Xmas Meal Wed 30th January 2019

    same Wednesday for the last 8 years no excuse really!!!!
  4. keith kelly

    Leicestershire Area Meeting 16/1/2019

    I will be there!
  5. keith kelly

    Warks / Worcs / West Mids Xmas Meal Wed 30th January 2019

    Me and becky will be there
  6. keith kelly

    New club clothing

    I got a hoodie and hat for Christmas, very happy with it.
  7. keith kelly

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    Exactly lol. He did try a rubber band but it perished too easy.
  8. keith kelly

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    andi fixed his with a hair bobble and a screw! east fix lol.
  9. keith kelly

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    Rich, Stuart needs help lol!
  10. Hi all, Site is a bit quiet so I am guessing you are all working n the winter mods lol. Thought I would start this thread to see what everyone is up to and what mods we can look forward to seeing out and about next year. My list is as follows:- change/fix starter motor. fix speedo and put magnets in better location. look into what I believe is a noisy thrust bearing, Backup gearbox on standby. short list but sure I will add to it. I am not allowed in the garage until after Christmas as my present has been in there since the beginning of December so don't want to plan too much as car needs to be on road for april. regards keith kelly
  11. keith kelly

    Goodbye Leicestershire

    Great night and many a great adventure had. Run out to staffs will be on the cards next year for sure!
  12. keith kelly

    can't believe its 5 years

    The call from you phil on my way to work is still vivid in my mind, 5 years have flown. Hugs to emma and the boys as always
  13. keith kelly

    Welcome back

    Welcome back. As you can tell update went well and hopefully you all like the new format, some will lo e it others will take time to get used to it lol. Hopefully you have not missed us too much Regards Keith
  14. keith kelly

    Leicester Area Meet 21/11/2018

    I should be there
  15. My experience is that they will screw you at every chance. We have extended warranty on wife's used car and because she service the car 2 flipping days late they null and voided it, waist of £500