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  1. keith kelly

    EOSB 2022

    Thanks for a FAB weekend and thanks to all that contributed and made it happen. special thanks to Richie66 as i saw him cleaning the portaloos at least once!
  2. Heavy Handed!! LOL
  3. im in, doubt i will have the kit though
  4. Gutted i couldn't make this one too much going on with the house and car in storage. hope to be there next year and thanks to Craig and family for organising.
  5. Great to see you at stonleigh, and so glad your on the mend.
  6. will check the weather and see if i Convince Tractor to join me
  7. depending on traffic (In chesterfield) I may make an appearance then. No in the kit though as 1 i may freeze and two would have to head home first.
  8. Not sure if i can make this one either who is going?
  9. Hoping to make it later, have to get home get stuff load car up, move caravan and will head over so may be quite a bit later lol!
  10. E10 has been on the forecourts for some time now but most have not noticed if you havent you prob been running on it anyway. The super Unleaded is E5
  11. ohhh new owners? i will be there be good to see everyone.
  12. As usual arranged so that i cant make it!!!!, We are hoping to pop in on the Friday for a few.
  13. i would be up for this, have towbar this time so can take the van !
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