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  1. I have some clocks somewhere!!!
  2. I believe it is an auto from what i have read, I know that when Auto broke down and had to be towed RAC would not do it with the Dolly/A frame and had to get a flatbed. I would have thought if you are disconnecting the prop it wouldn't be an issue. But i have no knowledge of this and not an expert so please don't take my opinion as fact lol.
  3. Did this one go anywhere? Me and bex have just had a butchers at it and looks good.
  4. don't like them, take them out put old ones back in. I will take those ones off your hands and find a use for them somewhere.
  5. cant make it this year unfortunately, can highly recommend though, Craig and his family are very welcoming and put in a lot of effort for this.
  6. Hi all, Me and becky and kids are camping at Penisarlon Farm, Becky is coming in the audi as a support vehicle and hopefully will fit all the camping gear in lol. always a fab weekend and cant wait for this year. Rich Is there a 2019 thread? cant find one regards keith
  7. So Steve, IS IT DONE YET???? come on have had two evenings on it LOL
  8. weather looking poo but will be there
  9. hopefully both of us! no mods planned
  10. lightened flywheel and grippy tires and a tune up made massive difference to mine. Was quite impressed with my times off the line although i relaxed a bit towards the end and forgot i was racing. Shame i only got one run in would have like to see if the driver could do better (Sure the car can lol)
  11. it is a run what you brung session so open to all cars. The cost varies depending on the event but the 20th July one is £20 entry and sign on fee so a bargain. All open top car require a helment and wrist restraints (Child wrist restraints from mothercare are fine about £5)
  12. but if there is any left matt will polish it off lol. looking forward to this hopefully i can get more than one run this time!
  13. never known matt to turn down food lol.
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