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  1. Gusty

    2B Hood

    PM sent
  2. Gusty

    Pinto Problem

    Mine was a pig to start until I put a new Bosch 1.4KW starter motor on along with a new battery. Starts great now .
  3. Gusty

    Massive Flat Spot

    Nice to hear you got it sorted
  4. Gusty

    Massive Flat Spot

    Hi, I had issues similar to yours after my car had been standing for 7 years. It was due to fuel, sender seized up, tank full of crap, fuel line degraded . Cleaned tank out , new sender, new fuel line and filter. Problem solved. Good luck
  5. Gusty

    Cylinder Head

    Clayfield& hall Hinckley. Excellent old school work shop
  6. Gusty

    2.0 Pinto Coolant Leak From Head Gasket

    Thanks for the replies. I think one of the center bolts has bottomed out. I will remove bolt shorten by 10mm and try again! Cheers Ps I will report back when I find the time to do it!
  7. Gusty

    2.0 Pinto Coolant Leak From Head Gasket

    All good advice. Thank you
  8. Gusty

    2.0 Pinto Coolant Leak From Head Gasket

    Everything was spotless. May try some rad weld!
  9. Gusty

    2.0 Pinto Coolant Leak From Head Gasket

    Nipped up all bolts and still weeps????
  10. Hi all, Coolant leak exhaust side from where the head joins the block. It's only a very slight weep, engine runs and drives sweet as a nut. 100 miles max since full rebuild. Head skimmed, block straight, Victor Reinz Gasket, stretch bolts tightened to the correct spec and procedure. Any ideas please ??? Can I try nipping the head bolts up a little more? If so, to how many Newtons? The last stage with stretch bolts is to turn through 90 degrees which I did. The old type of bolts was to torque to 115nm would this be ok? Any help much appreciated. Thanks Andy
  11. Gusty

    New Member

    Congratulations both. I agree with Steve49er , we dropped our daughter off at Sheffield Uni yesterday . I don't know where the time has gone . Make the most of every minute and enjoy. Happy times ahead. Rgds Andy
  12. Gusty


    Disregard . Just been out to check constant 12.6v then looked at back of alternator and realised it wasn't plugged in!!! What a numpty!! Cheers
  13. Gusty


    Will check later and report back
  14. Gusty


    Hi, Alternator charging at 12.6v on idle. Seems a little low to me?? Cheers Andy