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  1. Hi I had a Tims oil pressure gauge which went up to 100 psi changed gauge to white face ones the oil only went to 80psi now when I turn ignition on oil pressure shots up to 80 psi and don’t move it’s a mechanical oil pressure gauge any advice or any help much appreciated
  2. Del1968

    Fuel gauge

    That’s what I thought so just gonna turn the E to an F and the F to an E with marker pen and tipex sorted
  3. Del1968

    Fuel gauge

    Hi all just a little question I got some new dials a couple yrs back decided to make new dash and fit them all is ok apart from the fuel gauge it reads empty when full and full when empty so working in reverse does this really matter long as I know what it’s reading or will it do it any harm cheers Del
  4. Del1968

    Weber 32/36

    Hi all hope you all had good Christmas just a little question about the Weber 32/36 saw there is a kit to change from progressive to sync has anyone tried this and what are the pros and cons about doing this cheers Del
  5. Del1968

    Performance drop

    I have got a timing light but ain’t got a clue how to use it the old saying “all the gear no idea” and got electronic distributer
  6. Del1968

    Performance drop

    It’s got a Weber 32/36 carb I try and get a pic up of both dyno tests running wise it seems to get hot now and runs bit lumpy but was told that’s the cam the fr32 runs that way driving it don’t seem as smooth as it was with old set up was told to get a 38 dgas put on which would give it a bit more starting seems a problem now takes a while to start when cold and hot
  7. Del1968

    Performance drop

    Hi all a little story about my car I brought my exmo 3 yrs ago had it for a year but hardly drove it at the time I brought it the head was standard with a Kent fr30 cam on it and it drove lovely at the end of 2016 I had the head swapped for an injection head with a Kent fr32 cam put on its a pinto 2.1 now the car has stood in the garage for 2yrs turning over every so often this yr I got it mot’d and all the rest got it rolling rd tuned and to came back at 96 at the flywheel can’t remember what it was at the wheels anyway I checked the old print out of when it was last dyno tested and for some reason it was loads better with the old head on any ideas cheers Del
  8. Del1968

    Run on

    Yer got an electronic ignition distributor so I will just let the rollers sort it out thanks for the help
  9. Del1968

    Run on

    Its only really started doing it today when I put it back in the garage after a hard run it is booked in next sat for rolling rd and tune up to me it’s never run right since it had the fast rd cam put on and the injection head I don’t think it was ever really set up properly that was 2 yrs ago and sat in the garage for 2 yrs so not really took it out for a good run until I got mot done
  10. Del1968

    Run on

    What are the causes of run on when engine switched off and hard starting when hot any ideas
  11. Del1968


    Good point about extra cooling didn’t think about that and I suppose driving back to Essex every now and then the temp at 5 in the morning ain’t extactly 30 deg thanks for the input much appreciated
  12. Del1968


    Yey car finally passed mot on emissions amazing what a bottle of Cataclean can do and a good 20min. Run up the A50 before the test what I want to know now is what do I have to do to remove the heater from inside the car and what do I do to the pipes going to it any advise be great
  13. Del1968

    shortend sump

    Hi Kev yes pulled dipstick out and you can see where it’s been cut
  14. Del1968

    shortend sump

    Cheers Ian i will give that a go and see how I get on bit annoying when you find little bog jobs like that
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