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  1. Del1968

    Exmo for sale

    Sadly the car has now sold really hoping I wouldn’t have to quiet emotionally attached to her
  2. Del1968

    Exmo for sale

    Cheers Martin At the moment I am exploring all avenues Still plenty of time for drive out if we get a nice weekend
  3. Del1968

    Exmo for sale

    Due to unforeseen circumstances I am having to sell my beloved Robin Hood Exmo £3500 message me for info
  4. Del1968

    Fuel pump

    It does make a noise which I know about but takes a couple of gos turning the ignition on and off a couple of times to get it to work
  5. Del1968

    Fuel pump

    Hi all quick question about fuel pump ,I have a faucet posi flow electric pump now my question is are you meant to hear it when you turn the ignition on. cause when I turn on the ignition I don’t hear anything anymore but used to then I turn it off and try a couple of times then it seems to kick in now is there a problem with it and should I consider getting a new one and what one would ou recommend it will be fuelling a Weber 32/36 many thanks del
  6. cant agree more alan always great fun taking her out even tho the ride shatters my spine
  7. What a lovely morning for a little drive around the Peak District and there’s me wanting to sell her due to lack of use
  8. Cheers for that just checked what I paid last year 278 quid
  9. Hi all what do you all pay on road tax cause mine is 240 quid is that about right for a 2.0 pinto
  10. Del1968

    Cam swap

    The carb was rebuilt and set up to normal head with fr30 cam in 2016 new cam and injection head fitted 2017 and carb never touched so could do with a rebuild and set up to the new head set up
  11. Del1968

    Cam swap

    Thanks bob had a look at his web site and very informative I will give it a go at what you said to do and see how things go
  12. Del1968

    Cam swap

    This is the timing gun I have
  13. Del1968

    Cam swap

    how Will I find /check the static timing and the advanced timing I do have a timing light but this is one area I am not that clued up on
  14. Del1968

    Cam swap

    I have the Aldron performance electronic distributor without vacuum advance fitted also Lucus gold sports coil can say it is quick above 2000 rpm think it’s just idle that I am more concerned about ts not a smoth idle but was told by the guy that fitted the head a couple years ago that the cam does give a lumpy feel on tick over
  15. Del1968

    Cam swap

    It’s had new thermostat about2 months ago and it does open up the engine not over heating but does seem to run hot could that be down to the type of cam I got as for the way it runs it’s if it’s running lumpy but had new spark plugs and leads checked timing and that looks ok I know a little about cars but not a great deal just wondering if any one else has the fr32 and hat their experience is with it and how they find it or am I being a bit fussy
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