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  1. Neilzy

    Cortina Front End

    Is there a particular Ka master cylinder that’s better.
  2. Neilzy

    Cortina Front End

    I have a servo fitted does it need one I wouldn’t have thought so ??
  3. Neilzy

    Cortina Front End

    Hi Ian I do think along them lines to but was just asking. And I always drive it like I stole it. Neilzy
  4. Hi all before I buy off EBay I’m looking for Front Discs and Callipers for Ford Cortina (S7 I’m believing) looking at a set of vented discs on eBay cheapies is there any real benefit when running standard engine etc. Just want to get through 1st year and upgrade when I’ve experienced/researched a bit more, but for sure need to do something with front end. your thoughts and suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. Neilzy
  5. Neilzy

    Wheel Removal

    Ok so need to remove my wheels and have this locking device, where can I get the tool to unscrew these fittings.
  6. Yeah I would agree I’m learning lol. so I’m led to believe I have an S7 and if I want to upgrade it’s a case of welding on new suspension parts which I will probably go down that route. just would be ideal to know what front end to use.
  7. I’m ok with my seats just want to change the ugly front suspension.
  8. I’m picking car up on Saturday so will have more info, I know it was commissioned in 1999 can that front end be changed. cockpit has enough room for me and I’m 18st lol, what are the normal seat problems, currently It has these fitted
  9. Hi all just bought a car and was looking at front suspension is there an upgrade to replace what I have in picture attached, what are my options.
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