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  1. The 2 LTD flywheel can be used but it’s 10.5kg I ran mine like this for a while with the zetec clutch. the 1.8 flywheel is lighter 8.5kg. You only need to move the pivot pin or use the longer thrust bearing if using the zetec clutch I believe. I am now running a pinto ap clutch with a lightened flywheel and have put the pivot pin back to original.
  2. I'm not that old but am a great believer in fixing rather than replacing. Henry Hoover was fixed with new motor. Some places wanted to charge me £90 for the part plus postage (brand new Henry is about £120) but managed to find the part for £26 and all fixed. Problem is a lot of the time is is not economically possible to fix which has been created by the manufacturers making the parts ridiculously expensive.
  3. That’s what I thought I had but thread is not blooming metric grrrr will try some others thanks
  4. Looking to replace the square ish engine mount rubbers on the zero as they are too soft and engine moves too much for my liking. I have some that I thought were Land Rover ones but the thread is different. Any recommendations
  5. keith kelly


    Only grp avail for the 2b are the arches and nose . If the panels are a bit battered Gbs may be able to provide a new set all nice and shiny I know Andi got a new rear end from them a while back. Alternative is to wrap as mentioned above.
  6. I was working in area so have had a nice steak and pint see ya all in a bit
  7. Looks great just wish I had done something to mine over the winter lol
  8. keith kelly

    Supercar Fest

    sounds good fancy the hill climb event more
  9. can i have the DRL & Indicators as spares
  10. keith kelly


    would love to come looks great but we are away that weekend
  11. my new jobs HQ is 11 mins away so will have to make sure i am in the office for the next meet!
  12. I will be there, Chris smith, matt brown would you like a lift?
  13. might pop over, maybe in the car with a heater lol.
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