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  1. Del1968

    Run on

    Yer got an electronic ignition distributor so I will just let the rollers sort it out thanks for the help
  2. Del1968

    Run on

    Its only really started doing it today when I put it back in the garage after a hard run it is booked in next sat for rolling rd and tune up to me it’s never run right since it had the fast rd cam put on and the injection head I don’t think it was ever really set up properly that was 2 yrs ago and sat in the garage for 2 yrs so not really took it out for a good run until I got mot done
  3. Del1968

    Run on

    What are the causes of run on when engine switched off and hard starting when hot any ideas
  4. Del1968


    Good point about extra cooling didn’t think about that and I suppose driving back to Essex every now and then the temp at 5 in the morning ain’t extactly 30 deg thanks for the input much appreciated
  5. Del1968


    Yey car finally passed mot on emissions amazing what a bottle of Cataclean can do and a good 20min. Run up the A50 before the test what I want to know now is what do I have to do to remove the heater from inside the car and what do I do to the pipes going to it any advise be great
  6. Del1968

    shortend sump

    Hi Kev yes pulled dipstick out and you can see where it’s been cut
  7. Del1968

    shortend sump

    Cheers Ian i will give that a go and see how I get on bit annoying when you find little bog jobs like that
  8. Del1968

    shortend sump

    hi all i know this has been asked god knows how many times but how much oil needs to go in as i am going to do an oil change but i cant tell how much oil will be in the sump as i have pulled the dipstick out to check the oil and looks like the previous owner has cut the end off with the min and max markers and just left with the wire i know the old pinto engine held 3.75lts with orignal sump pan any ideas or advice
  9. Thanks richyb66 I give it a go and see how it goes
  10. Had mot yesterday and tester fails it on the emissions and the drivers seat as there was too much flex in the floor seat moved side to side a lot when it was up on the ramp I noticed it was just bolted at the back though the floor if I put 100 mm plates on and bolts in the front will this stiffen the floor up or was thinking angle iron running across the back and across the front will that work
  11. Del1968

    Mot fail

    Well took car for mot this morning car been sat in garage for 2 years failed on emissions hc content 1500 tester did say it could be the old fuel past on everything else so just need to sort that out and be good to hopefully oh and replace water hose as it’s collapsed
  12. Del1968


    Cheers I will check out euro car parts
  13. Del1968


    Hi all just after a little advise on my battery cars been sat in garage for couple of yrs so just getting it ready for mot have gone over and started it every now and then to make sure it turns over jump started the car as the battery was dead and started 1st time put battery on charge it’s only 3 yrs old 5 year warranty on the battery put it back on the car and showing 12v but not enough power to turn the car soon as you go to turn it over volt meter shows 0v is the battery knackered and will I need a new one silly question but don’t really fancy pay nearly 90 quid for a battery any advise cheers Del
  14. Del1968

    Engine oil

    thanks for the replys car been garaged for the past 2 yrs and after a quick jump it started 1st time fuel line had perished so i hve changed that so just want to give it a service by changing oil and wot not
  15. Del1968

    Engine oil

    What’s the best make of engine oil to use in ford pinto
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