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  1. cant agree more alan always great fun taking her out even tho the ride shatters my spine
  2. What a lovely morning for a little drive around the Peak District and there’s me wanting to sell her due to lack of use
  3. Del1968

    Road tax

    Cheers for that just checked what I paid last year 278 quid
  4. Del1968

    Road tax

    Hi all what do you all pay on road tax cause mine is 240 quid is that about right for a 2.0 pinto
  5. Del1968

    Cam swap

    The carb was rebuilt and set up to normal head with fr30 cam in 2016 new cam and injection head fitted 2017 and carb never touched so could do with a rebuild and set up to the new head set up
  6. Del1968

    Cam swap

    Thanks bob had a look at his web site and very informative I will give it a go at what you said to do and see how things go
  7. Del1968

    Cam swap

    This is the timing gun I have
  8. Del1968

    Cam swap

    how Will I find /check the static timing and the advanced timing I do have a timing light but this is one area I am not that clued up on
  9. Del1968

    Cam swap

    I have the Aldron performance electronic distributor without vacuum advance fitted also Lucus gold sports coil can say it is quick above 2000 rpm think it’s just idle that I am more concerned about ts not a smoth idle but was told by the guy that fitted the head a couple years ago that the cam does give a lumpy feel on tick over
  10. Del1968

    Cam swap

    It’s had new thermostat about2 months ago and it does open up the engine not over heating but does seem to run hot could that be down to the type of cam I got as for the way it runs it’s if it’s running lumpy but had new spark plugs and leads checked timing and that looks ok I know a little about cars but not a great deal just wondering if any one else has the fr32 and hat their experience is with it and how they find it or am I being a bit fussy
  11. Del1968

    Cam swap

    Hi all after a bit of advice at the moment I have a 2.0 pinto with injection head on and a Kent fr32 cam running on a Weber 32/36 carb ever since I had the head put on with the cam I just feel it’s not running right it’s been Ona rolling rd and tuned but just like the way it runs the engine seems to get hot quick and temp it’s to about 90 and then drops to about 60 to 80 depending on traffic I am very reluctant to take it on a long drive cause I not sure about it was looking at putting the std cam back in and not looking to do a land speed record in it just to be able to enjoy it more any advice on changing the cam back
  12. Colour all changed now all done with spray cans and 5 coats of clear coat gave it a nice clean today and polished up all the chrome work think the wheels could do with being done next
  13. hi all filled the car up the other day and fuel spilled onto the floor of the garage thoght it was coming from the rtn pipe on the fuel sender which is the sierra one the rtn is being used as a breather which is higher than the tank but when i took the boot floor out to check there was fuel all round the sender so looks like i will need to remove and clean up and reseal what is the best sealent to use and where to buy from online cheers del
  14. due to the to whats happening thought i would distance myself in the garage and change the colour of the hood from blue to metallic green done with good ol rattle can couple of more coats and then couple of laqauer looks ok so far
  15. Del1968


    Cheers for that I will check them out think I might of sorted out the smell of petrol checked my fuel pump and looks like the hose is seeping a bit not much but enough also removed air filter on carb and it just stank of fuel and was dampish put old air filter on and seems a lot better
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